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Viber Messenger file details:

App Developer Viber Media S.? r.l.
App Updated January 19, 2022
APK Version
Category Communication
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 107.27 MBs
File Name com.viber.voip_16-8-0-5.apk

What is Viber?

Viber is an instant messaging service that allows its users make voice calls and video calls to your family and friends and also lets you send instant texts that too with the multimedia attached to them and free of cost.

In some parts of the Viber is considered as the most popular app for instant messaging but has always been shadowed by other apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

Viber is known to be the key player in the market with as it has over 1 billion users. It uses your mobile number to identify you on the network and allows you to communicate using VoIP for free bypassing your mobile carrier.

Viber also houses a cool feature called as Viber Out which lets its users call non Viber people on their smart phone or landline on cheaper VoIP rates. Viber app can be found on all the platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Features of Viber app

If you are interested in exploring the things this app has and what features does it house then no worries. We have here a list of cool features possessed by Viber that makes it unique itself and also compels people to use it, and that is reason behind its 1 billion users.

In the list we have described the features of this app that will help you know this app more and in a better way and make the most of it.

Here you are!

Smart notifications

You will receive all the notifications that are sent to you by your friend or a family member even when texts are sent continuously.

If these continuous notification are annoying or distracting you then all you need to do is turn on the smart notification option and leave it all Viber.

Enabling this feature will combine all messages into a single notification instead of being rung every time you receive even a single text.

All you need to do is go into the person’s chat for which you want to enable the smart notifications for and just swipe left. Click on the smart notification option to enable it.

Switch between convos quickly

If you are talking to a lot of people in real time and need to switch between the conversations quickly then rather than going to the main app’s page for every single time you want to switch between the convos do the following thing instead.

All you need to do is enter any chat room of your previous conversations, and swipe to the right of your device screen. Here you will see all the active chat rooms and you can easily just tap on a group or friend’s name to switch between the chats.

Block and unblock contacts

If you see someone in your Viber contact that you would not like to be contacted from, then you can simply put them in your block list to prevent them from contacting you.

The people in your block list will not be able to text you or have a conversation with you or even call you on Viber.

Hide seen and active status

If you are someone who likes to keep everything private and does not want people to know when you were active last time or if you are online or not and also if you don’t want people to see if you have seen their texts or not then no need to worry.

These features can easily be disabled from the settings so you get more privacy.

Turn off light screen for texts

If you don’t like having your Android device screen turning on every single time you receive a new Viber notification, you can disable it.

By enabling this feature the screen of your smart phone will no more light up when you receive any notification from Viber.

To enable this feature simply go to the Settings by tapping on the Navicon icon and click on the Notification after that. Here you will find the light “screen for messages” option and simply untick it.

Doodle on any picture

With Viber you can doodle on any photo that is present in your Android smart phone. No matter where the picture came from, either you received from a friend on Viber or click a snap from the camera of your smart phone, you will still be able to the Viber Doodle feature on any of the photos in your phone.

You can play with the brushes and colors or even change to a different photo. Once you are done doodling on the photo, you can also send that pic to any of your friend on Viber.

Change Wi Fi Sleep policy

Viber always keeps the Wi Fi on your smart phone on in order to prevent you from going offline and missing out on any important notifications, by default.

If you prefer it to follow the default sleep policy your device is set to, we have the steps for you. Follow these steps to change the Wi Fi sleep policy.

All you need to do is go to the Settings by clicking on the Navicon icon present on the main page of the app. Click on the General and then tap on Wi Fi sleep policy and finally get to the Use device’s settings and click on it.

Quick features

  • You can start a secret chat and set a self-destruct timer by which the texts sent will be deleted from the recipient’s phone after they have read it and the timer has timed out.
  • You can send emoticons and also GIFs from the wide range of GIFs provided by the Viber.
  • Spice up your conversations with a variety of useful Chat Extensions including easy access to your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more.
  • You can create a group chat including friends, family members or even you coworker for up to 250 group members.
  • Viber is fully synced to your computer and laptop. You can see all your messages and calls, and chat with them directly from your desktop or Android tablet.

Viber Messenger APK

Viber Messenger APK v16.8.0.5File Size: 107.27 MBs

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