How to Make Money Blogging Online

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Everybody, I’m Muhammad Haroon and I greet you all on my blog post about make money blogging online.

First of all let me thank you that you took time to read this article and I assure that if you follow these guidelines about make money blogging online, you will be able to make decent income by doing blogging online from home or from any corner around the world with your laptop. All you have to do is to focus on your English language which is key instrument for ranking within the search results in search engines.

However, this article is mainly to guide you about how you can make money blogging online. Out there are already a bunch of people who are making money from blogging online by displaying advertisements over their websites or free blogs. But if you are new about how to make money online then, I advice you to read the rest of article very carefully.

Note: Don’t think that it is 1 or 2 days working about blogging and you will be able to start making money online. So be patient, try to learn harder.

People who are making money by working online today, they all have their own untold struggle behind their hard work.

For your information, people are blogging these days mostly to make a good income by working online from home based offices. Just think of blogging a job that you gotta do otherwise you are going to be fired by your boss but the fact is there is no boss. You are your own boss when you working from home online. In my opinion, having no boss is good in some ways but there is one big disadvantage i.e., you will not work unless your mood allows you to.

So, if you wanna be self-employed and start wanna make money online from blogging then work about 6-8 hours a day on a blog. That’s all what it takes to be a blogger and online money maker.

If you have been looking for a job, and you didn’t find a good one then you should learn how to blog online and make money blogging online.

If you are not clear yet about the word Blogging then let me clear it.

Work while they sleep quote

Updated: Aug 9, 2016

Let me tell you what BLOGGING stands for?

Definition: Well, Blogging is the process of writing and publishing informative articles either on the web online or offline in newspapers, magazine, etc simply known as Blogging.

But, I’m going to talk and emphasis more about blogging online which means you write articles on daily basis and publish them over your website or free blog.

How to start Blogging online?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can start blogging online, either go with self hosted website or you can start your blog by using any of these free blogging platforms.

Self hosted vs Free Blogging Platform?

As I mentioned, you can start your blog today with self hosted website setup that’ll costs you a couple of dollars to setup i.e., for example softstribe.com is a self hosted site.

But, it doesn’t necessary that you must start a self hosted site while you are newbie in the world of blogging. There are a lot of things that you have to learn about blogging and we suggest you to start by using any of the free blogging platforms.

That’s good for you to have a bit of experience about how blogging works then you can move from free blogging platform to self hosted website.


Yep! I know you are confused because it is written nowhere that what will you be writing about on your blog. Alright, let’s pick a topic that matters. In blogging a topic is also called “Niche”, means what you are going to write about. Once you find your passionate niche then you can simply create a blog about your interested niche because you know the main purpose of creating your blog.

For example:

I love Android and I write about it. So, for me I’ll make a blog about Android pps, Android rooting and I’ll write about it. In this way, I will be able to build a successful Android audience on my blog and I’ll make money by displaying advertisement on my blog.

I know that sounds straight forward but it is not that easy unless you work hard and harder. It requires all your hardships and your time to make a successful up to dated blog.

Steps to Make Money Blogging Online

I’m gonna confuse you about how blogging works? How to make money from blogging online? Listen just be patient  and learn each and every step that I’m going to talk about below in this article.

Call me friend!

I’m quick and straight forward guy and trying to help others around the globe to make money from home. That’s why I’m writing this guide where I have compiled a list of 12 simple steps to make money by blogging online. These are a few steps below that’ll change your lifestyle only if you read, follow and to use them to build a successful blog online.

1. Find your interest

Finding your interest is one of the most important thing that led a blog to failure or success. Although, it seems really common and easy step to get started with blogging online. The thing is, a lot of people have already been failed in blogging because they didn’t knew about their interest.

For example, like we have an aim in life we get up in the morning and go to school, college and university. At last we become something i.e., Doctor, Engineer, Philosopher just like that you must know your interest in blogging.

If you don’t have any interest and you are blogging on your blog randomly. What do you expect, why people should read your blog daily? Since you post randomly, you don’t know about your audience what do they like and why they land on your blog. Random blog posting means you will not have any loyal blog audience.

Blogging with no purpose will result your blog has no daily returning visitors. The visitors who visit your blog from search, they will bounce away because you don’t offer your audience an incentive about your online blog. Interest is what makes you a successful blogger and makes your blog outstanding from other online bloggers.

Note: Make money blogging online is a long long journey that requires time and your hard work.

For example:

The niche of your blog plays a vital role in building a successful blog online, it separates you from other blogs online. If you are expert in something such as health/fitness then you should start a blog about it and keep posting about health tips. It is obvious that you shouldn’t waste your time writing about technology or computer programming articles because that’s not your interest. Similarly, you shouldn’t be posting about tech on your health blog because your blog audience will be annoyed and they will be able to know that you are only blogging for the sake of money.

You should be frank with your blog audience, engage with them and help them when they need help.

2. Read Blogs in Your Niche

You should read the blogs in your niche because reading other blogs in your niche will give you new ideas. Along with reading other blogs you should consistently comment on them to know more about your niche and engage with others. If you engage, comment, share others’ blogs people will do the same for you. This is one of the best trick I found ever in my blogging career.

3. Register a website

Once you found your interest in a niche now its time to move up. Stop using free blogging platforms because it’s time to move forward and build your own successful official website. If you are building a powerful community then it requires only a few things i.e., Choose a good domain name & a better web hosting (but I use Arvixe.com as my web hosting provider, because I love Arvixe). If you have bought a good domain name for your official website and a good web hosting then it’s time to build a website online.

4. Install WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

If you have bought domain and web hosting now, you can install WordPress on your domain name using your web hosting so easily. Here is how you can install WordPress on your domain, if you are not able to understand how to install WordPress on your domain name then you can simply contact us for help.

About WordPress:

If you don’t know nothing about WordPress, here is what you can do with WordPress:

WordPress is a free and open source blogging software and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress offers thousands of free themes and plugins that you can use to build a dynamic website. Beside a simple website you can build 12 kind of websites with WordPress, ← After reading this article you will probably understand the importance of WordPress and what you can do with it.

In this way, you will need WordPress to build a simple website on which you will publish articles daily.

5. Install a Theme and Necessary plugins

Install a theme: If you have installed WordPress on your website and have access to administrative area, then you will see under Appearance → Themes from there you can install any free WordPress theme on your website. A theme can change the complete look of your website. A good theme plays a good role in your website authority because if your audience didn’t like the look of your website they can just leave and bounce away from your site just because they are not comfortable with the look of your site.

Install necessary plugins: Plugins make your work easy.

For example:

If you have published 500+ articles on your WordPress site and you have mistakenly wrote a word “Fitness to Finesst” wrong. Then you can use a plugin called “Search Regex” to correct the word Finesst to Fitness accurately. That’s how WordPress plugins help us to do things fast as easily.

Don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin ← read this article. However, you should install necessary plugins in your WordPress site to make it more powerful. I’ve written an article about 35 best WordPress plugins I use while blogging online. You should read that article and install necessary plugins in your website.

After installing a good theme and necessary WordPress plugins on your WordPress site then it’s time to write unique articles and publish them on your blog.

After watching the above video tutorial, I’m sure that you can use WordPress by yourself so easily.

Now, you have learnt how to use WordPress to publish new articles on your website.

7. Publish 500 Articles Each Article Must Solves a Problem

Finally, your blogging career start from this step. As you know that blogging means “writing and publishing articles on web or offline is called blogging.” So, to start building your personal website you have to build a writing strategy.

Writing strategy means “You know you interest from step #1“, you have to write 500 articles in your niche and publish these articles on your website in next 6 months working about 6 – 8 hours a day. Please make sure that each article must solve a problem and must be at least 500 words in length. You should be very careful about your articles and your website audience.

Note: Don’t don’t publish articles that are not related to your niche.

All 500 articles should be shared on various social media profiles like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. You can also publish your new articles on your social media profiles automatically in WordPress.

8. All articles must be SEO optimized

Along with writing articles you have to know how to optimize your articles for search engines. Writing articles is not a big deal, but to get them appear in giant search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing is big deal. To know how to get your articles listed on search engine results then you should learn about SEO.

About SEO:

SEO (abbr: Search Engine Optimization) is the most important thing for every another website. Why SEO is important?

SEO is important because it helps your site grow more fast. Let’s suppose, if you are running a website, writing and publishing articles consistently on your website but nobody reads your articles and engage with your article. Ask yourself why? And how to get more audience on your article?

The answer is SEO. If your site is not search engine friendly then your articles will not be able to go viral to a wide range of audience on the internet. Because in this age, everybody use search engines to find information and if you want to your articles to list in search engine results then you have to make your articles search engine friendly.

To make your articles search engine friendly, watch this video by Google search engine engineer Matt Cutts:

After watching the above video tutorial, you have understood how Google search works and how you can be listed on Google search results for a specific keywords.

Other important articles from Softstribe.com Archive:

Following are the best resources to make your WordPress site SEO better:

9. Speed up your WordPress site

To get high position in search results of any search engine you will have to speed up your WordPress site first. Especially for Google search engine, you have to make your WordPress site load fast because page speed is one of Google’s 200 search ranking algorithms.

Don’t worry, because I’ve written an article that help WordPress users about → 10 Steps to Get 95+ Score on Google Page Speed Insights (WordPress Only)

10. Secure your WordPress site

You should secure your WordPress site because on internet there are many hackers/attackers who try to hack your WordPress site and delete all the data that you have published so far. If you are new and don’t know about to WordPress security then you should read this article which will give you tips and solutions to secure WordPress from being hacked. If your blog is hacked accidentally then here are some tips to recover hacked WordPress blog.

Securing WordPress blog is one of the most important step known and beginner should learn about it. That’s why I’ve just pointed out how to secure WordPress.

If you have just followed the above 10 steps then you must have built a successful blog so far in 6 – 8 months period of time.

Now, it’s time to make money from your blog audience by displaying advertisements on your blog.

11. Purchase a separate internet device

This is not a step, you should purchase a separate internet device for your Google AdSense account because it is important to have a separate IP address for Google AdSense account.

According to various internet sources why should you purchase a separate internet device:

There are a couple of issues with Google AdSense and Google banned account those who use multiple accounts on the same IP address or those who login to their AdSense dashboard by using separate internet devices. Many people are facing this issue and that’s why I suggested you to purchase a separate internet device for your Google AdSense account.

12. Apply for Google AdSense

Finally, if you have a good site online with good internet audience, you should apply for Google AdSense to make money by displaying Google ads on your site. To apply Google AdSense for your site follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google AdSense
  • If you have already Google account then use your existing account and submit AdSense application
  • Once done, you will receive an email within 2-3 business days regarding the status i.e., Either Google will approve your site or deny
  • But in my opinion if you have read this complete guide, then Google will not disapprove you because I didn’t teach you anything that violates Google AdSense policy
  • So, there are more chances to get Google AdSense approved once done, login to your AdSense and get ad codes and add the code in your blog to show ads on your site
  • That’s all.

If you are unable to get approved by Google AdSense contact us or you can also use top 5 revenue sharing sites to get Google AdSense APPROVED.


I can’t give you any proof like screenshots but trust me if you are looking to make money online then blogging is one of the best way to make unlimited money.

Don’t forget to put a comment below, your opinions are valuable for us.

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