Clashot: It’s Time to Make Money by Taking Photos with Your Android Smartphone

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Do you relish taking shots at each corner, looking forward to one thing stunning coming back from out of the blue? Would you prefer to show your passion into a significant business, and specifically, get some cash at your hand to play with? If so, certify to stay with us and keep a watch on the subsequent lines to visualize what Clashot will offer you with!

Overview of Application


Clashot is an innovative camera app for Android and iPhone that provides photographers and everybody in between the simplest way to create cash with their photos. Users will simply produce their own photograph stories supported pictures they take and create commissions for every one purchased by net portals, newspapers and magazines from everywhere the globe.

After your user account has been created you’ll be able to access your profile to look at how many individuals you’re following and number of followers you’ve got. You’ll additionally read your accounting balance, select the well-liked methodology for receiving cash, and think about elaborated statistics about your transactions or profile.


The bottom panel of software contains all the various sections of the app. The Wizard possibility permits you to start making your reports in an exceedingly straightforward 3 step method. First, take an image or transfer one from your album, afterward selected what number photos you wish to feature to the report, and eventually publish the report back to the general public.


Believe it or not, Clashot is one nice modality to form cash on-line. Basically, all you ought to do consists in taking photos and transfer them to the positioning, waiting to visualize whether or not or not any of them are chosen. Just in case they are doing, your photograph can offer you with a pretty add of cash. additionally, once abreast of the positioning, any of your photos are open to discussions then, even supposing nowadays none of them is being chosen, it doesn’t mean tomorrow they won’t get any chance!

The only demand for doing it consists in downloading the application, with an equivalent name, Clashot. By this fashion, it becomes very easy to transfer an image, since all you are doing is clicking double – once for taking the photograph, and another one for uploading it.


In short, Clashot could be an extremely nice and simple thanks to create cash on-line – you ne’er skills an enormous rain will develop into a significant business, therefore taking advantage that will offer you with some cash you’ll be principally glad to possess in your pocket. So, why not take a chance? Each spot has its own story, and you’ll be the story teller! Create your passion detected everywhere the planet and slowly see however Clashot can open some nice deals for you!

You can select from art, beauty, politics, and folks to accidents, something you’re principally keen on, or simply felt like being at the correct place at the terribly right time. additionally, it’s not even necessary to possess super sophisticated instrumentation, since all you would like to possess on your own could be a itinerant through that the photos may be stocked with and uploaded abreast of the net – and that we all apprehend that’s really a requirement of late.

On the opposite hand, Clashot makes it potential to you to enter into a photography membership, one thing that may positively provide you with the chance to meeting new individuals with an equivalent passion, or habit. Overall, Clashot are a few things value making an attempt, and that i powerfully suggest it to anyone searching for a replacement thanks to creating cash online! You can additionally read reports created by others by sound on the Feed possibility. Once a user’s report is chosen you’ll tend the choice of adding a comment, liking it, or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. Reports can even be sorted per the simplest reports or per best authors. The app’s settings page can enable you to vary all aspects of the user expertise, from network settings to notifications. All of this makes for an awfully complete camera app that not solely helps you to share footage with others however causes you to cash within the method. If you often use your iPhone to require footage, this is often an app you ought to attempt.


Clashot is an Android Application which really deserves a try. For all those photography lovers out here in our readers, we would sincerely recommend you all to give this one a try. You will surely come back to us saying that we made some income source for you. You can download Clashot from Playstore here.

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