How to Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress

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We know that Bitcoin cryto-currency is getting more and more popular these days and it is also known as the future currency. Yeah, that could be future currency where there will no waiting for clearance of banks, just person-to-person transactions will be take place at very low transaction fees. However, PayPal is also there who charge 2% fee on every transaction which is really affordable. But Bitcoin is something that I love.

In this way, many great big companies started accepting Bitcoins and in this article you find a good demonstration about how you can easily accept Bitcoin payments in your WooCommerce site or in your regular site securely.

WordPress Bitcoin Accept Bitcoins

WordPress Bitcoin is a plugin that enables Bitpay payment gateway functionality on your WordPress site to accept Bitcoin payments securely for your products or services.


Here are few great features that WordPress Bitcoin plugin offers:

  • Accept payments in Bitcoins from any country in 150+ currencies
  • Automatically convert your store currency to Bitcoin via flexible exchange rate and with no hidden fees
  • The plugin comes with a full Bitcoin checkout process (your customers will be able to click a button to pay for your items using Bitcoin)
  • Track Bitcoin orders from your WordPress dashboard (the order dashboard menu will show you all the Bitcoin transactions from your site)
  • Automatically send confirmation email to your user when a payment is accepted on the Bitcoin network
  • Accept payments in Bitcoins directly into your wallet.

Settings Configuration

Once you have installed the plugin you need to provide your Bitcoin merchant details in the settings menu Settings > WP Bitcoin

  • API Key (Your bitpay merchant api key)
  • Transaction Speed (Speed at which the Bitcoin transaction registers as “confirmed” to the store)
  • Order Information Page (URL of the page where order information will be collected from your users)
  • Order Information Page Title (Title of the page where order information will be collected from your users)
  • Now create a new post/page and insert Bitcoin shortcode for your product.

For example:

[wpbc_buy_now item_name="Test Product" price="5.00" currency="USD"]

You can also use your custom button image using the “image” parameter:

[wpbc_buy_now item_name="Test Product" price="5.00" image="http://www.example.com/images/button.jpg"]

However, you can also buy Bitcoins with PayPal so easily. You can also find out more techniques, tutorials, news about Bitcoins over at my Bitcoin blog: http://madeforbitcoin.com.

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  1. I was wondering about the same thing on how to accept Bitcoins on WordPress. This article has really helped me. And now i know the process, it feels kind of stupid to have not known. Thank you for the article.

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