10+ Best Free Social Liker Android Apps 2018 (Increase Social Followers)

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Social liker Android apps are available on Google play these days and people are using these apps to prank their friends. These social liker apps are being used to increase social status likes and followers on social media sites. Some apps work and some are just for entertainment purpose. Using social liker apps, you can increase your social likes and followers and show off in front of your friends about your social life.

When I first used social liker app, I was not sure that it really works but later I was amazed to see before and after results. However, previous I did post an article about how to increase Facebook status likes and many people reached out to me and appreciated my efforts. Anyways, without taking a ton of your time, let’s read the rest of article and find some really crazy social liker Android apps for your Android smartphone and make your social life a bit tasty.

Free Social Liker Android Apps 2018

4Liker Pro

4Liker  pro Android app is great app when it comes to increase social likers and followers. It helps you to increase your Facebook likes for free. Just download and login with Facebook and tell the app which thing you want people to like that’s it.

Download 4Liker Pro APK

Machine liker

Machine liker Android app is great tool increase your social appearance. You can get as many likes and followers as you want using Machine liker tools.

Download Machine Liker APK

4 Liker

If you are tired of getting low amount of likes on your social media profiles but want to increase the number of likes then download 4 liker app. Social anxiety is bad for health, keep yourself happy with 4 liker app which helps you to increase your likes and keeps you away from social anxiety.

Download 4 Liker

999 Liker

Get rid of fewer likes on your social media posts and increase your likes with 999 liker app.

Download 999 Liker APK

Basic Liker

Social liker app is also by developers of Basic Liker app which helps you to be popular on social media.

Download Basic Liker



Unfortunately, social-liker Android app is no longer been distributed on Google play but you can download official Social liker 14.0 version from APK downloading sites. Use Social-Liker Android app and start increasing your social likes using this brilliant Android app.

Download Social-Liker APK


Liker app

Liker Android app gives you simple and intuitive graphics with dashboard, you can keep track of the number of “likes” received. The app developers are working on its category to make it safe and easy to use.

Download Liker App

Likes/Followers/Liker Friends Profile for Facebook

If you are curious to know how many likes you have got in the past couple years then use this app. Which helps you to discover your friends and stalkers that likes your status. It is completely free. It is the like counter app which is supposed to be the perfect tool for those who use Facebook professionally. It provides you, chart, statistics and analyze your likes + profile growth.

Download Likes/Followers/Liker Friends Profile for Facebook

Other Best Social Liker apps 2018


Note: Maybe these free social liker Android apps are prank and built for enjoyment purpose but I have just listed these free social liker Android apps on Top 10 basis because I found many positive users reviews on Google Play store regarding these Android apps. Apology if any of these listed app don’t work for you (But they work for others in other countries).

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