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App of the day: Wear Audio Recorder for Android

Do you have Android wear device? If so, then today’s Android app is for you that will allow you to easily record voice notes. Here comes the Wear Audio Recorder Android application that you can use to easily record high-quality voice notes wherever you are. No matter if the display is off because this app works out of the box and properly work in background. This app has many options like pause during playback / recording as this feature should be available in any kind of recorder. You can play recorded files so easily from the app interface and can save or discard voice notes within a few seconds.

Wear Android device give us many advantages even you can connect your wear Android device with your Android smartphone to easily Android incoming calls right from wear device without switching to the smartphone. And by the way, just open up the wear audio recorder Android app on your Android wear device to make a new voice note. Don’t get panic, because this application only come up with big buttons in the center for easily understanding and amazing to use it on Wear Android device. Once you done recording the app will show up in the stream to let you know the file has been sent to the smartphone successfully.

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