15 Best Bigo Live Alternative Apps in 2021

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BIGO LIVE is a mobile application for streaming live videos in order to enjoy real-life interaction. This app works on Android and iOS devices. Using this app, it is now easier easy to have live chat with over 200 million people from more than 150 countries and make them friends.

Although, Bigo Live is one of the best live streaming apps, there are also its alternative apps available for Android devices, having some unique features.

You can download BIGO Live APK and BIGO Live for PC here.

Bigo Live Alternative apps in 2020

The modern era is the age of science and technology. We can make hundreds of friends through our social networks and it has become easier since BIGO LIVE alternative apps have been launched. After thorough analysis, we have gathered around a list of top 15 Bigo Live alternative apps you will love to use. Let’s have a look at them:


Live.me is a video chat app launched by Live.me Broadcast. This app is really addictive and easy to use. With this app, you can reach around 25 million users from over 85 countries in the world. Now you can stream and share your moments with your loved ones and make live audio and video calls. Live.me also lets you join their community and in return, you may get paid for doing the things you love.

You can not only stream videos and have live chats with people but also invite your friends for earning virtual cards and later on convert those cards into a real cash amount.

This application lets you enjoy the private chat as well so that all your information is encrypted. Before starting, all you need to do is register with your email or Facebook ID. Follow the link to download this app now.

Download | Live.me – live stream video chat APK for PC


Here is another Bigo Live alternative app known as Periscope. You can explore and broadcast the new world with this app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms, and you may get access to it anywhere. You will not feel bored anymore as with the help of this app, you can meet a lot of new people to share things and make the moments memorable.

Periscope is a fast and simple broadcast live video streaming application which can interact with people through comments. The app also gives you an option to follow your favorite broadcasters so that you can see their live activities. Even if you missed watching any of your live favorite videos, Periscope can show you the video highlights. There is a lot more to discover through the app. Follow the link to download this app now.

Download | Periscope – Live Video APK for PC


Uplive is a social live streaming app which permits you to make new friends in your current area as well as around the world. It is the app which can bring different people in one place and let them enjoy their sharings. The users join this app from different countries including Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam as well. Furthermore, more than 5000 part-time hosts and supermodels approach the app to make it more interesting for the users.

Live stream, sharing short videos, messaging, and creating communities are all the prominent features of Uplive. But you will have to sign up to start live streaming.

Download | Uplive – Live Video Streaming App APK for PC


Are you getting bored? Have you got frustrated with your loneliness? Paltalk will not let you feel alone anymore. Yes, Paltalk app can get you in live video chat rooms where you can meet new friends. It is a social media community where different people send voice notes, video clips and messages.

Paltalk offers many advanced features like adaptable and dynamic private or public chat rooms where you can send and receive sticker and gifts to the ecosystem of the app having different looks of pop characters you love to see. You may also make your own chat groups and add your favorite users in the group.

Download | Paltalk – Free Video Chat APK for PC


StreamKar app was launched by Tipping Point Technology. It allows you to enjoy video chat and make special friends. From real-time interaction to live video streaming, this application permits be a member of Live Video Fun and enjoy playing games with players all over the world. It is a social mobile platform where you can show your talent.

Download | StreamKar – Live Video Stream & Broadcasting APK for PC


Tango is a simple networking application, offering an awesome combination of messaging, live streaming and video calling. The interesting thing about Tango is that all the features are free of cost and works on all Android devices including tablets. Tango has got more than 350 million users from all over the world who love sharing millions of things daily.

Like Bingo Live stream, Tango also enables you to stream videos, tv and live video. You may also send and receive messages, voice notes, videos, images and all the stuff you want to share with new friends.

Download | Tango – Free Video Call & Chat APK for PC


Here is another alternative for Bigo Live chat – YouStar Live chat app. With this app, you can join a video chat place where you are also allowed to make your own fun community. This app also works on Android and iOS devices.

YouStar gives you a new online social life where you have an opportunity to showcase your talents with other people. YouStar makes sure that all the chats are encrypted and your personal data and information are secure. Enjoy streaming with new friends.

Download | YouStar – Video Chat Room APK for PC


Streamago app, launched by Doctor SARL, is a live video streaming app which allows you to go online and send voice to any of your favorite friends. This app also enables you to switch between private and public chat. The unique feature of Streamago is that you can also share your live streaming video on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

There are some other advanced features of Streamago such as zoom in and out function, double-tap function to switch from front camera to back, blocking mode and much more.

Download | Streamago Live Video Streaming APK for PC


U Live is another similar app to Bigo Live alternative app. It is an easy-to-use video stream and chats application which allows you to share high-quality images and videos. The plus point of this app is its scheduling feature which you can use to post any video or image on your best schedule.

Furthermore, you can join the chat community is anonymous so no one can have access to your personal information. You may send emojis, stickers and much other stuff without showing your name and location.

Download | U LIVE – Video Chat & Stream APK for PC

OK, Live

Ok, Live is an Android and iOS Live video sharing platform where you can not only share your videos but also follow your broadcasters live videos. OK, Live is different from other Live stream apps in that it doesn’t require any registration or sign up.

You may directly enter the chat rooms and live streaming anonymously. It is one of the best Bigo Live alternative apps for Android and iOS because this app is ad-free, giving you a chance to create your own community without any ad disturbance.

Download | OK Live video livestreams APK for PC


If you love winning online gifts with great fun, this app might be entertaining for you. Love.ly offers you to watch ads and win free gifts. This social mobile application has millions of people, games, music, movies and a lot more. Unlike other apps, it allows you to edit tools as well as face masks.

You can discover new people through this app and win different gifts the app offers. This app is also the best for broadcasting and video chatting.

DownloadVideo Dating App & Free Chat – Love.ly APK for PC

Tamago Live

Tamago Live, launched by Asia Sports Ventures, enables you to broadcast or watch the live video anywhere throughout the universe. This app also gives you a chance to talk with famous celebrities and stream live videos. You can also follow your favorite one and get close to them by sharing messages, images, voice notes, and other online stuff.

Tamago live offers special features to university students to show their talents and earn money. It is an easy-to-use Live Video chat mobile app that brings the world audience to a single platform.

Download | Tamago APK for PC

MeMe Live

MeMe Live is another similar app to Bigo Live, launched by Next Entertainment Hong Kong Limited. Once you download it and start showing your talent to the world using this app, you will just get addicted to it. This app works in all the languages and supports all social media platforms as well.

Unlike other live-streaming apps, this app also allows you to use different filters and effects in order to deliver high-quality live video streaming. You may also discover the new people using MeMe Live Android and iOS application.

Download | MeMe Live Stream Video Chat & Make Friends APK for PC,


If you are looking for a Live video stream app supporting all languages, Vlink can be a perfect choice for your smartphone. This app offers language exchange specification with the native speakers on video call service.

Once you get the right language settings, you will love using the app. It is a completely free video and stream app, giving you the best experience of broadcasting without registration.

Download | Vlink – Free Video Chat APK for PC


Everyone wants enhanced and stunning broadcasting. BeLive is similar to Bigo Live, providing you with the best-ever streaming platform. The app will definitely make you an addictive broadcaster as it offers amazing features like voice changing functions, filters, and other magical tools. With this app, you are able to communicate with your fans directly and share your life experience with them.

Download | BeLive APK for PC


Discover the world with live stream and live video chat apps. Join the fun community or create your fun platform by downloading one of your favorite Bigo Live alternative apps in your device. Make new friends using the Live video chat and stream apps and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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