How to Import and Export Widgets in WordPress

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Import and export feature help us to get anything setup quickly rather than cloning that thing again by copying and pasting. The import and export feature will directly give us the option to make backup of an existing data of anything that you want and import that backup wherever you were planning to.

In this way, I’ve found a very great way to import and export widgets in WordPress. Those who are using plenty of widgets in their blogs, and setting up those widgets again would be a time-consuming task. So, rather than wasting time with widgets, we gonna simply export those widgets and import them all at once.

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Importing and Exporting Widgets in WordPress

All you have to do is to install Widget Importer & Exporter WordPress plugin in your blog. It is useful for moving widgets from one WordPress site to another, backing up widgets and for theme developers to provide users with sample widgets. To use this plugin go to Tools > Widget Import/Export.

Widget Importer & Exporter WordPress

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