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App Developer Snap Inc
App Updated February 11, 2024
APK Version
Category Social
Android Version Required Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 106.17 MBs
File Name com.snapchat.android_12-73-0-40.apk

Snapchat is an internationally famous photo messaging application that allows you to send videos and images that fade after a particular amount of time.? This android app was launched in the year 2011 and is a common approach for young individuals to communicate using beyond the written form of text.

By way of Snapchat, you can send snaps to numerous friends at one time or add them to your stories, a news feed of the snaps they have freshly posted that can be viewed by each and every individual who follows them. You can also send private messages, and make video and voice calls.

Snapchat's leading rivals are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram which have freshly added features identical to those in disappearing messages application. For instance, Facebook and Instagram now have Stories segments, whilst WhatsApp allows you to draw over images.

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat is easily accessible on iOS mobile phones and android. After you have downloaded this wonderful app you can make use of following features:

  • Add your contacts thru swiping down from home screen.
  • Take a photo with image capture button as well as a video through holding it down.
  • After that, edit it through swiping right and left, and with side buttons.
  • You can also send it to a particular person.
  • Swipe right from your home screen to chat with pals.
  • Swipe on the left side from your screen to access your stories and friends, afterwards left again for the curated discovered segment.

A Few Hidden Features

You can also try these hidden features to make your snaps more unique and fantastic.

Trim Your Snap with Emoji

In case you wish to decorate your snaps though believe the default multi-colored pen is somewhat dull, you can utilize emoji mark tool. You only need to select pen tool after you have captured a snap then choose emoji that displays below color box. Select the symbol you want to draw with and start inscription.

Use Many Filters On A Single Snap

In case you wish to apply multiple filters to your snap, like two geo-filters, you can do this through adding first filter through swiping left. After that, hold one finger on your screen and putdown with other to choose a second one.

Add Special Face Effects To Other Individuals

Snapchat recently added a number of face effects, just like adding glasses to selfies that utilize face recognition. You can now put these effects on other individual's faces. Point this towards an individual and hold on their face. A cartridge of effects will display at the end of the screen next to capture key. Scroll from side to side and see different add-ons.

Make Your Emoji More Interactive

You can also put Emoji within videos as live stuffs. Once you edit a video select an emoji and, to position it within video, hold down on screen wherein you wish it to keep on. It will ascribe itself to a surface and move with the video. For instance, sunglasses placed on someone's eyes will move as they move.

Make Use Of Bigger Letters

Snapchat's lettering is small by default. In order to access bigger letters, double tap on "T" while editing your snap.

Capture A Screenshot Without Your Pals Knowing

Position your cell phone on airplane mode and open Snapchat. View your snap and capture a screenshot, after that, log out of Snapchat. Turn off airplane mode and reopen Snapchat. You'll get a screenshot without any irksome notifications.

Stir Up Old Filters

Snapchat brings back latest filters on regular basis, every time eliminating older ones. You can still get older lenses through reverting to a preceding version of app.

Zoom While Capturing A Video

Move your finger on the screen as you capture a video and it will zoom in. Move back your finger to zoom out.

Use Lesser Amount Of Data And Battery

Snapchat is an ardent user of both battery life and data. In order to restrict its wolfing, you can switch to in-built "Travel Mode", which saves your data by way of stopping stories and messages from downloading automatically.

Create Your Very Own Stickers

In order to create your own stickers, capture a snap or upload one. After that, tap on scissor icon displayed on the screen. Choose new sticker tool and draw a circle around that particular area you wish to create a sticker from. It will save to your library thus you can add it to your snaps later. You can easily opt for all these aforementioned features by way of downloading Snapchat on your android device.? For download link, simply visit

Snapchat APK

Snapchat APK v12.73.0.40File Size: 106.17 MBs

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