Top 10+ Best Device Cleaner Android Apps

Why should we take care of our Android device and clean it up every next day? Because to make your device safe from unwanted files, temporary files, safe, clean for good performance super fast, we should clean it up. Android device cleaner apps will help you to clean your device from yet another temporary file. Yeah, I mean it. By the way, these device cleaner Android apps are listed download on the basis of rating given by Android users on Google Play Store.

In this way, we must take care of our device and clean it up each day. Below, I have just added the best device cleaner Android apps that will help you to clean up your Android device and optimize it for good performance. However, we have already published an article on the best Android Apps to improve internet speed in Android.

Android Device Cleaner Android Apps

Clean Master for Android

Clean Master for Android fix all your Android device problems, whether it’s lagging, running low on space, or infected with malware. It is unmatched at improving device performance, removing junk and spam files and protecting against malware, trojans and viruses. Clean Master is the world’s most downloaded Android optimizer, memory & speed booster, and security/antivirus suite brought to you by Cheetah Mobile.

AVG Cleaner for Android

AVG Cleaner for Android is good app that help you quickly erase, clear and clean your browser, call and text histories, as well as identify and remove unwanted RAM cached app data from both the device’s internal memory and the SD card. It’s really amazing Android app that helps you to save your Android device battery and more…

Android Device Cleaner Android
Android Device Cleaner Android

The Cleaner for Android

The Cleaner for Android helps you to clean up your phone and make it speed up if your Android device is slowly working and having bad performance. Download The Cleaner Android app speed up your phone and free up its storage. The Cleaner is a free Android app that can clear redundant files, free up storage space, clean up your RAM, and speed up your android device. It only takes a few seconds and your favourite games will run faster.

1Tap Cleaner for Android

1-Tap Cleaner for Android helps you easily clean all cache, search histories, calls log and more…

Android Cleaner (Clean)

Android Cleaner (Clean) app is an excellent lightweight clean tool and memory booster in Android, speed up and optimize Android device with simple and secured operation.


  1. App cache clean
  2. App memory clean and boost
  3. Privacy history clean
  4. Adware scan
  5. App Management
  6. Internal storage and SD card clean
  7. System resource monitoring
  8. View device specification

Cleaner for Android

Cleaner for Android is an essential tools used to clean potentially unwanted files and privacy records. (including app cache, temporary files, running logs and empty directories.

Android System Cleaner

The most convenient system cleaning tool for Android (Android System Cleaner). Clear the cache for all applications.

Clear System process

  1. Clear browser history
  2. Clear up the clipboard data
  3. Clear call records
  4. Clear market search history
  5. Clear Gmail’s search history clear
  6. Clear Google Maps search history
  7. Clear Google search history

Get Android System Cleaner

Memory Cleaner for Android

Simplest memory cleaner. Free memory to Speed Up your system by one tap. Very easy to use. And Include a simple widget.

Get Memory Cleaner for Android

Final Cleaner & Task Killer

Final Cleaner &Task Killer is an effective and useful APP.It is the must-have tool to free memory and speed up your device. Get it

Clean Master Cleaner

Very easy to use and powerful tool for cleaning traces of history:

It can clean items just by one tap below

  • All the call(incoming,outgoing,missing) records,
  • Google Play search history
  • Google Map search history,
  • Browsing visited and search history
  • Chrome visited and search history
  • Gmail search history
  • App cache

Get Clean Master Cleaner

1-click cleaner for Android

1-Click Cleaner for Android is an app that helps you clean up garbage from your device. It can make the cell phone process swifter, more clear and efficient, it can also improve the phone property if you use it everyday.

Get 1-click cleaner for Android

Finally, after looking around these device cleaner Android apps you have understood the importance of cleaning up your Android device. No problem, leave a positive comment below to share your opinions regarding the article.

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