1. Yes, I did that’s why I wrote this article to my fellow visitors and readers to take advantage from it…

      1. AoA, Can I make pay pal account with my name and use any US address using your provided link to generate addresses? Please help.

          1. Dear Brother Mohammad Haroon kindly let me know that from which bank branch I can make Paypal card?
            Brother I am doing online job and they ask from me about card.
            I have MCB Visa Gold debit Card card will it work or equel to paypal card?
            I will wait for your reply.
            Allah bless on you always
            Yours brother
            Asif Zaman

          2. Hi @Asif,

            It’s not that easy, we can use Pakistani bank account in order to verify PayPal. That’s why I have described about Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card in this article… Hope you understand.

    2. haroon bahi i have verified paypal account with us bank account from receive payneer … but i have no payneer card received this time … my paypal account not received payment any ptc side plz help me

        1. Hi @Atiq,

          PTC is not a good way to make money online. You should work hard over at FIVERR, ELANCE, etc or do investment in Forex to generate a good income being at home.

          Kind Regards,
          Muhammad Haroon (Admin)

  1. AOA
    brother i real don’t understand all that kindly can u explain it a little and hope this is all true i really have some payments to withdraw.

    Ali Malik

    1. Okay, let me ask something… Do you currently have Payoneer Card in your Hand… If so let me know about it..

          1. Ok i have read the article and following the procedure but kindly tell me two things
            1. in paypal account should we only use the generated address or whole data.
            2 and in payapal i should create a simple account or bussiness.
            sorry to bother you again.

          2. No, you only need to use the address not the entire information and you should create an individual account (Simple Acc). Okay hope you understand @Ali Malik.

  2. hello sir please email me i want to talk you about this want paypal and payoneer card but i have sign up 3 times its still in approval from last 2 months.

  3. AOA Bhai
    I ve just applied for the Payneer Prepaid as you ve directed in the above Article but I wonder if it ll work??
    I need a paypal acct so that the org can pay me .
    Bhai plz suggest me me if I am Right I ve applied for the card and it is on verifiication step . What should i do if i get the card? I ve my sisiter in US so no need for fake Acct Can i give her ref further?
    How will I transact the actual money? I mine like I transact from any ATM 😛
    Sorry to bother you for Silly qns

    1. Well done… Just wait about 25 days because you will receive your Payoneer within 25 days and follow this article again with your Payoneer prepaid card…

      1. Haroon cant you please tell me! I have a payoneer Account with me, I also have a valid address in U.S but how will I open Paypal Account without any Social Security Number? For Paypal it is any pre-requisite to have social security number.

    2. Dear brother why you are more interusted in poineer card?You should concentrate on recieving payment through somevisits then efoorts for Card

  4. I have got my paypal verified. But the amount sent from paypal to my payoneer requires me to send a US ID Card for funds to be added to my VBA.

    How can I widraw from paypal?

    1. Dear @Zafi Zameer,

      I have updated the article and elaborate the entire process on how to withdraw PayPal funds in your Payoneer Card… Hope you will take time to read the article again.. For more details feel free to Contact Us.

  5. hello sir,
    mein ne payoneer k liye apply kiya tha or mujhe card bhi mil gaya hai but paypal ka account verify nahi ho raha, likha aat hai k bank ne aapka card is trancsection k liye approved nahi kiya,
    tell me what i do now??

    1. Just follow this and read this article once again. Because I have updated this article with full information.

          1. sir i have got the payoneer mastercard. how i verified the Paynoor US pay ment service and how to make paypal account . please tell me all the procedure of verification of payoneer card and how to make and verified the paypal account. i am form peshawar

      1. I’ve Signed up a PayPal account by using Fake identity generator by the link that is provided right above in the article. Now, my PayPal account is not getting verified and let me know whether they confirm the address is same used in PayPal and Payoneer card.

        1. Hi @Adeel,

          I don’t think that Payoneer will reveal such personal information with PayPal. Nope :/

          Muhammad Haroon

      2. can i send money to other sites by using the paypal account by this verification?? or will i get caught bcoz of my fake address??

    2. dear brother Adeel I am sad to know that you still dont have real papal Card
      Brother actually I also need Paypal card I am having much problems in my life and about to finish my life but I would like to remain alive for my children.
      I have earn more then 200 dollar from http://www.somev isits.com and firstly I submit my visa card of UBL branch but it was not accpeted and they ask me for Paypal Card and I am also running after this Card.But I not find the bank who make this card

  6. Hello mate
    such a nice work and experience your have share with Pakistani buddies working online with paypal as a payment solution , actually iam also one of them i am using paypal for the payments , Brother is there any thing in your experiance to bypass or overcome the phone verification system used by Paypal ? i hope i can have a best solution with your experience .

    Best Regards

    1. Hi @Rehman,

      I’m pleased to read your comment. Thanks for it. And by the way, at first place PayPal is not available in Pakistan still we can withdraw our money in Pakistan from PayPal. The other thing, the phone verification that PayPal offers wherever it is available. Hope you understand.

      Muhammad Haroon

  7. fine –
    should i understand that there is no available way to bypass or overcome the phone verification way available in paypal ?
    i hope you do not mind what iam trying to ask …..

    again i appreciate your efforts .

    1. Hi @Rehman,
      Why would I mind dear… Don’t worry feel free to ask any thing that you need. Yes please, consider it done that you are not able to bypass the phone verification available at PayPal. Thanks for commenting again.

  8. AOA,
    Dear Haroon,
    As i have received my Payneer card but not sure how to create my PayPal account with fake name & address. and plz tell me can i use my personal email (which i used for Payeer account) for PayPal account or use fake email (which generate with fake name and address)
    please help regarding this issue.

    Noor Alam

    1. Hi @Noor Alam,

      Don’t use the fake name in your PayPal account only use the fake address okay. and by the way you can use your personal email for your PayPal account as of your Payoneer.

      Muhammad Haroon

  9. sir recently pay-pal changed its policy.i have verified pay-pal account recently i made.but still i have no access to payapl.customer support center from pay pal said that i should verify my id,driving license and address proof.as you know that its a fake id in Pakistan.now what to do with this.please sir solve my issue by providing solution to it.

    1. Hi @Zahid,
      If you have successfully got your PayPal account verified then what???

      Why do you want to have chat with PayPal customer support center? if they are seeking for Government ID, Driving License don’t give them because they will soon figure out that you are Pakistani. Only withdraw, send funds in Pakistan.

      Muhammad Haroon

  10. kia app ye bata saktay hu k mai jub paypal account verify kerne hu to wo ams verification mang rha hai mager maine fake generator ka number dal a hua hai bcd i don’t have any other us number how can i do sms verification?

  11. Hi Haroon Bhai

    i have a problem,i have a paypal account created by my brother living in Qatar.Now paypal is working.i have also applied for payoneer account and it will reach in 1-2 days.kindely guide me how can i get Us services from that Qatar paypal account and activate with Payoneer.I will Be thankful to you

    1. Dear @Ali,

      As you said that you have a PayPal account from Qatar Address, all you need to do is to add your Payoneer card in your PayPal account as I have described in the above article.

      Muhammad Haroon

  12. AOA Bhai
    I m having problem at the verification of Prepaid card. They are asking me for adress i ve provided my residential address with a proof of electric bill which holds my husbands name but unfortunately they are not accepting bc they want my name of it. What should i do now. your help is req, please.

      1. Yes I ve two to three bank accounts holding with my name but they asked me for the proof of house residence so thats why i provided them okay now I will take bank statement and scan it to them! You mean to do like this if i m not wrong?

        1. You are right, all they need from you is to verify your address. If you bank account holds the same address (you entered in Payoneer while signup process) then you should scan and give them but if not. Then there is not way to make it happen. However you can contact Payoneer customer support to change your address… 🙂

  13. Hi Dear,
    Ou have stated

    I think many of you are freelancer and familiar the Payoneer card, and if you already have a Payoneer card then we are just a few steps back to get started with a verified Paypal account.

    1 -Apply for the US Payment Service
    2- Receive your US account information

    Please explain this. Also tell me using this method am I able to purchase stuff from eBay and ship it to my home address? How to feed this card with money?

    1. Dear Malik Umair,

      Thanks for you valuable comment. By the way I mean to say that Payoneer offers you a US Payment Service to receive funds from PayPal like payment services held in US based locations.

      Muhammad Haroon

  14. Hi Haroon,

    Great information which you have shared. Thanks for taking out the time to write all the info.

    Just like the others , I have a mix of fear, couple of questions, some doubts and some more information requirements. Suggest that you add all such questions as FAQ in the main article.

    Please inform:

    1. For Payoneer card, should I use my original name, active original address/proof of address and email ID.?

    2. After receiving Payoneer card, when making a Paypal account should I use my original name and details like DOB, fake generated US address, which phone/mobile number for SMS verification and which email address.

    3. Does the information for Payoneer card and Paypal have to match exactly for us to have the card added to the paypal account.

    4. Will the paypal only be verified with a transaction posted to Payoneer card, or would they need any other form of information.

    5. How can I upload funds to my Paypal account. Using Payoneer ? I am actually more interested in not receiving the money via paypal/payoner, but actually spending and using Paypal.

    6. Can I use this Paypal account for shopping on ebay. I think it would be of no use, since most ebay sellers only ship to Paypal verified address. So how will it work with a fake address.

    7. Have you tried shopping online for products or services using such paypal account, which main sites you found to be successful in supporting a paypal obtained by this method, where we can specify a different shipping address other than the one mentioned in Paypal details.

    Sorry for multiple questions, but I guess it would and should cover a long list of repeated queries.


  15. Dear haroon bahi ager ap mujey mail mai itna bata dain k mai kun sa process theek karo its my personal request main ney apna account fanbox k sath attach karna hai paypal ka.Main ney 1 week pehlay apna payoneer ka card hasil kiya hai or phir abi doucments submit keye hai verify k leye.payoneer k forum pay geya woh kehty hain k mera us payment request option enabled hai phir main ney paypal ka account banaya apni payneer ki bank detail waha di lekin abi tak woh amount mery payoneer mai nahi ai,mera fresh payoneer ka account hai ap ki guide line meri mushkil asan kar day gi,

  16. Hi Haroon, paypal ask for the SSN and US address for identity verification, they also ask you for a photo ID verification and address verification with your name on the bill as soon as you make you first transaction, what you can do about that??

  17. Hi bro, I made an account of Paypal with fake name & fake address, now can I transfer the money to my payoneer account?
    thank you!!

  18. 1. Do I apply for US payment service once I have received my Payoneer card or after signing up for it?
    2. How do I transfer 10 dollars in my payoneer account?

      1. Yar how do I add the first 10 dollars into payoneer account in order for paypal deduction?
        Your article does not answer that.
        Neither does it answer question 1.

  19. Hello Haroon,

    Thanks, your article was very helpful creating & verifying paypal account, i have only one confusion can i load money to paypal account from my payoneer card?

    Waiting for your reply!

      1. Thanks dude,

        but this is not what i asked, i’ve been using payoneer for 4 years & i have way more than $10 in my payoneer account thats no an issue.

        my question was can i transfer funds to my paypal account from my payoneer account.

        Payoneer to Paypal .. like if i wanna transfer $1000 from my payoneer card to my paypal account.

      2. Still Waiting for your reply…

        Thanks dude,

        but this is not what i asked, i’ve been using payoneer for 4 years & i have way more than $10 in my payoneer account thats no an issue.

        my question was can i transfer funds to my paypal account from my payoneer account.

        Payoneer to Paypal .. like if i wanna transfer $1000 from my payoneer card to my paypal account. can we do that???

        1. No, don’t try on $1000. But Try as little as possible because if you upload $1000 to PayPal, PayPal may as you for verification. And by the way, it’s a limit that you can withdraw only $500 from PayPal to Payoneer.

  20. salam brother

    Paypal has changed its method of verification can i verify it with my bank account as well which is given on US payment service section on my payoneer??

    1. You can find more about US Payment Service of Payoneer. By the way don’t involve the Pakistani Bank account as we know that we are using fake US address while creating PayPal account.

  21. while creating an account with payoneer, do we have to use our real address and real name or we can use the same one that is generated from the recommended website : “www.fakenamegenerator.com” ?
    since the name and address generated from this site will be american and i want the payoneer card to be shipped in Pakistan.

    1. Hey @Danny thanks for asking such a talented question. Let me write an article on it so you guys can easily understand rather being misunderstood between registering with Payoneer and PayPal.

      1. i hope that appreciating my question was not your sarcasm and yeah i would love to read more. in fact i will process my payoneer request after reading your next article. please keep me in the loop.
        Cheers !!

  22. couple of questions bro :

    1: there is no money uploading option on payoneer ?

    2: no card verification is available on paypal instead we have option of bank account

    account number with routing number

    can we use that account for verifications ??

    1. Yes, exactly you will need to use the account number with routing number if you want to withdraw funds to your Payoneer from PayPal account. Yep, this process will be done in the WITHDRAW tab on PayPal.

  23. Aoa. Haroon bhai i also want to make paypal for online shopping.but i cant understand.pls can u mail me ur email id.

    1. Dear @Aleeza, we can simply talk in comments here. Let me help you in finding the best way to get PayPal account in Pakistan:

      1. Signup on Payoneer
      2. You will receive the card in next 25 – 30 days.
      3. Once you got your Payoneer card simply read this article again to get your PayPal account verified. 🙂

      Muhammad Haroon

  24. dear
    i have verified paypal account and i have 50$ in this account but when
    i send payment to my PTC account this paypal ask me for conform cell number and wrote fake cell number so what i do now

  25. muja payoneer card k lya kisi bank ma b acc open karna hoga ? or payoneer k through payple ma money kasa send hogi or receive kasa hogi apki skype id milsakti ha muja or b apsa detail pochni ha or payoneer safe ha ?

    1. Dear @Uzair Asif, thanks for commenting however your questions are old and I’ve already answered in previous comments. Anyways, you don’t need to open an account to any Pakistani bank in order to have Payoneer card. And you can send as well as receive payment from PayPal to Payoneer or vice versa. Nope, we can’t talk via @skype simply here due to lake of time.

      1. pakinstan ma bank acc open kya baghar atm sa money kasa receive hogi or send kasa hogi muja samaj nai aya or payoneer safe ha

  26. payoneer k through payple ki sa transaction k charges kya hota han or payple par account open karna k b koi charges hota ha or payple ya payoneer k koi munthly ya yearly charges hota han ?

  27. Sir i have payonner card and US Payment enabled. I just wants to ask you how can i add funds in my Payonner Card from Pakistan?Will i have goto bank if yes then Which bank? if no than what’s the way to add funds in card?

    1. The question have already been solved @Mamoon Aslam in previous comments and I also updated this article regarding this question. Please read the entire article once again to know about how to add funds in your Payoneer prepaid card.

      Muhammad Haroon

  28. Hi.!
    2 months before i was working with a free lancer program.
    When my payment time they said use “eprepaynow” services.
    But they are all fake i did not receive my card yet now 3 months spend from the date of apply & i bust my money.
    I Have payment behind for pay but i dont have paypal account in Pakistan, and i am unable to follow these steps, bcoz i am not a Net Surfer or an internet Doctor. 😛
    So Plz Help me out..!!!

  29. Dear Sir, i have successfully followed all the steps outlined here. Can you tell that in how many days amount will be transferred from Paypal to Payoneer? Further,please clarify that will i have to pay service charges of both the accounts i.e. Paypal and Payoneer?

      1. Haroon bhai, i have created paypal account and payoneer account as per your guidance. Both accounts are activated and i transferred some amount from paypal to payoneer. The transaction history at paypal shows that amount was transferred to payoneer. But i have not yet received money on my payoneer account. what could be the reason?

  30. When I am signing up on Paypal an error of Zip code occur.I used fake address generating site.But it is not working

  31. Haroon you have stated:
    “To add funds in Payoneer card:
    If you have Payoneer card by now simply add the card in your Pakistani online banking account and add the $10 from your Pakistani bank to your Payoneer simply. ;)”

    Please tell me how to add the card in our Pakistani Bank account?

    Also, how much Paypal charge for each transaction?

    1. I think you should add the Payoneer card in your PayPal account first then do other steps. Maybe PayPal will send you a random amount with which you can verify you card without even adding $10 funds in your Payoneer as my cousin did.

      1. And how to add funds to Paypal and(or) to Payoneer for purchasing from ebay, amazon or other websites..?

        Secondly login into Paypal from Pakistan will result in account limitation and sease of funds. What you suggest how to access Paypal? Using vpn/proxy?

        1. Well the method of loading funds from PayPal to Payoneer is described already in the previous comments as well as in the article. And by the way, you don’t need to use any proxy after you have got a limit of $500 of monthly fund transfer from PayPal to Payoneer.

  32. Salam,
    It has been 5 months I have tried to get payoneer card twice, after doing all the steps providing my Scaned CNIC even I got their email that your card has been processed & will get deliver in b/w 06 to 13 January 2014, time passed & i didnt get it so I informed them & they replied we have processed the replacment card & you will get it in b/w 17 to 24 Feb. 2014 & as time lapsed again & I didn’t get anything so wrote them again & now they asking me to send an amount from any US company to my card & then they will send me again… now anybody tell me why this? as its services are free to get a card at your door step?


  33. Salam, Nice you are going.
    I have used this trick but I got an error of limited account, Now I want to create 100% secure account with my relative address reside in Bahrain, & also want to use there phone number, So Is it possible to create account using Bahrain address & Verify using Payoneer card that is on my name with Pakistani address?
    Please respond to this question.

  34. well i would say when you got your funds ready to be withdrawn, Paypal will surely make your account limited since you are using a Pakistani IP Address to be connected and its the paypal right to ask million time about the verification of Physical address which you have already used a Fake address i would say bills gone no where besides Paypal Pockets. lol

  35. Salam mene paypal ka account banaya howa hai jis mai mene saudi Arabia ka address dia jo ke fake hai or verified b nai hai or mobile no. bi add kia howa hai ab kia mai usmai payoneer card add kr sakta ya nai ek or baat mera naam b galat hai paypal account pe bataye mai kia karon

    1. Hi @Khalid,

      If your name is also incorrect then don’t add your Payoneer Card in that PP account you should register a new PayPal account with legal information excluding the Fake Address you should only use the fake address other things should be legal such as your NAME, DOB, etc..

  36. asalam o alaekum,
    dear haroon sb.
    just read your blog and applied for the Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card as i want to verify my paypal account in pakistan but when i read the fee and pricing of the above mentioned card are slightly high but any how due to need of that it will be beard..

    sir can u send the your contact no. or e-mail, skype id
    for later contact to you
    as that will be easy to me

  37. asalam o alaekum
    dear Mr. Haroon,
    its ok don’t share…
    can u have the information about VBA Account? if have then plzz send to me at [email protected]
    i have searched about but not reached any step..
    and one thing more that i have read the many blogs about this method to verify the paypal account through Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card is assumed as fake and can be blocked the paypal account according to the terms of paypal.
    is it true???
    and can i discuss this issue private way except this blog?

  38. I have verified my bank account but paypal than ask me for my SSN for US i give that fake and now this error occur
    We were unable to confirm your personal information at this time. To find out what we need from you, go to the Resolution Center.

    1. When did I write to use fake SSN number in your PayPal account @Mamoon? You got in trouble brother because SSN is a Social Security Number which is registered on legal fist and last name living in US or other aboard countries. Now, the name that is registered with SSN, PayPal will match that number with your PayPal’s registered account First and Last legal names and if they both don’t match then PayPal you seek you the legal information or they will banned your account.

  39. Salam may nay payoneer ki help se paypal account bana liya hai or verify bhi ho gaya hai but mujay ap se ye pochna hai k kya may payoneer master card ko paypal may add kar k 500$ ki withdrawal limit remove kar sakta ho ya nahi.Please let me inform i ma waiting for your answer.Thanks in advance

    1. Just go to your Bank branch and give your Payoneer card details including your Routing number, Account number from your Payoneer online account and give the info to your branch manager and ask him to send the money ($_____) to that account number by method of Checking..

  40. Hi,

    I have been using paypal with the method mentioned above from a while. However I think paypal has changed their policies because I am facing a severe issue with the recent withdrawal that I made. When I submitted my withdrawal at 28th March, 2014 after being submitted a message appeared saying many things one of them was that MY NAME IN MY BANK SHOULD MATCH WITH MY NAME IN MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT, which obviously can not be possible as I have created paypal using a fake name and I have no idea what name have payoneer used to create a virtual US bank account for me. I though let’s see what happens next. And today I received this e-mail from payoneer:

    We see that your US Payment Service is not yet verified and would like to assist you in verifying the service.

    In order to verify your US Payment Service, please provide us with the following information:

    A full screenshot of your Paypal account profile showing your name and business name
    A full screenshot of your Paypal incoming payments history page
    Invoices of your freelance work or any additional info that may help us establish your line of work
    Please explain your affiliation with ELIZABETH P CASTILLO

    I have made withdrawals before and none of this happened before. Can you please help me what should I do now? By the way ELIZABETH P CASTILLO is the fake name that I used to create paypal account.

    Please answer urgently. And if you can contact me via e-mail rather replying here that would be best. Thank you

  41. hello i just verifed my paypal with Payoneer Virtual Bank Account But When i try To Send money They Ask For Text Phone Conformation How i handle this. I use Fake Name Generator For Paypal Account and Also Use Fake Number. How Bypass The Verification.

  42. Muhammad Haroon bhai can you send me 30$ in my paypal account i’ll send you back your money by telenor easy paisa… i need it brother

  43. Salaam brother,

    thanks for sharing great information, i have receive my payoneer card and got paypal account ready too but unverified, i have fund into my paypal account can i make my payapl account verified through sending money from my paypal to payoneer card and then i link my card to my paypal account, through this way could i get verified paypal account and let me know list of banks those are supporting to my payoneer card for withdraw money.

    1. thanks.
      but without have funds into payoneer bank you can’t connect your paypal to payoneer, because paypal deduct 1.95US$ from your card if you don’t have it then you can’t connect your payoneer card to your paypal account. so need money first then you can connect your paypal to your payoneer bank.

  44. Hi @Muhammad Haroon!
    I have applied for payoneer card few days ago. Now can i use the address of my friend who lives in Texas? If yes then after using this USA address, is there any risk of paypal account being blocked by admin?

  45. Salaam,
    can anybody send 25US$ into my payoneer card, i’ll refund him right after verification of my paypal including deduction charges which is i think 25% of total amount. i just stuck with my paypal money and i need it, i try to add through standard chartered bank but they refuse to transfer the funds into my payoneer card by saying that you need to have account and account will be in US$ currency and account will be open with 1000US$, if you could help me about transfer the money that will be good, but for money transaction you can further communication with me email me through my this email address. [email protected]
    Jaza KAllah khairun kaseer.

  46. Hello,
    I maked payoneer account on my own house no.. after i get payoneer master card.. then i read about paypal with payoneer and then i maked paypal account… (1) the problem is i first send payment into my payoneer Account 35$ but i received 20 cent only.. why..?
    i send payment in my paypal account 4$ but i received 4 which is ok..

    But (2) this is big problem.. when i go for verified paypal with my payoneer account i got msg from paypal it’s there..

    (the bank that issued your card did’t no approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer. customer service department if you any question.

    So what should i have to do dear..? What kind of problem i am facing…?

    An other thing let me know that payment should b in paypal account or in payoneer account..????????

    1. Hi @Sahil,

      Thanks for describing about the issue that you are facing.

      But let me tell you first that the payment of $35 that you send to your Payoneer and received only 20cents instead of $35 because Payoneer deducted it’s card activation and yearly fees, more here.

    2. Salaam,
      brother Sahil could you tell me that how did you send funds from paypal to payonee, i have also funds into my paypal account but couldn’t send yet, guide me how to send funds.

  47. A.o.A!
    I want ask how can I load funds to my payoneer account?Because paypal will deduct some amount for verification.So,plz tell me how I add funds to my payoneer account?

    1. Hi @Adnan,

      The method of loading funds to Payoneer card is already discussed a couples times and I also updated this article with the method of loading funds to Payoneer card on my first comment as you commented.

    1. Hi @Rizwan,

      I didn’t understand exactly what you mean? Can you please elaborate a little bit more. Payoneer is an ATM card itself brother then why you need an additional ATM card when there Payoneer Card. However, to load funds in your Payoneer card you will need to read article where I added the solution.


  48. A,o,a
    Brother i create Paypal account with payoneer. Accoutnis active and verify but still show limited. how can i solve it??? please help

  49. Sir please.. Can you tell me that after i link my payonner card with paypal can i directly withdrawal money from card without sending the funds to payoneer account??? If yes then is it still necessary to activate payonner account which costs 50$ fees or not???

  50. asalam o alaekum,
    dear haroon sb.
    i applied for payoneer and last day i received an e-mail that my request accepted and card will be deliver within week,
    my question is that
    is there US address necessary or candian address will work for this or any UK address?

  51. asalam o alaekum
    dear haroon sb.

    sorry for annoying again.
    can i use “My Name” for the gulf address?
    is there any verification carried out by the paypal at govt. level(i.e visa or any passport inquiry)


  52. asalam o alaekum
    dear haroon sb.
    i thinks you may be busy as not reply.
    plzzzz grant the few moment and give your comments.

  53. A.o.A!
    brother can you guide me Paypal account creat video that’s make me help filled form kis tarha fake U.S address kia add karo aur fake bank account no kia put karo i do’nt understand ye sab ki tarh Payapal account verifiy ho ga kerna.I hopeful u guide me thank u plz reply me.

  54. mujhe ye btayen k ek to hota ha debit card add krna jis se verify hota ha to kya bank account or routing add krne se bi paypal verify ho jataha?
    or dosri bat agr hum debit card add nahi krte paypal me to kya paypal se pese paynoeer me transfer kr sakte han ya nahi
    tesri bat ye k pakistan k kisi bi bank se hum transfer kr sakte ha payoneer k account me,,
    me ne payoneer helpline me call ki to unhon ne kaha k pakistan k kisi bank se transfer nahi kr skte please reply

  55. Sir mere pas pyoneer card hai.. jb hum paypal ko sign up krty hain to wo card fake adress py baij dy ga agar wo admi card use kr lay to ?? because uske pas card ho ga wo login kr k meri amount nikal lay ga.. can you please tell me

  56. asalam o alaekum
    dear haroon sb,
    i am still waiting for your reply
    >can i use “My Name” for the gulf address?
    is there any verification carried out by the paypal at govt. level(i.e visa or any passport inquiry)
    > is there any other way to contact with you? as after long time you comes back.

  57. Sir, I make all steps after one week but PayPal did not verified my account. I want to receive money for my site.
    can you please help me.
    If I give you this task, can you get my username and password.

  58. Dear M Haroon,
    I need your support regarding payoneer account, How we can reimburse USD balance in our payoneer account for bearing charges against pay pal account for verification whether we are living in pakistan.
    kindly also advise whether payoneer card is used over any ATM machine in Pakistan or not as i have never seen aero sign on prepaid payoneer debit card to insert into ATM machine.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  59. asalam o alaekum,
    dear haroon sb.
    i have received the payoneer card, how much amount i need to add the payoneer account right now??
    $10 or $58 ??????

          1. asalam o alaekum,
            dear haroon sb.
            $29 is activation fee
            $29 is annual fee
            $58 is the total amount
            i got it clearly..
            my question was that how? and when? payoneer deduct this amount
            >when the account have enough funds?
            > is there any frame ?

            hope i have refine my question to understand easily


  60. Hello

    I have a verified paypal account, But i want to remove limit.
    Can you please Guide me,

  61. ar ye likhaa ataa hy jb me Paypal pe apna card number enter karon… Your Card has not approved.?????? eska matlab mujaha Card Recharge karana pare ga?????? Bhai Plzzz help me me bhot preshaan hon.. plzzz plzzz help me

  62. Salam Bhai..
    Bhai me tamam BAnks sa pata kr lia hy koi bank b Mra Payoneer Acount recharge nhe kr rha wo khata hen nhe ho skte>…. Kia ap mre Help kr skte hen ager me apko apne Acount k bre me info dun ar apko Easy paisa kar don????? Pleaseee Help me bhai me kia karon ab???????

  63. omg to many bunch of stupid people around lol..
    bechare haroon ne aik tarika bataya or tum logon ne bekar ke sawalat karkey uska dimagh kharab kardia hahahah :)))
    payoneer account is free and authentic
    and paypal sirf payoneer ki waja se hi account deta hay warna pakistaniyoo tum logon ne paypal ko bohat khwar karwaya hay 😛 ab wo tum se durr bhagtey hain 😛

  64. Dear Haroon Bro Thank for Your Article . I Have Some Question Here :

    1 : If Shell My Paypal (created by Fake Address ) Freez or Locked for Verification Etc What Should I Will Do ?

    1. Your welcome Talha,

      By the way, PayPal will ask you to verify and you will not be able to verify because the account is created using Fake address and you even will not be able to verify mobile verification because Paypal is not available in Pakistan. So always keep your PP account with little amount of dollar not more than 500 and don’t try to remove limits from your PP account

  65. Hey, I have received my Payoneer card, and it has been activated. Now how can I apply for the US Payment Service so that I can have VBA (Virtual Bank Account) account from Payoneer. Thanks

    1. Usually Payoneer send you an email regarding this but to apply manually follow these steps.

      1. Login to your Payoneer online account
      2. Receive Money → My US Payment Service Profile
      3. Now, you will asked to apply for US payment service here, just do that
  66. Sir kuch log keh rhe hain k agar hum paypal se paise withdraw kerentu kuch din withdraw hotey hain usk bad paypal wale pak walo ka account band ker deytey hain is that true? ap kbse use kr rhe hain paypal?

  67. AOA Haroon Bhai! Hope everything is good at your side. HAPPY RAMAZAN KAREEM
    I have few questions:
    1. After verification as mentioned in video will i be easily get money through paypal?
    2. As you know payoneer is an international tool for money sending and receiving means the company can directly send payment to your Payoneer ATM than why should we need PAYPAL? need satisfied answer?
    3. I am social media analyst i need some best earning sites where i can easily earn so much?
    4. the most important thing after i get payment from paypal to my payoneer account than how much total amount will be deducted and which time?
    5. Payoneer is free or not?
    6. At the time of cashing minimum amount of 200% dollars from my Payoneer ATM how much fee will be charged?

    Will be thankful for positive response. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, you will be able to get 80% verified PayPal account if you follow the instructions from the video link above in the article. You have only $500 limit on withdrawing your funds from your PayPal account to your Payoneer card. So, be careful about the limit otherwise your article may get banned and they will need the rest of 20% verification from you like your ID card, Phone verification and more..

      By the way, Payoneer card is not free you have to pay yearly fees and activation fees of $29 + $29 = $58. ATM fees is $3. Hope you understand.

  68. AOA. Bro i have my payoneer card with me and i am trying to link my card with paypal but it is not linking.. the details, card number, expiry date and code ore correct. have tried number of times but no change. billing address is same fake one. what should i do… is there something wrong what i am doing…
    please respond.

    1. Hi @Omer,

      Well, if you notice that I’ve added a banner in the middle of article that says “PayPal account in Pakistan Watch 100% Working video”. So, what do you say about the video watch and let me know. Thanks for the comment by the way.

  69. sir i have 170$ in paypal account but when i request it to upgrade my neobux account then it says verify your account now plz tell what i can do with it i am in loss so plz help me…





    1. Don’t worry @Faraz, all you need to do is simply provide your verification documents to Payoneer team and ask them which web address are they asking for or maybe the web address field would be (optional) did you notice that. Yes as a Freelancer you tell them the freelancing platform that you use to make money and they will create your the card that contains the logo of the freelancing company like this. > Payoneer Debit Card with $25 BONUS





    1. Sorry, for late reply because I was busy enough. And the answers of your questions are:

      1. You can use the Faysal Bank ATM, Bank Alfalah, MCB, SCB, ATM (100% working)
      2. Yes, the 2 fees will be deducted from your account once you deposit in it and the other Withdrawal fees will be deducted whenever you try to make withdraw.

      Thanks for waiting. That’s all.

  72. i have made my paypal account, and verified it but, when i received my payoneer account and i activated my payoneer account, after a day my paypal account was limited, they said they have seen unusual activity of linking a card, but i didn’t linked any card or even try to link a card to paypal and now they are asking for photo id and proof of address to remove the limitation.
    what should i do know, i can’t create another account because i can’t remove my bank account from there. Please help anyone… 🙁

  73. Dear Muhammad Haroon

    I read your forum you are such so kind. I am facing some trouble, i hope you can help me. I registered my payoneer account few days ago but i made a mistake to put my user name wrong when i was logging in. Therefore my account has been blocked showing error # MA-104. I contacted payoneer customer service, they asked me about my employer and few pics of my National ID Card so i have sent them these information but they haven’t any response. Please guide me about the right way as soon you could.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Syed Abid Hussain

    1. Thank you for commenting @Syed Abid. But I’m not able to respond you regarding this query because if Payoneer is not responding you then how can I solve your problem even though you don’t have a Payoneer card. Can you please wait for Payoneer representative response so I can better assist you.

      Muhammad Haroon

  74. Hi Brother, thanks for your reply, i just wanna ask you what is the good way to communicate with their customer service center. I contact with them again today, they are still saying that your request is under process and ‘ll be answering within 4 business days.

    And if i ask you for any other Money Ex-changer from Paypal as well Payoneer. Hope you can understand that my work is being suffer due to this. Please help me

  75. sir me ne payoneer card bi recv kya aor paypal acount bi banaya ,likin ab yaha to verified nazar nahi araha,me ne apke tariqa kar pe acont banaya hy ,to ab kya masla hy

  76. Hello Haroon Bro, I have a question for you that I think is much more important for all. I tried to withdraw funds from my paypal to my payoneer account and received an email by payoneer after 2 days that I have a pending US payment. But payoneer want me to verify my ID. Now, I am confused for previous 4 days and provided them my National ID card for verification but they are not responding me.

    Do you have any idea about this issue? Am I on the right path? Kindly help me regarding this issue. Waiting for your comments.


    1. Hi @Umair,

      It is the verification process of Payoneer and don’t worry about your funds, because after verification completed the Payoneer will fund your account if they didn’t find any fraudulent acts like Name, birthday and the last thing your National ID card number.

      Thank you for commenting such an appreciated comment.

  77. hey thanks for the info . can you please tell me that how can i transfer money from my paypal . i have payoneer debit card i want to transfer money through paypal . how can i do ??

  78. bhai me ne 2 bhar payoneer card issue krya likhan wo mila nehi me ne post office bhi petya kya ha likhan nehi ha me kya krooo

  79. SALAM

  80. hello. yaar mene payoneer per account banaya or master card b bil gay ahai mujhe . per jab me paypal ka account payoneer se link ker raha ho bank account or routing number se to wo yeh error de raha hai …… Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later. ….. koi batae me kya kero k link hojae account se

  81. Bhi mera paypal account payoneer say verify nai ho rha. Abi sirf wo 40% show kr rha hay. Mera aik dost U.S.A hota hay agr mai us ka mobile number add karoon to jo wo code meray dost k mobile pay baijain gay agr wo code mai us say lay kr apnay account mai add kr loon kya is tarah ho sakta hay? Agr ho sakta hay to account verification 60% show ho jy ge kya is ko verified account kha jy ga?

  82. my paypal account is limited it ask me to give ssn verification , photo id , and utility bill for payment proof can u help me please how to sort out this kind of problem …. by account limitaion i can not be able to send or receive money please help me regarding this method

  83. Assalam u alaikum!
    ADMIN I have a few questions.
    1. Jb mera PAYPAL account verify ho jaye ga to mein us mein se cashout kese krwa sakun ga?
    2. Why is PAYPAL better than PAYZA?
    3. Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card Pakistan k kon kon se BANK mein chale ga?
    Plz answer.

    1. Cool! Walaikum Salam bhai!

      1. When your PayPal gets completely verified then you will be able to transfer funds from PayPal to Payoneer bank (That you can use via your Card).
      2. PayPal is world no#1 online banking system that every website prefer to receive funds from and there are least number of online websites who accept Payza (that’s why Payza is not better than PayPal)
      3. The banks ATMs that supports Payoneer MasterCard Card are: Bank Alfalah, SCB, MCB, SAAMBA.

      Answered 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Muhammad Haroon

      1. Thanks man!!!
        But I still dont get it why people do so much effort to get VERIFIED PayPal account. And most of the sites I have seen accept PAYZA alongwith PayPal… I wonder is there any FEES difference between the two… like PayPal charges less fee then PAYZA… If it is so that Paypal withdrawal fees is low than PAYZA, then plz let me know!! Thanks again and dont forget to answer my question plz.

  84. Hello ! I Just made payoneer account few days ago and i’m having a problem into my account. When anybody send money to me so get error to sender that recipient id is invalid. Please resolve to this matter. Look forward to hearing back soon from you.

    1. Well, this is TRENDING question and appreciate it.

      Answer: In order to receive card to card transfer from your friends, you have to get paid from one of Payoneer whitelisted US companies like PAYPAL, Skrill, and AMAZON online. Nobody can send you payment unless you get paid from US company (ONLY NEW ACCOUNT HOLDERS WHO Didn’t paid their yearly fees).

      Thanks for commenting this question. Appreciated.

      Kind regards,
      Muhammad Haroon

      1. Thanks I read the SKRILL article it worked for me. I have successfully funded my Payoneer Thanks @Muhammad Haroon bhai I love your site 😀

  85. hi bro
    many 3 saal sy paypal use kar raha hn mery pas 2 account hain eik verify or eik non verify
    bro per mera non verify account limited ho gaya ha or verify account meri ip sy open nh ho raha ha koi hal bta sakty ho ? agar ma vpn use karun to open ho jata ha 🙁
    Ab ma try kar raha hn ky new paypal bana kar new payoneer card mangwa lon dost ky address per kya ap bta sakty ho ky ab verify ho jaye ga kun ky many suna ha ab paypal verify nh kar raha ha ???

      1. Assalam Alaikum bro…
        much appreciated your work, bro i have payoneer card and i want to make a paypal account, can i verify it through my payoneer card or not? if no, do you know any alternative? pls help

  86. Hi bro, much appreciated your detailed article on this much awaited issues by Pakis. Bro i Do have a payoneer card, and i want to have a paypal account, so can i have it by putting information of My payoneer card? you mentioned above in reply to one visitor that Paypal is not accepting any payoneer card onwards, is it really true? if yes, then is there any alternate method to have a paypal account? thanks once again for this helpful work

  87. I have a payoneer master debit card and currently I am earning money online. How can I withdraw that money here in Pakistan ? Let me know, if you have any idea about it.. Thanks

    1. You can use your Payoneer MasterCard in the following Banks ATMs in Pakistan:

      – Bank Alfalah
      – Standard Chartered Bank
      – Samba Bank
      – MCB bank.

      Kind regards,
      Muhammad Haroon

  88. I received payoneer card but I lost it’s cover and everything which includes in envelop. Can I still activate it?

      1. if your envelop is then don’t worry. Card activation does not require any thing in the envelop. just login to your account and click on activate card it just ask you the information on the card that it.

  89. Dear Haroon

    can i put my real name and my real email ID with fake USA Address when i creat a paypal account.
    Please advice me accordingly,


  90. i have a payoneer card but i listen that paypal can’t accepting payoneer card then how can i use this card plz tell me

  91. Hey, i want to shop on ebay using my payoneer account, but since it only accepts paypal, would i be able to use my payoneer card on ebay after i verify my paypal account with it?

      1. Hello! I wanted to ask if this method is still applicable because i tried doing it and paypal wont let me link mypayoneer account to paypal account. It sent me an email telling me that they dont allow virtual accounts to be linked to paypal. Am I doing something wrong?

  92. Paypal no longer accepts Payoneer and US Payment Service that is connected to Payoneer, Paypal does not even accept Skrill or Payza, so basically we Pakistanis are stuck and cornered for the use of selling and buying on Ebay as most of the sellers only accept Paypal.
    I hope we find a new way of getting a Paypal account soon.

  93. Hello there.

    I am looking for an american paypal verified with payoneer bank account which was done before 2015. When paypal was accpeting payoneer US payment servicr.I want to purchase it along with payoneer debit card. If any body serving or selling it. If it is limited doesn’t matter i will accept

    I will give a very good rate if any body want to sell to me.

    Contact with me or comments on reply to my post

  94. yes this is easy to learn but i have a question that can i use paypal account in pakistan that is verified from uk or usa

  95. Assalam-o-alaikum

    Paypal verified nahi ho raha hain is liye Skrill use karna parega. but agar koye Payment send karna chahyea to os ko Skrill ID send karna parega… Kiya money sender ko be Skrill account ki zaroorat hogi. mean wo Money Skrill se he send karega. I don’t understand. Please help and send answer on [email protected]

  96. Thanks for the Great info.
    Is USA address mandatory for getting paypal account via payoneer in Pakistan? If I want to avoid fake address & ph No. of USA, can I utilize the address, phone No and bank account of my brother living in saudi arabia, for getting paypal account in Pakistan? (I think paypal is operating in saudi arabia)

    1. USA is not required; however, Payoneer is banned by PayPal. So finding another option such as a VBA will work.

  97. Dear Sir

    Sir I create a Paypal account using Payoneer Master Card by following your instructions. But now i have a problem. I received a payment of $155 and now my payment is pending from last 7 days. Paypal is asking about phone Identify so please tell me how can i get my money bro.

  98. What info need to Add funds in my own account from my account
    1-Payoneer Card number
    2-Routing number
    3-Account number in payoneer Account

  99. Hi Haroon! I’m applying for Payoneer . When it comes to submit national ID #, it does not accept it & says to fill a valid Id. while I’m filling my correct & valid ID #. Can you help Me please?

  100. MR Haroon i hve my payoneer card and i am unable to link my bank account to it , plz help me to sort out this.

  101. Would it be advised to buy a PayPal account from Auction Essistance due to the restrictions on Pakistan?

  102. Asslam-O-Alikum
    Sir, my Paypal account require phone approval and cannot open in new browser.
    I make Paypal with fake address and fake phone number with help of Fake name genreter website.
    Now what can i do.
    Please help me sir.

  103. bhae mra account already 60% hi main ne jb attach a bank kua hi na to onho ne kha k hm amount send krenge to bhae ap Yeh batae jo amount onho ne send krni hi woh kha put krni hi payoneer me ya paypal

  104. Dear sir i have Paypal account with US address and phone number. Its showing upto 60%. It has USDs too i have payooneer card but unable to attach with paypal. I tried to attach but it fails and now its not attaching. i again applied payooneer and received now one but problem is still there.
    Both cards and paypal acct are on the same name. plz your help is required.

  105. Sorry Sir Muhammad Haroon i posted a comment above but i got the answer as (this method no longer works).
    So plz tell us any other solution.

  106. I am successfully using a USA PayPal account from Auction Essistance, but my only issue is trying to cash out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  107. bro i have payoneer master card but when i want to pay on online paid job sites it give error ?? they say try another card why ???? i have 200 dollars in my card :/

  108. harron bhai mene payoneer par account bnaya hai lekin us me us payment service ki jaga global payment service arha hai to ap bta skte hai kese verify karao account

  109. please tell me freelancer.com pay work data entry karna chahti hun lekin won aik mahinay 100 free bids detay hain paypal account verified attach karnay par agar men paypal account seekh ka verified kar kay attach karlu freelaner pay aur aik mahhinay men kam na maila to free bids milni band hojayen gi aur woh kehtay hain us kay bad fund deposity karna hoga woh men nahin kar sakti mujha mashwara dain ka men paypal account acitivtae kar kay agar 10o free bids milay par agar mujhy kam na mila to me kiy a me payapl men dusri id bhai ki add kar kay bhai kay nam say freelancer account bana kar kam karun to kiya woh yeh nahin dekh lain kay yeh paypal account asal men farah nam sa hay aur kiay woh is wajah sa mera bhai wala freelanceraccoutn band nahin kar dain gay kyun kay woh allow nahin kartay kay paypal account koi bahan bahi use karay

  110. Hi,
    I created paypal account using fake number but now they are asking to send me code on that number to login to my account. What is solution?

  111. well this does not work anymore. If you put First Century Bank Routing number, they will tell you it’s banned already. And you cannot fake an SSN even if you have given a fake address – this update is of 7/30

  112. helo sir A.o.A
    sir main abu dhabi main hun kya main yahan sy apnay payoneer card main money transfer kr sakta hun jo k pakistan main hay

  113. how to connect paypal with payoneer i have followed the steps written above but dont know wether it is connected or not?

  114. Dear i need your help i want to link my payoneer card to my paypal account and i want to verify my paypal account from phone no can you do some thing regarding this for me?

  115. I have a verified paypal account, but each time I transfer money from my paypal account to payoneer, it requires phone verification, as my account is from USA so I can’t bypass this method.
    What method do you prefer for solving this problem Haroon? Let me know as you read my message.

  116. Hay M.Haroon!
    how are you buddy 🙂
    i have some question , i have just create my conform my payoneer bank with paypal , all thing are done (phone,address,email,bank conformed) let me know here is paypal still remove my bank ??? is this payoneer bank(current bank… some thing like this) not the remove any case ??? is it legal ???
    reply me fast

  117. i have activated payoneer account but its not getting linked with paypal. they said we are unable to process you card registration right now. what’s the reason.

  118. hi.buddy i applied for Payoneer card but i didn’t received credit card yet.can you get payoneer card for me please.
    your quick response will be appreciable…

  119. Would it be a good idea to buy a USA PayPal from Auction Essistance? I am in desperate need to accept payments, but have no way of getting paypal in Pakistan.

  120. Heye bro, am having pioneer card now what can i do fo making paypal,
    Am asking for paypal coz i wanna order online shopping, if i would recieve the things i ordered in Pakistan?

  121. I will rigestered payoneer account now i will wait for 25 days.
    you’r adres you give in the top then we go to this when i will get the payoneer card

  122. Bro, I have only one question, actually I was using my brother’s paypal (was living in Dubai), and then he moved to UK and then suddenly I saw in paypal that ‘card is expired, please update your card’ I contacted my brother but he was unable to extend his card as he is now in UK, not UAE, so with your method I simply LINK MY ACTIVE PAYONEER card and fortunately it worked very fine.

    One more thing: My Payoneer card’s shipping address is : PAKISTAN (not UAE) (I am still wondering why paypal did not check it?, any problem in future, if yes please do let me know)

    My question is: CAN I USE PAYONEER BANK’S DETAIL IN PAYPAL IN ORDER TO WITHDRAW FUNDS IN CARD OR BANK? Please answer me, looking forward.


  123. need ur big help plz i have already made a paypal account but cant veriying i am just sending u facebook link plz verify my account

  124. Hi ….. i already have a payoneer card and i make a paypal account too but there is some problem with my paypal account … they give me a notification of confirmation and I don’t know what to do … and i forget the wrong id that i gave too …. I don’t understand how to link both accounts….. can u plz help me how to connect them and what i have to do….

    1. Screwed up situation i guess…and paypal dont work with payooner…if you have to pay on facebook, freelance etc then use UBL Wiz Internet card…this is the best and you can get a Wiz card in 10 minutes, just visit any UBL bank branch. Chao…

  125. hello Brother! Which one is the best bank in pakistan that i have to choose for payoneer sign up? that accuratly issue payoneer card exact in 25 days


  126. hello i just verifed my paypal with Payoneer Virtual Bank Account But When i try To Send money They Ask For Text Phone Conformation How i handle this. I use Fake Name Generator For Paypal Account and Also Use Fake Number. How Bypass The Verification.

  127. I have a verified paypal account and a payoneer card. But I cannot connect my card to the paypal account, becuase payoneer’s address belongs to Pakistan and paypal information shows data of some american city

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