How to Add a Google Play Store Badge for Each Application in WordPress

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Many people who are working on Android niche are trying to find out an easy way to add a Google Play store badge for a certain application in their posts to display the information regarding the application developer, the rating of an app, app thumbnail, Barcode and the link of Google Play/AppBrain in the Google play store badge. And if you don’t understand what I’m taking about, kindly see the following screenshot for instance.

Google Play store app

Savrix Play Store

With Savrix Play Store WordPress plugin you can easily share Android any app information on your blog posts/pages by using simple shortcode. The plugin will be able to work just after installing and activating. See how it works exactly.

How the Plugin Works Exactly

Just write down the package name of the application you’ll need to promote and place it between the [app] tag. For example if you need to promote the YouTube app ( Market link for YouTube ) which has com.google.android.youtube as package name, you only need to write [app]com.google.android.youtube[/app] in your blog post and it will generate the following information of the app:

  • icon
  • name
  • developer
  • price (The currency displayed depends on the country your server is located in)
  • rating
  • QR Code
  • Appbrain link
  • Google Play Store link

That’s how we add Google Play Store Badge in a WordPress blog’s blog post.

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