15 Best Android Launchers in 2021

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Android launcher apps allow the user to change the interface of their Android device. Once you download & install any of the following Android launchers, your mobile phone interface, functionality and features change according to your new android launcher.

A good android launcher allows the user to go beyond the regular interface options and have a variety of options available for their usage.

In this post, we will list 15 Android launchers in 2020 so that you can understand the market better.

Best Android Launchers in 2020

Action Launcher

Let’s begin with an oldie but a goodie. The Action Launcher is one of the veteran Android Launchers with an interface similar to an android interface. The additional features in the app are also available such as Quick theme, shutters, Android Oreo, icon pack support and various others.

The application provides regular updates and the app drawer can be configured by the user. The UI color of the wallpaper can also be customized by the user through a Quick theme. The application comes with a stock Android feel so that the interface is very familiar to the user.

Download | Action Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

ADW Launcher

The ADW Launcher had developer support issues last year that have been resolved. TheADWLauncher2.0 is a formidable app with a UI that is highly compatible with the stock Android. The app comes with launcher shortcuts that make the application use much easier.

The app also has customization options along with extensions and many other features that are top of the line. The app has an option that allows the user to customize their own widget and is quite modernistic in its implication.

The app launcher is highly regarded in the market and the main version is free. The Pro version is$3.49 for app-purchase but it is worth it if needed.

Download | ADW Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is an old app launcher that was one of the first ones in the market. The app is considered iconic in the industry and it also has a stock Android interface that is familiar to the user. The extra applications in the launcher are transition animation, scrolling options diversity and a scrolling icon dock.

The app also includes a theme engine that allows for changing the theme of Android. The app was initially antiquated but it has been thoroughly modernized in 2018 and has a much-refreshed feel now.

Download | Apex Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher came as a truly impressive app in 2016. Even though other apps have beaten it in excellence now, the app is still commendable in design. The app has a generic home screen but comes with customized shortcuts and various other customizable options.

The general android launchers do not have this much customization option. The icon sizes and app drawers can also be changed. This app is completely free and is the best free option in the market. The app also allows the user to keep their interface light and active.

Download | Evie Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is different from its counterparts in the market. It does not have a home screen at all, instead, it has a list of application that is packed with information. The result is that the user interface comes as a long list of recent messages from email, SMS, and social media sites, system info and recent news among many other things.

The paid version allows the user to integrate Telegram and other widgets with the interface. The outlook of the interface is strikingly different and should be kept in mind while buying the app.

Download | AIO Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher is a new android launch app that is an open-source project. It has taken its main inspiration from Pixel Launcher and has many features that resemble the Google Pixel Launcher. As Google Pixel Launcher is pretty well celebrated and out of reach for most, its feel can be experienced through this app.

The app has features such as android Oreo shortcuts, icon pack support, notification dots, Google Now integration and may other adaptive icons and customization features. The app is still in its beta stage and yet it has a much better user experience than its competitors. The app is completely free.

Lawnchair Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Lean Launcher

Lean Launcher is a new Android launcher app in the market with a user interface that is minimalist in nature. The app has many popular and modern features like notification dots, app shortcuts, Google Now and a wide range of customization features like tap to like and others.

The app is completely free at this time even though it may develop a price in coming years. Truth is, even though this is not a bad app, there are many better free apps available in the market.

Download | Lean Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is a celebrated new app in the market that is slightly heavy like Action and Nova and has a user experience similar to Lawnchair. The user interface is clearly stock in nature with a wide range of customization features that range from icon support, icon shape changer, theming elements, and similar classy features.

It will support the Google Feed but the app will have to be separately downloaded. It is considered poised to be one of the best in the market in the coming years.

Download | Hyperion Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Lighting Launcher

Lighting Launcher was initially a minimal android launcher. The app is now one of the most customizable apps in the market that is also exceptionally light. Android launchers are generally heavy apps but this one allows you to add other apps in your android as well.

The launcher has very high-quality features such as the option to have multiple home screens, scripting support for JavaScript, language packs, additional plugins and the option to highly customize the home screen.

Download APK | Lighting Launcher for PC

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a veteran app launcher in the market that is still the well-developed app available. It has many customizable features such as gesture support, the app theme customization option, the icon pack, theme pack, and many other options.

The app is highly well regulated so that no bugs are usually able to jam your android. The application also has consistent arrival of new features that keeps it highly competitive in the market.

Download | Nova Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher comes with the prestige of the brand, it used to known as the Arrow Launcher. The app was renamed by Microsoft in 2017 and has many Microsoft integration options such as their calendar, to-do list app, calendar, direct integration option with Microsoft PCs and other options.

It also has customization features and gesture control options. The rebranded app is still in the beta stage and may have some bugs.

Download | Microsoft Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Rootless Launcher

Rootless Launcher is a simplistic stock android launcher with a basic interface. The android look is stock with icon pack support, adaptive icon pack support, icon shape selector, wallpaper based theme and the location of the search bar.

The app also has Google Feed but will have to be installed. The stock Android fans will appreciate the app as it is high quality in nature.

Download APK | Rootless Launcher for PC

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is an unrecognizably forward-thinking improvement on Smart Launcher 3. It has a modern UI, theming customization, adaptive icons, weather, and clock widget and gesture controls among much other wide variety of features.

It does not have the strength of the Nova launcher but is diverse and compelling enough to make a strong case for itself. It is flexible, usable and has strong strength in customization.

Download APK | Smart Launcher 5 for PC

Poco Launcher

Poco Launcher is the stock launcher of the popular Pocophone but is also available individually in the market. The interface is commonly used in many android devices and has a home screen and a swipe to access feature.

The home screen can be customized and the app drawer can be developed according to one’s tastes. It has a unique privacy setup where the user is allowed to hide apps from the app drawer. The app runs lightly and is smooth. It is ideal for individuals with lower-end devices as it cannot run well with a high-end device in general.

Download APK | Poco Launcher for PC

TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher is a unique app with a wide variety of customization features like complete gesture support and many other enticing features. It does not take its cue from the good app launchers and kind of lags behind in quality and delivery.

The extra features include 3D animation, batch selection options for the home screen, widgets and an unlimited dock bar. It also has an extra plugin that allows the addition of app badges. These were a few good picks from this year.

Download | TSF Launcher – Android Launcher APK for PC

Final Words

Of course, many of the apps we have listed here are old and have strong industry names. Others are so new that they are still on their beta versions. But we believe that beta versions are a sign of responsibility and improvement from the creators.

Our advice will be to consider good but free apps for new users as they allow the user to develop their own individual interface with high-quality options.

Even though the paid app is also very cheap. There are many free apps in the list of 15 best android launchers in 2020, that can hold their own and should not be dismissed simply because they are free.

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