Quick Fix: Error Downloading Apps in Android from Google Play

There are some issues downloading apps from Google play store sometimes and people complain about it. Similarly, one of our reader were having problem downloading Android apps in his/her Android 4.2.2 JellyBean. I started to figure out solution for this issue because it seems like a normal issue regarding apps i.e., Google play services and Google Play store. After looking around, I figured out the problem and realized, I must write an article on this issue for my readers and followers.

Let me elaborate it a little more about the error. If you have also come across this kind of issue while downloading apps from Google play store then you shouldn’t have to panic about it because we have got your back. Error appears when you try to install Android apps from Google Play Store:

Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]
Error while retrieving information from server rpc s-3

Google Play Application not installing

Error Downloading Apps in Android

If you are using Android and having the same issue with your device then you can try this quick solution. Here is how I solved this issue:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → All
  2. Here on the screen you need to scroll down and look for Google Play Store
  3. Once you find this app in the list open it and hit the button Force Stop, tap OK, and finally Clear data, and tap OK
  4. Now, go back and get back to the applications list
  5. Again look for Google Service Framework from the apps list
  6. Open and hit the button Force Stop, tap OK, hit the button Clear data, and tap OK
  7. Whoa, now simply reboot your device and check if this method worked.

Don’t worry, this method is all you need to do. Feel free ask anything in comments below.

Congrats, you can now start downloading apps and continue enjoy with your Android device.

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  1. I was unable to download the Android apps from Google play the error was really complicated to me because I’m newbie to Android but your article helped me up and worked like awesome.

    1. I write this article because I was having this issue and when I completely troubleshoot the problem just shared this over here. I’m glad that my article helped you. Mention not @Manoj.

  2. Oh… I am facing same problem in my Android phone and here I got the solution. I try this in my Android phone and I am very happy because my problem is solved. Thank you for sharing this article with solution.

  3. It could be due to your internet connections problem and may be sometime the apps are not working. I try this in my Android phone and I am very happy because my problem is solved after few moments.

  4. Thanks for the article. I was facing the same problem. I just got frustrated with the problem but now I’ve got the solution through the article. What can i say, your article has been very helpful to me. Good job. And keep it up.

  5. Many people faces error problems while downloading applications from Google Play Store. The instruction provided above is very useful since it clearly mentioned the solution for our problem. Thanks for the solution. Now no error occurs and can download apps without any hesitation.

  6. Excuse me I want to say that my play store is not opening… it says that “unfortunately Google play store has stopped working” .. can you help me… plzz please please..
    I have tried anything.. I have tried clear data,clear cache,force stop option and also I have factory reset 2 times but it is always saying “stopped working”…

    Plzzzz plzzzz plzzz help me….

  7. My problem is that when i download any file from play store or any other website sometimes it downloads very fast and sometimes its download very slow
    Plz help me to getting out of this problem

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