About Conversion Rate Optimization & How to Improve

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Many people and my blog readers have already asked me about my website and how I improve the conversion rate of my site. If you are reading this article you will probably get a clue about how to actually improve the conversion rate that really help you to get your website to the next level and bring you more potential clients. As everybody work hard to provide high-quality content to their readers/internet audience and nobody try to offer fluff or low quality content to their website audience. Do you? Of course not.

But the thing is “Conversion Rate“? Why the heck people don’t engage with your website’s content, they just read your already written articles and fled away and never come back? Even you have unique and quality content on your site. What about making money with every single pageview that lands on your website? Isn’t that feel good? Of course it does.

About Conversion Rate Optimization

By the way, the conversion rate is the percentage % of users who take a desired action on your site, this may be making a purchase, a survey, a telephone call, filling up a form or contact us etc. If you think that your website is valuable and if you are trying to make most out of your site then the very first thing that you will need to do is to optimize your website traffic conversion rate.

Out there on internet there are many guides available about how to improve website conversion rate to get most out of it. Even kissmetrics have published an article about 100 conversion optimization case studies.

So, if you are here and want to learn how to improve a website’s conversion rate take a look below where you will find an infographic. In this infographic you will find some best moves about converting blog visitors/readers into customers. This infographic will tell you the most important things that you should do and things should be avoided.

Conversion Rate Optimization Infographic by dpfoc.com
Conversion Rate Optimization Infographic by dpfoc.com

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