Top 10 Excellent Features of PayPal

What’s PayPal?

PayPal is always listed among the immense online banking networks as well as a perpetual social majority. A person can most conveniently and most securely send, receive and shop from elsewhere throughout the world. PayPal gives any business and an individual with an email address by which users can make money transfer through internet. Originally before 2010, a PayPal account can readily be funded with an electronic debit card issued by a bank account or by using credit card. But in 2011 or after 2011 PayPal start requiring a verified bank account to increase  limits of transaction as much as depositions. PayPal has globally using by offline businesses which include, Contractors, Lawyers, and much others and are rapidly begun to getting payments online through PayPal. It permit users to send payments for free, using their Computers as well as using web accessed mobile phones. PayPal Inc. is a parent of PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.I and Cie S.C.A but was gained by Ebay Inc. in October 3, 2002, settled in California, USA.

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Top 10 highlighted Features

1. Paypal Supports 25 Currencies

The PayPal is free to join, Customers send receive, and deposit money in over 25 currencies. And the Major Currencies like Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and US dollar, Euro and Pound etc are supported on high porch. A complete list of supported currencies can be found here!

2. Security Key

Earlier the year in 2006, PayPal has introduced security key against frauds. It creates randomly security codes in order to protection of your PayPal account. It has two types: i) A Security key for a small-sized device for credit card, that makes a security code. ii) A Mobile Security Key, to which a person could sign up and get security codes sent via SMS (abbr: short message service) to your phone.

3. Accounts for Teenagers

In August 2009, PayPal launched students accounts for teenagers. Now, PayPal offers students an actual Debit Card issued by MasterCard®, students can use debit card anywhere in the world along with their personal information on it.

4. Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Afterwards PayPal, in November 2009, opened a platform which allow users to transact their money peer-to-peer into another services throughout the internet with high and powerful security.

5. PayPal has Million Accounts

Due to accepting of powerful and most used payment methods. The PayPal, as of 2011, passed through 232 million accounts but out of them more than a 100 million accounts were active.

6. Donate Button

PayPal gives an outstanding feature for donations by supplying a donation button. The button will have to be putted in customers websites, blogs or emails in order to get donations. Create One 🙂

7. Protection of Personal Information

Free protection of your bank details as much as credit cards and electronic debit cards details. Overly free to deposit money through worldwide bank accounts, Paypal has now become strictly secured which is better for all its users.

8. Free to Withdraw (UK only)

It’s also free, to withdraw your PayPal money to your bank account instantly and most securely without the expenditure of your time, but unfortunately it’s for UK citizens only. 🙁

9. Buyer and Seller features

i) Buyers: PayPal connects Credit, Debit card and Bank Account means 3 in 1 Personal Email addressPayPal doesn’t reveal buyer’s personal information while shopping. Easy to shop using PayPal with Ebay or with any other merchants across the world. ii) Sellers: PayPal offers low transaction fees against credit cards, debit cards, and banks. Sellers can add PayPal purchase/order button in their websites, and blogs within minutes.

10. PayPal Most Preferred by Merchants

PayPal! Means the great way to get paid and sell online anywhere else in the world. It gives the chance to drop checks and cash, and try to force to use instant payment method PayPal. It is most acceptable payment method with biggest merchants services. Sending money through PayPal is peaceful than operating ATM or to writing checks.

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