How to add Currency Converter Widget in WordPress

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2016)

Forex is really a giant finance market with more than 3 trillion dollars of business world-wide everyday. If you are running a Forex or Stock exchange blog then you might wanna add WordPress widgets on your blog’s sidebar so your blog audience can have advantage from the blog and they don’t have to leave your blog to see the currency exchange rates. In this article, you will learn how to add currency converter widget in WordPress blog easily.

Currency converter plugin actually a calculator widget that helps you to convert money amounts between currencies like USD to EUR, USD to AUD and so on. The currency converter widget is completely customization i.e., size, color, and layout.

currency converter widget in WordPress


  • Choose default currencies for the calculator
  • Choice of over 200 currencies
  • Choice of display formats, adjustable width and header colors
  • Calculation is instant. The widget is pre-loaded with exchange rates so response is instant.

Adding currency converter widget in WordPress

  • After installing currency converter, go to Appearance -> Widgets
  • Drag the widget to the sidebar where you wish to display the currency calculator
  • Select your currency, and the size and other currency options
  • All done! You have a currency conversion feature on your Forex blog now.

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