15 Best Android Bitcoin Wallet apps in 2019

If you are new to cryptocurrency, it’s a possibility you might be wondering what Bitcoin really is. Simply put, its money that is electronic and does not exist in a physical form. However, it works similar to cash and is a more, secure and reliable way of making purchases online and is great for investments if you are willing to take the risk.

For a bitcoin transaction to work, the blockchain algorithm needs to be solved that helps connect the correct recipient to the correct sender making it a very safe method of performing transactions. To make storing your bitcoins and to make transactions, a billion times easier, digital wallets were created to help simplify the process even further.

These digital wallets have different forms with one being the mobile wallet. Although, not the safest way to store your private key and bitcoins, an Android app makes it tons easier to manage your cryptocurrency. However, it is important to note that losing the device, misplacing it or simply letting your phone into the wrong hands can put you at risk.

Best Android Bitcoin Wallet apps in 2019

On the brighter side, by keeping a small amount of money in your bitcoin wallet, it is easy for you to make online transactions that are simple, fast, easy and super-safe. Let us now delve into the details of some of the best android bitcoin wallet apps of 2019. Let’s get going!

Bitcoin Wallet by bitcoin.com

Bitcoin Wallet is an official app by bitcoin.com that has been made available in the Google app store. Not only can you purchase, but you can also easily manage your savings within this app.

Bitcoin Wallet supports both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC). It makes receiving and sending via both BCH and BTC super-fast and super easy. BCH and BTC purchase has been made possible by making use of either a credit card or debit card.

As if all of this was not enough, the app lets you find out places nearby, that will accept bitcoins. This great app makes all online transactions really simple and lets you manage multiple wallets at one time.

Download Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin Wallet Developers

A totally free app that lets you make purchases by simply scanning QR codes. The recipient receives the money instantly and securely. The company claims that this app is the first bitcoin wallet app to have ever hit the android market and is hence, the most secure and reliable.

The best aspect of this wallet is that not only is it free, it also requires no registrations, web services or cloud storage. The app has been kept simple and does not support alternate coins and has no extra, confusing features.

Bitcoin display in the app is in BTC, mBTC, and µBTC and currency conversion are also fully supported. You can also easily send and receive your bitcoins through NFC, QR codes and even URLs.

Download Bitcoin Wallet

Blockchain Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.

Claimed to be the most popular wallet available in the android market, the company boasts over 38 million wallets with users in over 140 countries. The creators of the app claim that a whopping, $200B have already been transacted through this app.

The app is non-custodial which gives the user full access over his/her private key(s) that grant access to the currency. It’s super easy to not only store but exchange and receives crypto-money without compromising on security.

It is also possible to further set a 4-digit pin that lets you biometrically authenticate transactions. Two-factor authentication and super-simple backup and recovery make this app even more loveable.

Download Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain


An app that has over 25 million users worldwide and is being used by people in almost 32 countries across the globe. Coinbase is an e-wallet that does not just support bitcoins, you can also easily store bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, and others.

The app supports cryptocurrency purchase via a bank account or debit card. A user-friendly dashboard built into the app lets you monitor the value of your currency at any time, during the day. Multi-stage verification, bank-level security, passcode lock and the ability to remotely disable or lock the app if your phone gets misplaced or stolen, make the app even more secure and reliable.

Download Coinbase – Buy Bitcoin & more. Secure Wallet


BitPay is a simple and secure bitcoin wallet app that lets you perform secure and fast transactions. The app lets you easily convert your bitcoins into dollars by simply using the BitPay visa card.

BitPay grants complete access to your private keys and money. Not only this, to prove its completely safe to use, the creators are open to source code testing via audits or by community members.

The app supports both bitcoins and bitcoin cash and can easily support multiple wallets at one time. Multi-signature is an added feature that makes wallets that are shared, even more secure. The app also supports the purchase of Amazon gift cards.

Download BitPay app


Bcoiner is a free bitcoin wallet app that can be readily used by simply signing in with your email id and desired password. Like any other app, this app too makes sending and receiving bitcoins super-fast and super-easy.

After signing up, the app sends you a receiver address which is similar to an email id but has actually been created to make bitcoin transactions safer.

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Secure Bitcoin Wallet 

Secure Bitcoin Wallet is a free app that is perfectly suited for both BTC investors and beginners. You create a wallet, free-of-cost and can then easily send, store and receive payments in the safest method possible.

What makes this app special, are its added security features which include two-factor authentication, fingerprint login, pin code lock, and emails, that are sent right to your inbox after every transaction made through your e-wallet.

The app stores currency in cold storage for maximum security and allows users to trade their currency for other types of coins or crypto.

Download Bitcoin Wallet by Freewallet


BTC is an e-wallet that has been designed for use by both beginners and advanced-level investors and users. Boasted as having the most secure layout, this app can be safely used across multiple devices.

It supports both bitcoin cash and bitcoins and grants full access to private keys. Affordable transaction fees make it even easier to perform transactions whilst accelerated transaction feature allows you to perform transactions super-fast and on time.

Security is promised due to 2 of 3 multi-signature wallet, master seed backup, 2-factor authentication, unlimited HD and access to transaction history.

Download BTC.com wallet app

Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Like any other bitcoin e-wallet, the Mobile Bitcoin Wallet app to offers to store, send and receive bitcoins safely and privately. Not only does it grant full access to your private keys, but it is also super-easy to use. It requires no personal information and no bank details.

The app has been designed specifically to allow you to send bitcoins to your mobile contacts and receive payments from users that have access to your cell number. The app is non-custodial and supports over 100 currencies which make it super versatile and user-friendly.

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Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

The app supports cold storage which allows you to keep your funds totally secure until you are willing to spend or trade them. Full control over private keys and super-easy installation make it a super-friendly app. There is no need to make room for storing entire blockchains on your phone, the app is designed to simplify transactions and to prevent the data from taking up too much storage on your phone.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet lets you manage multiple accounts whilst making sure that you never have to reuse addresses for maximum security. Supernodes help you connect to the bitcoin network super-fast.

PIN security, URL handlingBIP38 keys support, and local trade features make this app even more appealing compared to others.

Download Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Bitxfy Bitcoin Wallet

An app that promises super-secure and fast transactions but at the cost of a small fee. This fee is charged as 1.5% off of the transaction amount but the app promises to help you exchange your currency in the best possible rates.

This e-wallet stores your bitcoins right on your device and also supports direct conversions. Not only this, it is easy to restore any lost data if a mishap occurs.

Bitxfy is a beautifully designed wallet that grants you full access to private keys. Moreover, every piece of data relevant to you is displayed within the app and it’s also possible to choose between cheaper and costlier transactions.

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Coinomi Wallet

What differentiates Coinomi Wallet from the rest is that it supports over 1000 tokens and altcoins. The system within the app supports over 100 blockchains which makes trading even more versatile.

The app also supports major tenets which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and even Monero stage. Key features of the Coinomi Wallet app include multi-coin and multi-asset support, private key access, no transaction tracking, built-in exchange and conversion services, credit card support, one-time backup, native SegWit, no sign-up, low transaction fee, lightweight app, and multi-language support.

Download Coinomi Wallet


Bither is an app that has been designed for dual purpose. You can easily switch between Bither hot and cold modes. These consequently, allow you to use the wallet as either cash or as a credit card.

Features of the Bither cold wallet include an offline mode that allows backups, private key protection via digital passwords, real-time network status monitoring, private key security check, signing of unsigned hot wallet transactions and auto backup and recovery.

Bither hot wallet features online mode, easy monitoring via watch-only mode, guide unsigned transactions via watch-only addresses, private key support, decentralized and P2P bitcoin wallet, real-time exchange price and system notifications.

Download Bither

BRD Bitcoin Wallet

BRD supports the exchange, selling and buying of bitcoins, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and XBT. The app boasts having a 2 million user network based in over 170 countries. Not only this, the creators also claim that over $6B is under the system’s protection.

The app was featured in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fortune, Bloomberg and even Business Insider which proves its eminent popularity and success. The app does not require sign-ups and can be used immediately upon installation.

The app is totally free and makes transactions happen super-fast. Suited for both beginners and experts, this app has a global team that helps you answer any of your queries in less than 2 hours.

Download BRD Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet for COINiD

A bitcoin wallet app that supports cold storage and offline mode. It also features the hot wallet as well which makes it very user-friendly. Support of both hot and cold wallets makes not only daily transactions easy, but also makes offline bitcoin storage a breeze.

Transaction batching, SegWit and hierarchical deterministic are a few other features that COINiD’s bitcoin waller has to offer. Newly added features include watch-only mode, information page, the export of public keys and currency conversion.

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