15 Best Video Player Android apps in 2021

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Most people usually kill their spare time by watching their favorite movies that also freshen up their moods. Video streaming has become more popular since we switched from TV to Android devices. These devices come with default video players supporting only limited formats and functionality. So it’s good to install third party video player Android apps as it will not only offer you advanced features but also let you experience multiplex viewing at home.

Top 15 Video Player Android Apps in 2020

There’re many video player Android apps available on Google Play Store. To save your precious time from the confusion of selecting the HD quality video player, we have summarized 15 best video player Android apps which support all the formats, allow you to add different kinds of subtitles as well as give you a fantastic playback control. Let’s take a look at them below:

MX Player

MX Player has been among the top video player Android apps. It supports almost all of the formats which other video player apps don’t. MX Player app is also the first one to add things such as hardware decoding, accelerated hardware playback, and many such unique features. This app also packs with all of those things related to gesture controls (which include pinch-to-zoom), support of subtitle, a lock for kids to keep them in the app streaming their Disney videos.

Moreover, it works with nearly every codec in your Android device. It is similar to MoboPlayer in that it has additional plugins so that you can enjoy its further functionalities if you want them. Click on the MX Player download link to install the app on your device.

Download | MX Player – Video Player Android Apps for PC


VLC has rapidly got popularity as one of the best video player Android apps. Its unique features became the main cause of its fame. The features include the function of streaming videos if there is any URL. VLC can also play kinds of obscure video formats, including DVD ISOs. This app also comes with all of the important codecs built-in which don’t need the downloads of any additional plugins.

The other specifications of VLC media player include all media support (audio as well), subtitle support, audio having multi-track, and much more. If you want to download the latest features of VLC player, you can try out its latest beta version.

Download | VLC – Video Player Android Apps for PC

Video Player All Formats

It is known as a basic video player app which works supporting the most popular video codecs. Additionally, it also enables you to enjoy video streaming with a night mode feature, Chromecast support, a privacy folder, as well as variable controls of speed playback. Video Player All Formats app delivered its best performance during our checking.

Furthermore, it doesn’t boast any banner ads however there are a few present in other spots. But no worries as you are allowed to get the ad-free version which costs around $3.99. It’s obviously a bit costly among the list of top 15, however, it’s worth using due to its features.

Download | Video Player All Formats – Video Player Android Apps for PC

MAX HD Video Player

This app has been significantly progressed since its launch. This app can let you play about everything you want in your Android device. Even this app is already stored in your app widgets. It takes much of your device’s storage which you can’t get rid of.

You may also give it at least one try because Android is updated with video codec support annually, which include HDR VP9 that is of Android Pie. A few of them can deliver the stream results like VLC media player. Do try it before switching to any other app.

Download | Stock Video Player – Video Player Android Apps for PC


Do you want to watch a number of videos but you have low storage of 32 GB on your Android device? If yes, Plex can be the perfect one for you as an ultimate video player solution. It enables you to set up a server on your laptop or PC and thus it will start streaming the content from your laptop or PC to your Android device.

Plex is a bit different from other media player applications, but like other apps, it doesn’t make it mandatory to keep your media files on your device. In this way, the app saves up a lot of space on your phone. The interesting thing about the app is that the service is completely free to install and set up, however the Android mobile application costs around $4.99. You may also subscribe $4.99 per month package for unlocking the awesome Plex features. Download the latest version of Plex video player app.



Here is another video player app Reddit – MoboPlayer. It was launched since the time dinosaurs started roaming the planet. Afterward, the application got a lot of dates. It offers you to watch all videos of all formats, however, you have to switch from its hardware decoding to software decoding) which is a surprising new for its users.

MoboPlayer also works with playlists, subtitles as well as playback. Moreover, you can also stream online videos through RTSP and HTTP protocols. The additional plugins increase the app functionality, giving a real offering. Download MoboPlayer now.



LocalCast is competing against AllCast, performing similar functions. The features of the video media app include streaming video from your Android to an Xbox 360/One, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku, as well as Apple TV. Using this app, you may also watch movies from cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive).

LocalCast supports all DLNA devices using the codecs which the Chromecast powers. They are the major codecs nowadays, so it is only the one app which can perform this unique function of streaming through codecs. Click on the link below to install the app in your Android.

Download | LocalCast – Video Player Android Apps for PC


BSPlayer has been serving media playing functions since its launch and has made its name. It has some special features like multi-core decoding of hardware, accelerated hardware playback, as well as DLNA devices support for streaming. Once you download the app, you can see subtitle support function on the top so that you can play files having compressed formats.

Not only this, but you may also enjoy a pop-up window for multi-tasks on your device. If you want to use a free version, there is an ad-supported version available, however, it supports all of the features. BSPlayer has introduced additional plugin recently for the full support and the version is for $5.99. Download BSPlayer now.

Download | BSPlayer – Video Player Android Apps for PC


Do you need an app supporting all the video files and formats including MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV with different subtitle files such as SUB, SRT, SMI, ASS? Archos comes with all these specifications. It features NAS and server support as well as USB storage support.

Archos has a friendly interface, data from websites such as themoviedb.org, IMDb and simple control functions. Archos is a solid option if you are looking for all features in one app of the mobile video player. Click on the link to download the app.

Download | Archos – Video Player Android Apps for PC


AllCast is one of the best video player apps for Android which is specialized in sending the stored media to your Roku, Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Apple TV, and other DLNA devices as well. Not only videos, but it also works with other types of media files.

In the start, it received rough reviews from the users but has rapidly progressed and become a stable media playing app. The free version runs for only five minutes however the premium version of AllCast doesn’t have any limitations. Install the app now from Google PlayStore.

Download | AllCast – Video Player Android Apps for PC

Video Player HD

If you are looking for a smooth and easy-to-use HD video player app, we would recommend the Video Player HD app to watch high-quality movies on your device. This application is launched with all formats support for video and audio streaming.

Video Player HD also works with MKV, WMV, MP4, M4V, MP4, and AVI as well. The app control functions and themes are quite simple but the video streaming result is of high quality.

Download | Video Player HD – Apps for PC

XX Video Player

It is a free video player for Android which lets you watch the movies with convenient and simple controls. By using the app, you will get the experience of the best video player of android that you always wanted. XX Video Player app lets you create and manage video folders. You can make them in a list or grid view according to your choice.

The special features of this Android video player app include amazing sound effects along with stereo surround effect, equalizer and bass booster to deliver a multiplex result. Like other media player apps, it works with all video formats. For example FLAC, AVI, M4V, F4V, M3U, and MP4 formats.

Download | XX Video Player – Apps for PC

Torrent Video Player

Torrent Video Player enables you to play audio, video, and movies simultaneously. This app also allows you to search for the videos quickly and easily with fewer efforts. You may also have access to torrents from the browser directly. The app shows all the video files in its torrent folders so we can say that it is a kind of organized video player app, supporting all media formats. Download torrent video player in your device.

Download | Torrent Video Player – Apps for PC

Video Player Ultimate(HD)

Here is another HD video player app to kill your spare time and give you an ultimate experience than ever before. The application auto-updates the latest audio and video formats. Video Player Ultimate (HD) also specializes in hardware acceleration and hardware decoding. You can also set the sleeping time in the app and it will automatically pause the playing video on the schedule. Click on the link to download the app.

Download | Video Player Ultimate(HD) – Apps for PC

KMPlayer (HD, Mirror Mode)

KMPlayer has reached over 300 million users around the world, proving that it is one of the must-have media player apps to stream videos, music, as well as TV programs in HD quality. It supports not only Android devices but also desktop versions.

The application is available in 25+ languages. You can enjoy floating screen function in order to do multi-tasks during the playing of movies on your device. The KMPlayer application can be linked with Google drive so that you can easily save your favorite videos.

Download | KMPlayer – Video Player Android Apps for PC


Now it is no more difficult to find out the best video player Android apps. Check out our list of top 15 Android video player apps in 2020, having amazing features of all video formats, codecs, and hardware acceleration. Download one of the above-mentioned mobile video player apps and enjoy streaming audio, video and TV shows.

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