How to Check for Duplicate Content Over Web with Copyscape

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What’s Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be defined as, an author’s conception including language, thoughts and ideas I mean to say that an original hard work performed by him (author) with very deep sensations. But anyway, according to modern concept of plagiarism in Latin is a Kidnapper, whereas looking through the broad point of view plagiarism refers as to plagiarise means of stealing content from one site to other, which is overly written by other. This problem is growing very fast as fire destroys forest. In order to steal content there is another problem occurs which is, suppose if a person copy your original content and paste it on his site and then after making some changes in it, he will be able blame on your site that you have stolen content from his site. To prevent such type of frauds Copyscape among us, protect our original content.

What’s Copyscape?

Copyscape is an online website to checking text plagiarism, that checks duplicate content elsewhere on the web, it gives a strict protection of your valuable content. It originally came into existence for content owners, to save their original content from thieves who steal text content from one site to another without the permission of its owner. Copyscape was founded in June, 10, 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies. However, it is the most essential tool to protect your site content and get your site in top of Google search.


Protection of your Original Content

To prevent plagiarism against your real content, let’s have a look on to following 2 short steps:

  1. You need to place a Plagiarism Banner on each page of your website, it will have a feature that before stealing content a plagiarist have no more chance to blame on your real content.
  2. Include in each of your website’s page a copyright message, to claim that over all content is your own (© is © in HTML).

Taking Immediate Actions Against the Plagiarist

If your content has been copied without your permission then let’s take immediate actions below:

  1. Try to find out for contact details on the site where your content being theft. If no contact details you found on the site optionally use webmasters@ domain. And contact the thief through the email, and ask him to give you credits within 48 hours.
  2. For More deep information of the thief, look up for the domain in search, after being filtered at the bottom of the page you will find mobile number, email address, etc to contact with the owner of site where duplicated content is available, ask him again!
  3. Finally, if no response was there, take an action to DMCA (abbr: Digital Millenium Copyright Act) to infringe for the site where you content is available. It will have the benefit, the site will be blocked or will be removed from all search engines.

Services Provided by Copyscape

Copyscape is the most powerful detection service against plagiarists. Being a powerful plagiarism detection service, it is listed in top first results in plagiarism reviews. Most sequent services of Copyscape are as follows:

1. Copyscape

Copyscape lets you Check your content for the duplicate content on the web. Copyscape for detection of plagiarism is Free being a novice user at standard package, copyscape will not be free as longer you want means that copyscape has kept specific free credits for every month of checking your content to given URL to it.

2. Copysentry Standard

Secondly, Copysentry Standard is available to check your content on weekly basis. It’s not free as Copyscape is, to checking content user should have to use Professional Plagiarism Search and must be sign up there, after all it require $4.95 for a month to protect your content and check it every week.

3. Copysentry Professional

And the Copysentry professional checks plagiarism for your original content on daily basis across the web. You must have to sign up that demand $19.95 a month to check your content on daily basis.

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