15 Best Android Internet Booster apps in 2019

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Nowadays we can’t imagine living without the internet. The lives of today’s generation are completely boring if there is not WiFi connected to their Android devices. And what about the situation when WiFi signals get down and out of range. They are really irritating and exhausting moments. But you don’t need to worry as there are many internet booster apps available for Android devices, which help speed up a WiFi connection.

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Top 15 Internet Booster Apps For Android That You Must Have In Your Phone

Imagine, you are just about to watch a video on Youtube Picture but the video takes longer to load. Even sometimes stops loading due to slow Internet Speed and the 2 minutes video becomes an annoying video of 4 minutes. As a result of which we feel no more interest in watching it. You might be thinking why you experience this troublesome despite subscribing to an expensive Mbps package.

To some extent, our internet is dependent on the Internet service that we are using. However, sometimes Internet fluctuates due to lower signals or we face it when the router isn’t configured correctly. There are also many other issues which can slow down your WiFi speed such as lower internal storage, junk files, and multiple mobile applications.

Internet booster apps are there to increase the speed of your mobile connection no matter you are connected on your mobile network or WiFi. In this article, after a great research and thorough analysis, we have summarized the best WiFi signal booster apps for mobile phones. Let’s have a look at them.

Network Signal Booster

This app can increase the network performance in your mobile device. Now it’s easy for you to control all network issues and boost by easy and simple steps. This app also lets you view the current Wi-Fi connection status. Network signal booster app can easily scan your wireless network in any location. The plus point of this app is that the application is user-friendly and gives you a simple user interface. Now you don’t have to get annoyed while watching videos on YouTube as the WiFi boost app lets you stream with strong WiFi connection. Once the app is installed to your device, the video clips don’t buffer at all and load within seconds.

However, you will have to wait for a few minutes when the app is on start-up. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Download Network Signal Booster Android app | Network Signal Speed Booster APK for PC

WiFi Booster – No Ads

Here is another Internet booster app called WiFi Booster. The app does not only improve your mobile connectivity but also shows how many Android devices are having the same connection. Moreover, it also makes your connection secure and safe and cleans all caches. When you click on the Boost icon, it will open a pop up showing how many mobile apps are running at the moment and which are to be optimized. Furthermore, the app allows you to boost your network and view the boosting in the percentage. It is easy to use as there are not a lot of app icons to confuse the users. One of the biggest advantages of this app is that WiFi booster app can support all of the Android versions and helps you resolve the issues related to DNS server, overlapping and latency.

It can work as your personal assistant if you are using it for the specific purpose i.e. internet speed boosting. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

WiFi Booster APK | Wifi Booster – Wifi enhancer APK for PC

Internet Booster & Optimizer – Speed Up WiFi

Internet Booster & Optimizer is there to improve your Android internet browsing experience. It is one of the best WiFi extender apps for Android. Additionally, this app supports rooted and unrooted devices.

Even after the installation process, Internet booster and apps optimizer ask you to verify whether your device is already rooted or not. However, the application has a disclaimer, saying that the functionalities of the app can vary according to the Android version as well as settings.

It is also known as the best speed accelerator that can boost the WiFi performance of your Android smartphone. However, the app contains some ads which may be annoying for the users. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Internet Booster & Optimizer APK for PC

Wi-Fi Booster App – Enhance Internet Speed

Here is another app to increase your internet speed on Android i.e., WiFi Booster. It is the app which can easily check the WiFi strength and increase its speed by optimizing. It is easy to use as a WiFi booster app has a friendly interface, offering its users to improve their WiFi connection speed while remaining connected to the available networks. This app supports free Wi-Fi, wcpss Wi-Fi, Airport Wi-Fi, etc. Now you don’t need to wait longer for streaming movies on the internet. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app

Connection Stabilizer Booster – Improve WiFi Signals

If you are having trouble with your internet connection, which is continuously slowing down the internet speed, the connection stabilizer booster can be the best solution. This app resets your network connections and helps you establish a secure internet connection. Moreover, it can also modify the TCP/IP settings to let you enjoy a stable connection.

It is one of the best internet speed booster apps which stabilize the overall traffic between your ISP servers and your phone.

Connection Stabilizer Booster comes with an extra feature that is of Force Connect. The feature will help push establishing through the congested networks. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Connection Stabilizer Booster APK for PC

Network Master – Test Speed

Are you having continuous problems with your internet connection in your Android device? If yes, then the Network master app can be the best solution. The app offers all that you want to have in your device. It can boost up the WiFi signal strength, providing you with a safe and secure internet connection. It is a kind of full package giving you all the advanced features. The boosting of the signals include 3G/4G data manager as well as a wireless protector which enhance network performance. Furthermore, this app stops all the junk background data and permits you to share your connection with others as well. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Network Master – Speed Test APK for PC

Speedify – Best Internet Booster App and VPN

Speedify is a VPN but it works better as an internet booster. The VPN used a particular technology known as ‘Channel Bonding’ that improves the bandwidth of your device. At the same time, it lets the user connect to 10 different networks no matter it is a WiFi, tethering device or ethernet. It can also make your internet connection faster.

Speedify app used a server list which will give you the accesses of all websites no matter wherever you are at the moment. Moreover, it can save your personal information. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Speedify Bonding VPN APK for PC

4G Connection booster – WiFi Booster App

4G connection booster is an Android application which can enhance WiFi connection. With this app, you will get assigned a new ISP to enjoy streaming all the websites. The plus point of this app is that you will have an uninterrupted and fast internet connection. It is known as the best app for signal booster which can work with all types of networks. Not only this, but it can also give you faster download speed than ever before. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | 4G Connection booster APK for PC

Wifi Analyzer

Do you want to find out the WiFi networks having good strength? WiFi Analyzer can help you out to trace them. It can boost the WiFi speed in your device and help to locate the best available networks. Like other WiFi enhancer apps, it can also improve the signals in your Android smartphones so that you can’t miss a single moment of sharing with your friends. Download now to your device and enjoy fast 4G Internet or WiFi. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Wifi Analyzer APK for PC

Wi-Fi Master

How do you face the troublesome situation, when you are competing in a game with your friends and suddenly your internet speed goes down? The annoyance is just beyond imagination. Well, Wi-Fi Master can improve the performance of your mobile network connection and make it stable and faster. You can also avail the test feature of this app to diagnose the network issues so that the connection remains stable. Wi-Fi Master also offers safe detection and prevents threatening such as APR attacks and the DNS hijack. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | WiFi Master Key by wifi.com APK for PC


It’s no more difficult to manage WiFi connections if you download WiFi Manager in your Android device. Using this app, you are able to scan the available networks and easily connect to them. The app offers two widgets which are dedicated to displaying the information for each connection. Furthermore, you have another option of switching among the available networks. There is also an improved and advanced interface along with some dark-colored backgrounds and themes. Get it now from PlayStore. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Wifi Manager APK for PC

Signal Booster 3G 4G

Signal booster is another Wifi signal booster app for android which connects your smartphone to fastest and strongest signal tower. Signal booster app actually boosts up 2G, 3G, 4G and GSM signal and reconnect cell phone to the radio cellular tower. This app not only increases the Internet speed of your device but also improves the battery life of your smartphone. The download and online streaming speed are also boosted using this app. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Signal Booster 3G 4G GSM LTE Network Monitor APK for PC

WiFi Doctor

WiFi Doctor is a free, simple and powerful tool which is design to check WiFi status as well as protect your online activates from the third parties. It is an Internet speed app for android which can easily detect the available networks, connects to the strongest one and optimizes it for your online security. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | WiFi Doctor-Detect & Boost APK for PC

Free Internet Speed Booster

Free Internet Speed Booster can improve your internet performance by up to 50% to 80% which you can also view. This app supports 3G, 4G, and WiFi as well. The interesting thing of the app is once you clear the DNS cache, it will improve the ping latency, that may be proved helpful for you during the competition of multiplayer games. Moreover, it cleans out all the background apps in order to increase the WiFi speed. Additionally, the installation of this app doesn’t require rooted devices. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this appInternet Speed Booster APK for PC

Turbo Internet Booster

Turbo Internet booster although small in size, but results better rather than other apps. It efficiently works to speed up your mobile connection in order to improve the performance of your online browsing, RealVideo and RealAudio.

This app is very easy to use and can let you have a smooth network connection. Click/tap on the following link to download the app.

Get this app | Turbo Download Manager APK for PC


Your online activities badly affect if the internet network connection or WiFi often fluctuates. But no worries, check out the above-mentioned list of top best Android Internet Booster apps and enhance your mobile network strength and WiFi signals as well. Download one the best Internet speed optimizer apps in your device and do let us know how it works.

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