15 Best Video Calling Android apps in 2019

It is easier than ever to access an internet connection with 3G and 4G technology today. It is evident that video calling apps are on a high rise for smartphones where users enjoy full features to use video chat features as well.

Over 10 years ago, video chat apps were not a success due to poor technology and designs. However, with efficient use and compression algorithms combined with high-speed connectivity, there are changed situations of video chats.

The following are the 15 Best Video Calling Android apps that will enable users to carry out face-to-face conversations at any time and place. Since there are various choices out there, here is a handpicked selection of 15 Best Video Calling Android apps in 2019 that you ought to consider.

Best Video Calling Android apps in 2019


If you are not smitten away by common apps like Facebook and prefer to keep things a little on the down-low, it is best if you give WeChat a try. This app has an ever-increasing user-base and enables you to connect with family and friends from across the globe.

This all-in-one app is excellent for video calling primarily, but also has options like voice calls, chats, sharing pictures and so forth. You’ll be able to enjoy high-quality video calls from any location in the world.

It does not have restrictions that can deter your video experience and there are no lags per se. overall, the app also gives you a high level of control over your privacy options as it is certified by TRUSTe. Users also have an option to share pictures on their personal stream. It is localized to over 20 different languages and is great to individualize experiences.

Download | WeChat – Video Calling APK for PC


After being a top-rated messaging service, it was high time that WhatsApp transition to a video calling feature. It is a cross-platform app that has millions of users on board. With the addition of the video calling service and highly compliant service, it is likely that WhatsApp is one of the most used video calling service that is compatible with a multitude of devices.

In addition, the voice call and video call features are free of charge. Users can also share images, documents, and so much more while their video calling needs are fulfilled. WhatsApp can also be installed on your computer, though the video calling option will be available from your smartphone only. With great customization such as ringtones and wallpapers, the app is a leading favorite.

Download | WhatsApp – Video Calling APK for PC


This is a millennial app as people call it because users have options to share their daily lives and add captions, filters, edits, tweak settings, and so forth. Instagram is a way to share your lifestyle and allows accounts to feel updated to what you do through the picture or video posts. The main feature that we are interested in is the messaging interface.

The new feature of video calling allows there to be 4 users at one time. There is simply so much multi-tasking that you can that it is an excellent option to let out messaging, posting, reading updates, and following news feeds that peak your interest.

Download | Instagram – Video Calling APK for PC


The app has reshaped the way communication was once considered in the Asian Pacific region and across the world for that matter. In addition to its messaging service, its video calling and audio calling services are streamlined.

One can chat with over 200 members in a group chat. Features such as video calls at any time or place are a pro bono for people’s needs. The app is customizable as well and that is a huge pro-factor for people who like to user stickers and other aspects while using an app.

Download | Line – Video Calling APK for PC


Facebook is one of the most trusted social networking sites across the world. There are millions of users across the globe. It is likely that the messenger service was to gain traction as well because messenger can be used without a Facebook account too.

You simply need to log in using your phone number and find friends and other users. It works across most devices and operating systems and there are no time restrictions to international connections. It does have some art effects with videos and pictures that you can share with your connections. Lastly, the video calling option is instant and utilizable.

Download | Messenger – Video Calling APK for PC


IMO is a pretty simple video calling app for android users. As such, it is quite freely accessible for users to make video calls via cellular services or WiFi and it is accessible to all smartphone users who fall under the android domain.

There is end-to-end encryption for messages and videos. Options also in include video-group calls along with regular features like stickers and sending images. It consumes minimum data via voice and video calls. It is a great app for users who prefer a simplistic design and aim to get their video calling needs in order.

Download | IMO – Video Calling APK for PC


Viber was launched in 2013 and was a popular service in the days. While there are multiple options today, Viber still supports 11 million downloads and it has cool and unique features. It is a cross-platform app and has many features on the devices that it supports.

There are free international video call options. The emoji option is eye-catching and there are specialized stickers that are added to the text. You can also hide your messaging screen for privacy purposes that can be a priority you aim to fulfill. Automatic encryption helps secure video calls, texts and so forth.

Download | Viber – Video Calling APK for PC

Google Duo

In 2018, Google Duo made it to the best chat apps in 2018. The app is simple to use, you need to login and verify your number, make quick video calls, and the interface is as simple as a button. Cross-platform functionality is a pro and you can check the user who wants to call you. It is fast and uses less data regardless of the connection you use. The user interface is simple as opposed to a few other options on the list.

Download | Google Duo – Video Calling APK for PC


Skype is present for over a decade now, and as such, it does need any introduction. While the interface has been updated, there are plenty of features and design-changes that helps users make the fullest of the video calling feature. It works with a wide range of devices.

Essentially, it works well with businesses as well where you can connect with mobile numbers and landline too. If you prefer to call at low rates to landlines across the world, this is one of the best options our there as well. Video calling is a primary feature and you can use it to contact anyone across the globe free of charge.

Download | Skype – Video Calling APK for PC


Tango has picked up pace as far as the number of users is concerned. There is a 400 million-user base and it is one of the best video calling apps this generation has seen. It supports high-quality calls where users can also network and live stream to their networks. You can easily switch between voice and video during a call. In addition, you can add friends, subscribe to sources, receive newsfeed options and keep updated with a timeline.

Download | Tango – Video Calling APK for PC


Hangouts is backed up by Google and it is your go-to option if you’d like to stick to a reliable brand like google. You can connect with as many as 9 people at once. It supports android and IOS users as well. Group chats are commonly shared with up to 150 people and a video call can be supported for up to 10 people. It is integrated with other services such as phone calls, SMS services, and voicemail as well.

Download | Hangouts – Video Calling APK for PC


Many teenagers typically support snapchat due to the popularity of the service. it supports stories that publish photos and videos. You can start visual parties on snapchat alone. It makes sense to use it for video calling due to the closely-knit group of people you have on your list.

It is best to express yourself with friends and family. Overall, snapchat beats apps that do not have high popularity among the youth. Also, many social media stars like Kylie Jenner and Jared Leto use the app that increases its popularity and attracts users.

Download | Snapchat – Video Calling APK for PC


Hala is a near-perfect app to video call friends and family. It is easily available on the Google Play Store and you can expect good video and audio quality. It has secured communications and automatically encrypts messages, photos, and videos. An attractive feature it the editing and effects that you can use during video calls.

Download | Hala – Video Calling APK for PC


It is a free high-quality app that caters to HD quality video and voice quality. It is pretty simple, reliable, and a treat to users who prefer a secure platform. You can also incorporate the Boomerang Web Call, which lets users create a web link and include video calls.

Download | JusTalk – Video Calling APK for PC


This is a fast and multifaceted messaging app to communicate with family and friends with over 150 million users. It is a quick and reliable service. it has free video calling options for worldwide communication. The app also has exciting services like voice filters with sound effects such as Ben’s voice and Talking Tom.

Download | KakaoTalk – Video Calling APK for PC

This was the list of 15 best video calling android apps in 2019. Video calling apps above are the best options available online. With great competition, there are a number of emerging, and some established apps on the market. Video calling apps aim to add innovative features along the course and there are great features for individuals and organizations to make the best use out of them.

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