15 Useful Live Chatting Android apps for Gamers 2019

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Chatting with your opponent or team when playing a game is more appropriate as it makes players more focused on the game during the battles of multiplayer games. The game developers must create an Android chatting app for gamers so that the gamers get engaged in the games smoothly. You may still find a number of live chatting Android apps for gamers on the Internet.

Top 15 Live Chatting Android Apps For Gamers

Many game corporations have permitted their users to get interacted through voice calls or chats during the playing of games. Most users find it difficult to choose the finest chatting Android app for games. In order to help you out, we have summarized a list of top 15 live chatting Android apps for gamers in 2019. Have a look at them:


Discord is known as one of the most popular and best game chat apps available for gamers. It enables you to begin text chat and voice call with your team of the game on your Android. Not only this, but you can also view the players who are playing online at the moment and send them a text message or start a voice call. You can also share videos with them. The interesting feature about Discord is that it can let you send an instant invite so that you can make new friends and play games with them online.

Download | Discord – Chat for Gamers App in PC

Omlet Arcade

Here is another easiest and popular way to live stream with your friends – that is Omlet Arcade. It allows you to make a recording of your game as well. It helps you to easily record live streaming of your game on your Android device with unique and different recording functionalities.

Moreover, this app also enables players to chat with other partners without any specific setup. Now it’s time to share you amazing game moments with your game partners online using this Omlet Arcade game chatting app.

Download | Omlet Arcade – Chat for Gamers App in PC


Plato is known as the best mafia-style party android game app for users. It has a friendly user-interface and easy to use play functions. Plato provides an online platform for gamers to chat with each other and share game moments. It is really a fun app for online gamers to chat free of cost without any ad disturbances. It doesn’t require any initial setup of sign up. Additionally, this app also displays your score as well as rankings to other game players.

Download | Plato – Chat for Gamers App in PC


Palringo is also among the list of top chat apps for gamers that allows players to begin playing the game online with ease as well as chat with other game players. It also lets you make your own group or enter any old chat group online and chat with over millions of players throughout the world.

Palringo also allows you to send a private message to individuals, share videos, photos and voice messages as well. Palringo is an online fun place where you can also share your unique ideas with other game players when playing the game online on your Android smartphone.

Download | Palringo – Chat for Gamers App in PC

Game Chat

Game Chat is the most popular and fun chat app launched by Imsportz Holdings, Inc only for Android users. This app allows you to start a chat with your friends and family about your favorite sports game. Game chat app also permits you to create your own group using this app and share the group with your game friends to begin a group chat about a sports game or sporting events to share different ideas. You can also invite your other friends to join the group and start chatting.



WeGamers is a social media Andoird app launched by IGG for game users. This app gives you gaming experience to the extreme level. Around millions of players have reached this app and play real-time battles game on their android smartphones.

It is an easy-to-use and friendly user interface gaming chat app which allows you to start chatting with your game partners on your smartphone devices. Using the app, you can easily share the exciting game moments with other players.



Lobi is another group chat and game app for online players. Initially, it was named as nakamap and later on changed as Lobi. This app requires registration to allow you in the chat rooms for gamers. Once you get registered with your identity, you can start a chat with your friends or create your own online group for gaming. You can also join any of the old chat groups where the players are already sharing their game events.



Are you looking for an app which not only allows you to play the game but also chat with your game partners? Chess is there to help you out. It is an online game and chats app which permits you to play chess online on your Android device and chat with them as well. In this game, you will have to protect your big king at any cost to win the current online chess game.

You can also challenge your friends using the app and play with the. This app offers a unique feature of tracking all your moves and shows you on the top of your screen so that you can improve your performance in the game.


Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is another real-time game and chats app with amazing gifts options. Using this app, you will be able to play this real-time Teen Patti Gold game with real persons from all around the world. You can also chat with the players and share different gifts with each other.

Teen Patti Gold app supports different languages including English, Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, and Marathi. Teen Patti gold game needs an internet connection on your Android device so that you can avail all the online features of this game and chatting app.

Download | Teen Patti Gold – Chat for Gamers App in PC


Yalla is one of the most popular online group voice chat apps for gamers. This app enables you to play games and start voice chats with game players who are nearby or all around the world. playing games and voice chat with people from nearby or all over the world.

Yalla lets you chat with millions of people and share different gaming videos and more. There are more than ten thousands of chat rooms available for gamers to speak about 50 different game topics. Download now to join chat rooms for gamers.

Download | Yalla – Chat for Gamers App in PC

Darts 3D

Darts 3D is known as the most popular dart simulations game chat app available for Android. It enables users to play online darts on Android devices. This app allows you to play a multiplayer game with a variety of unique and features. Moreover, it also gives you a chat option to share your gaming scores, plans and ranking with your friends and other game players online in real-time.


8 Ball Live

8 Ball Live is a realistic and popular game app, launched for Android users. It gives you a live video chat option so that you can easily share gaming moments with your 8 ball game members. It is completely free to use the game and chat app which allows you to one on one chat with game partners.

8 Ball live also allows you to challenge your Facebook friends. This game also gives you an advanced 3D engine with sounds effects and realistic graphics and themes.

Download | 8 Ball Live – Live for Gamers App in PC

Team Speak 3

TeamSpeak is a modern communication and voice chat app which allows groups of users to communicate with each other and share information through private networks or internet no matter they are using PC, Android, iOS, macOS, or Linux.

The voice chat option for friends and family, online gamers, as well as small businesses, allows them to chat with their teammates and discuss online events. Team Speak 3 is free to use the app without in-app purchases.


Steam Chat

Steam chat app is another live chatting Android app for gamers with unique features. Using this app, you can see who is playing the game online. You can also share links, tweets, GIFs, videos, Giphy, emojis and more. Steam chat doesn’t require any initial sign up the setup. Just open the app and start chatting with your friends and game partners.

Download | Steam Chat – Live for Gamers App in PC

Blizzard Battle.net

Blizzard Battle.net is an Android live chatting app for gamers to remain connected with friends. Using the app, you can see who is online and playing the game. It has become easier to communicate with game players and discuss different game strategies. You can also send friend requests to people all around the world and challenge them a battle.



Android and gaming are going hand in hand. Now it is easier to chat with your Android game partners and share your ranking, score, and events. Check out our above-mentioned list of top 15 live chatting Android apps for gamers in 2019 and download now.

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