How to: Increase Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Social Shares Incredibly?

Yep, I was wandering around the web to get some tips about how to increase the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social shares in WordPress. No doubt this will increase your search engine ranking as well as your social media shares. It’s a tricky way that I’m going to show you in order to increase your social shares on social media websites (i.e, Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Even you can easily increase your Facebook fan page likes, Twitter followers, and Google+ publisher page plus ones. All you have to do is not about convincing others to like, follow and other such dummy way to waste your time however let me narrow down this topic about sharing a simple WordPress plugin called social popup with you which is the idea behind this article.

Social Popup WordPress

Social PopUP WordPress Plugin

Using Social Popup plugin you can force your visitors to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter as well as Google+ plus ones of your publisher page. This plugin displays a popup window in your WordPress blog (Posts or Pages  or Homepage) and whenever a new user visit your blog the popup will appear over the screen either they can like, plus one, and follow you on Twitter or they can close that popup window…

How it Works?

You will be able to add a popup window in your WordPress blog by following the steps below:

  1. Install Social PopUp in your blog
  2. Activate it and navigate to Settings > Social PopUp

Now on the plugin settings page you can configure the following things:

  • You add the Facebook fan page URL, Twitter username and Google +1 URL to be appeared inside popup window
  • You can style the popup window according to your needs
  • Custom css rules can be added
  • You can either add Close button or avoid it from the popup window
  • Option to decide after how many days until popup shows again?
  • And More…

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  1. I looking for a plugin that can show Twitter , facebook , Google Plus Follow Button as popup . I tried Social Popup Plugin to enable this to my blog but this is not working for me . I want a plugin that show all social site at once . Let me know any best plugin for me

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