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How to: Add a Free Live Chat Box in WordPress?

Live Chat Box helps your visitors to get in touch with the community developers, employees, to seek for help. If someone is stuck while browsing your website and needs help regarding a certain topic or issue then he would be able to find a simple way to get rid of that problem he was facing with just by using the live chat box on your blog.

Live Chat – Casengo

Adding a live chat option in WordPress blog made easy. Live Chat Casengo is actually a free WordPress plugin which adds a free chat box in your WordPress blog. See the following video for more details.

How it Works?

  1. If you don’t already have an account of Casengo, please create one here.
  2. Install the Casengo Chat plugin in your WordPress blog
  3. Navigate to Settings > Casengo 
  4. From the step 1 when you had a signup on Casengo, it had associated a sub-domain with your Casengo account. Add that sub-domain link on the plugin settings page
  5. Choose the position where you want to display the live chat button on your blog and also choose the style that you want to give your live chat box
  6. Now whenever someone click on the live chat box to seek for help online, you would have o login to Casengo and then in the inbox there you will find the messages that sent by your visitors…

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  1. I used that plugin on my website – it works fine but is too simple. Mainly no file sharing feature so I switched to Chatwee. It suits me better.


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