Top 5 Online Website Speed Analyzers

The speed of a website depends on the content that usually make a website load lazy including JavaScript files, background images, unminified JS/CSS, media, video, audio, pictures, etc. But, how to find out the page speed of your website and know what makes it load lazy?

In order to figure out the page speed of a webpage we use website speed checkers online, which tell us all about our site. Why it is loading very slow, what are the main factors that need to be corrected in order to make it perform better.

Page speed can definitely improve the SERP and that’s why we thought to write this article, where you will find 5 most used online website speed checkers.

The Top Website Speed Analyzers

1. Gtmetrix

Gtmetrix has outstanding, eye touching compelling design yet easy to navigate interface. It can help you to develop a more faster, more efficient and improves website experience just for your users, for what your users will love. The site has an additional ability to compare sites’ speed. Modern studies show that if your site doesn’t got load within 4 seconds users will be able to leave it. Gtmetrix tell about the issues in your site and provides some suggestions too. Gtmetrix has also Optimization tips for your WordPress blog. There is also a WordPress plugin for Gtmetrix optimization which make it easier to make your website speed fast just by using it. Use Gtmetrix today to improve your site speed. Access Gtmetrix now just by clicking here.

 2. Pingdom

Yep, I know nobody like a slow website. Here a website speed analyzer, which tests the exact load time of a webpage easily. Tells about the issues within the webpage and it gives simple solution to solve them.  Pingdom, identify why a webpage is fast, slow, and too big. What are the best practices you should implement in order to load your site fast. It is a free, easy-to-use website speed analyzing tool to help webmasters and web developers to optimize the performance of their websites. Test your site right now by clicking here.

 3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights analyze your website content, then it easily generates suggestions on making that website faster. The Google PageSpeed Insights makes your site load faster, reduces bounce rate and increases conversion rate. There are also browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Which help webmasters and web developers to evaluate the performance of their website and in the back get suggestions on how to improve them. Use Google PageSpeed Insights today by clicking here.

4. Ninjas Page Speed Tool

Ninjas page speed tool check a site speed and can compare multiple sites’ speed. Checks whois report and tells the largest object in your website which gonna be making your site load lazy. Track the images from homepage, tells the external css and javascript files existing in the site. Eye touching compelling look if you want to check for your site speed using ninjas page speed tool, try clicking here.

5. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

Yet another, website speed checkers which helps you to analyze your website and tell you the exact page load time. KeyCDN page speed checker analyzes how fast your website is loading and it has really great ability to check your site speed across 14 different country as of 2017. If you are curious to know the speed of your website click here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and now you know about top online website speed analyzers.

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