How to Turn BuddyPress ‘Activity’ into Facebook-style Wall

This article is for WordPress BuddyPress users, in which I’m going to show them about how they can turn their BuddyPress Activity components into Facebook-style Wall. It’s a good idea to transform BuddyPress Activity components into Facebook-style wall. This will allow others users of your BuddyPress site to share their posts, like, comments, etc. I know, it’s not that bad idea definitely.

BuddyPress Wall

All you need to do is to install and activate BuddyPress Wall WordPress plugin in your blog if you want to turn your BuddyPress Activity components in to an activity stream much like Facebook Wall. The members can post status, updates and reply on each other’s walls. Can mark the status updates as favorite and unfavorite module of BuddyPress to a Facebook “I Like/Unlike” system. Now, you can change and add a new comment system like Facebook.

BuddyPress wall and turn it to Facebook-style wall

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