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Best Plagiarism Checkers Online

We all know that plagiarism content has negative impact on SEO, and search engines don’t rank the duplicated and low quality sites. To make your content always unique and plagiarism free we use plagiarism checkers online to test our content whether the content is free of duplication or not. But if you are using WordPress then you don’t need these plagiarism checkers online because there is a simple way to Check Plagiarism Content While Writing Post in WordPress. However, in this article you will find the best plagiarism checkers online.

1. Plagscan – Online, automatic & free plagiarism checker

Plagscan is a free, automatic and efficient duplicate content checker online. You can check for plagiarism either by simply uploading the plain text file of 300KB or 1000 words or simply copy and paste the content in the box on the site.

Choose MS Word, HTML or text document (max. 300kB, 1000 words).

Mostly teachers of the schools, colleges and universities use Plagscan service to check assignments and papers for passages plagiarized from the Internet.

2. Online Plagiarism Checker

Small SEO Tools developers developed a really great online plagiarism checker to find the duplicated text over the internet. Blogger use this service on high level because Google don’t accept plagiarist content in search results.

3. Plagium Text Plagiarism Checker

Plagium is free to use, but it costs money to maintain and develop. If you use Plagium you can check up to 25,000 characters.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Direct Upload MS Word Document to check for plagiarism.

Visit the site

5. Plagiarism Checker – Free Online Software For Plagiarism Detection

The best ever free plagiarism detection software. Clean your content of plagiarism and make it original. Simply copy and paste content required to check or upload the text using files with extension .txt or .docx and then press search.

Visit the site

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  1. I like your review about best plagiarism detection tools, and i also like one of them and my favorite one is small seo tools which provide accurate results and still free forever.

  2. There are a lot of good free sites to check plagiarism. I want to recommend you the best plagiarism checker.


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