The Top 5 Online Prepaid Cards Providers

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2013)

After credit and debit cards the others being prepaid cards which has made our life so easy. Credit or debit cards requires a bank account in order to get one. But did you know? The readily growing technology make easier to shop online without having a bank account. I mean prepaid cards doesn’t require any bank account, for now student will also have a prepaid card to shop online. They don’t need to open a bank account to get prepaid card. Prepaid cards are not actually true credit or a debit cards however, they carries a brand from credit or debit card issuing companies  (for example: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc), which allow users to shop online from there deposited money in their prepaid cards. For this there are many companies who are offering prepaid cards to users, branded by MasterCard, Visa, etc. but the best 5 prepaid cards providers are as follows:

Online Prepaid Cards Providers

1. MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard Card

The Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard Card ImageMoneybookers prepaid card is great to use at home  and in abroad. Pay with your Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard online as well as offline, only where MasterCard cards are accepted. Strict security rules your money will stay safe and secure while shopping online or abroad (Chip & PIN security). Available currencies, Euro, USD, British Pound and Polish Zloty. Only €10 annual fee, with no monthly fees. ATM cash withdrawal fees €1.80 which is fixed, home or abroad.

2. Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Card

The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Card ImageThe award-winning Payoneer prepaid MasterCard card transforms the easy way to pay your people. Payoneer issues re-loadable prepaid cards for each of your staff, freelancers and service providers and they’ll be able to deposit money into their cards whenever they wish. Payoneer cards are easier yet quicker which make you leave and your company from being stress. A Payoneer prepaid MasterCard card gives your people the flexibility, security and freedom what you are willing to get. Yet you can use Payoneer MasterCard card in any ATM’s worldwide that accept MasterCard debit cards, at stores and online.

Some Quick Features:

  • Accepted in over 210 countries worldwide.
  • No bank account needed
  • Strict Security Rules (Regulations imposed by Payoneer and MasterCard®), this means your money stay safe and secure
  • Account held in US dollars
  • Live support telephone, email and live chat which is out of cost in multiple languages
  • Payments delivery within 2 hours
  • Easy to activate for cardholders and manage account using online My Account page

3. Eco Prepaid MasterCard Card

The Eco Prepaid MasterCard Card ImageThe Eco Prepaid MasterCard card is the fastest and convenient way of accessing your money in your online account of EcoCard. This mean you can manage your EcoCard account from all around the world, and can use Eco prepaid card in any ATM machine wherever MasterCard acceptance mark would available. Signup to EcoCard, it’s free to register, no bank account required in order to start sending, receiving and spending money online. Receive your card within 2 weeks to your registered address.

Cool Features:

  • It’s free to pay EcoCard merchants
  • It hides your card detail when buying anything online
  • Your personal details are highly secured with SSL encryption
  • It’s free to receive payments online
  • Real-time transfers between EcoCard accounts
  • Yet fast with low cost solution to spend money abroad
  • Allow you to create multiple currency accounts
  • Withdraw money into a bank account
  • 7 supported languages

4. Pockit Prepaid MasterCard Card

The image of Pockit Prepaid MasterCard CardPockit prepaid MasterCard card help you to save money and it is split into two plans. One is pay monthly fee with £3 with no application fee and the other’s being pay as you go with £5 of application fee, with no monthly fee. Pay monthly fee plan doesn’t requires any transaction fee with exclusive cash back deals, and additional benefits. While pay as you go plan requires a low transaction fee of £0.45 with no cash back deals. You can use Pockit prepaid card in any ATM machine around the world wherever MasterCard acceptance mark would available.

5. Woolworths Money Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard Card

The image by Woolworths Money Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard CardYou can use Woolworths Money Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard card in any ATM at 30 million merchants wherever MasterCard acceptance mark would available. You don’t need to have a bank account in order to get Woolworths MasterCard prepaid Card. In order to use your card you need to verify the signature or PIN. You can track your spending report using online website or via SMS too. As it’s not a credit card, it’s easy to apply. There is no income verification or even minimum age requirement. You can get a card as fast as they are able to verify your identity.


  1. Recently started freelancing out of Pakistan and have applied for the Payoneer card. What i want to know is can a Payoneer card be used on sites like Amazon? I have some reservations about it just need someone to clarify. Thanks

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