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Quick Trick: Edit Any Webpage by Executing a Simple JS Code

We all know that internet is too big and we visit many websites daily to read and share with our friends. This could be so fun editing any webpage of a specific website or a popular one to prank friends somehow you hacked that website and added your name on that website or you are being mentioned on those amazing sites. However, I’ll give you two ways to edit any webpage one by executing a simple js code and the other one by using the browser trick.

#1 Trick by executing JS code

To be able to edit a webpage all you need to do is, just execute the following js code, you can do this either by

Click to → Edit This Page

Js code that will be added via source code:

<a href="javascript:document.body.contentEditable%20=%20'true';%20document.designMode='on';%20void%200" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Edit This Page</a>

#2 Trick by Browser

This method is pretty simple than the first one, you can easily edit any webpage on the internet by using this method. Just do these steps:

  1. Go to any website
  2. Right on the page, and click Inspect Element or press F12

    Inspect element browser trick
    Inspect element browser trick
  3. Just edit the HTML page like:
    Inspect element browser trick screenshot

That’s how we edit any text using inspect element.

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