15 Best Android Mobile Screen Recording apps in 2019

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Having your actions recorded is a whole new level of adventure. The evolution of technology has changed the entire definition of “fun” and “adventure”. Whether positive or negative that is not our topic of concern here. For you, we have something more worth to read and it is about the best mobile screen recording apps for android so that you may be the part of this ride too.

In this article, you will find the 15 best Android mobile screen recording apps that will help you to record your actions for teaching purposes.

15 Best Android Mobile Screen Recording apps

AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder is one of the greatest apps for recording Android device screen teaching purpose. It is the best and easy to use app which can be downloaded easily from the Google Play store. You can download this AZ screen recorder for almost all the features you might want in order to record your device screen.

It does not only creates HD video but also screencast app that can be paused and be able to resume during the recording session. You can also use the mic and input the audio while you capture screen.

The AZ screen recorder Android app has a magic button that overlays the front camera and draws on-screen functions. These screen functions are the key players that are the reason why this AZ screen recorder is the best. This is completely free to use and has in-app purchases, and it is always for cross platforms as well. Don’t worry, you will get your video ready without any watermark from the app (Watermark free app).

Download | AZ Screen Recorder No Root APK for PC

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Another on the list we have Mobizen Screen recording application. It is a user-friendly screen recorder app for Android phones. You can record and edit the clip using it. The Mobizen screen recorder app has a full HD recording with 1080P Resolution along with 12.0Mbps Quality and 60 FPS. You can also place your own voice for much-added fun.

Mobizen is a free application that lets its user remove the watermark.

Download | Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit APK for PC

Stream Screen Recorder

Stream application is said to be a slightly different application as compare to the other two applications that we have discussed. It is not only different from those two but many others as well. What makes Stream different?

Well, Stream is a screen recorder app that allows you to stream, watch and even chat on live video. Screen recorder is like the added function or option that this application has got for its users. Stream offers broadcasting walk-throughs and games as well.

In order to start with this application, you first have to sign up with Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other email.

Download | Stream Live Video Community APK for PC

Vysor Screen Recorder

Speaking of Vysor, this mirrors your Android with your PC. You are in control of your device using the keyboard and mouse. If you want, you can share your screen with remote assistance as well. You are allowed to play favorite games on your PC while also having control on the Android.

But one thing to mention here is that this application is not free if you are in search of HD capturing.

Download | Vysor – Android control on PC APK for PC

Google Play Games

Google Play Games know how to blow up minds! It is not confined to just maintaining gaming profiles of its users but also comes with a built-in screen recording functions. You can record games and much more things in the process.

You also get the free hand to create personalized videos, record gaming skills or utilize other options using Google Play Games.

If you are wondering how to record, then start the recorder and exit out with the application once you observe the recording interface. This application records only 720p or 480p quality.

Download | Google Play Games APK for PC

Shou Screen Recorder

Shou as the name unique itself is a popular application that lets its user’s screen record without rooting Android. Along with recording option, the users of Shou can also capture a moment within the application by just shaking the device! The user can record screen with the stereo sound and also mirror the device screen to any AirPlay-enabled or Miracast devices.

The users of Shou can watch live broadcasts of sports, games and chat with the favorite players as well.

Download | SHOU Dock APK for PC

ILos Screen Recorder

ILos is one of fewest unique applications that offer multiple resolution recording of user’s android screen along with 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels at 30fps.

ILos is said to be a user-friendly application that aims to give promising functions with just one click or tap to be precise.

Downloadilos screen recorder APK for PC

Rec Screen Recorder

If you have an old android 4.4 then Rec will demand your device to be rooted to function properly. But it will work without root on Android 5.0 and also the onwards platform. Rec is said to be a professional screen recorder that gives untethered and configurable recording.

The user can record up to an hour without bothering to waste time sitting in front of the computer. Just shake or screen off your smartphone to command the application to stop recording.

Download | Rec. (Screen Recorder) APK for PC

Super Screen Recorder

Super screen recorder is another application that we have for you. This one comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Use the application and utilize its unlimited recording without any worrying about the time limit. This application also has a video editor built-in option. Use Super Screen Recorder to provide with a high-quality recording with a range of various resolutions, bit rates, and frame rates.

Download | Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot APK for PC

One-Shot Screen Recorder

The One Shot Screen Recorder is considered as one of the smartest screen recorder application that works beyond your expectations. When the user is about to finish recording in different application, the user may tend to record a small part of an unwanted clip. To remove that you may use another video editor application.

One-Shot Screen Recorder frees the user from getting into such a situation as this application has to offer a Disable Recorder option for a certain time after which you can resume recording.

More to add that this application does not come for free.

Download | One Shot screen recorder APK for PC

Screen Cam Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder lets its user change video bitrate. Use this application record resolution and also framerate of your own choice ranging up to 60fps.

This screen recording application for Android users gets regular updates on a daily basis and observes the addition of floating widgets that lets the user to quickly control the recordings from any screen.

Download | ScreenCam Screen Recorder APK for PC

YouTube Gaming

YouTube gaming application for screen recording is a blessing for all those who are interested in recording their screens for uploading on YouTube channels. This is very handy in particular if you are recording games.

This application has direct integration with YouTube. It does not just record games but also can record specific applications or mirror out entire Android screen.

Download | YouTube Gaming APK for PC

RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe is a great application for screen recording when used on the rooted device. You can record internal audio with the video as well. If your android is not rooted then you will not be able to take advantage of the internal audio feature but you can always use to play with on the screen recording front including 60fps 1080p video quality along with microphone recording and front/back camera overlay for Pro Users.

Download | RecMe Free Screen Recorder APK for PC

DU Recorder

DU Recorder Android app is the best free HD screen recorders out there on Google play store. You might want to use this app for taking screenshots and edit videos right on your Android smartphone. With screen recorder, you will be able to record videos & capture screen from any live TV channel apps to put those new shows on your YouTube channel to get popular like other YouTubers. Eventually, using the same application you can edit recorded videos so, you get 2 in 1! Not just a recorder but editor too.

DU recorder is considered as one of the best-reviewed apps on Google Play Store with 4.8/5 and 1.15 million reviews.

These reviews are well deserved as this application is not featured as best quality but also is also called as the most versatile Android screen recorders out there. Use the DU recorder to record gameplay videos. You can also save them in multiple resolutions and frame it up to 60fps.

Download | DU Recorder – Screen Recorder & Video Editor APK for PC

Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop screen recorder application as the name suggest supports only Android Lollipop or otherwise the later after versions of this android. It is said to be one of the simplest applications in the list and gives only basic options such as screen orientation and resolution.

To begin the recording, you will have to record the need to open the application and click on the icon. When you are done or want to stop the recording then just tap on the application notification.

You can also record audio using this application.

Download | Lollipop Screen Recorder APK for PC

This was the list of 15 best Android mobile screen recording apps, we could find so far. I hope you enjoyed it and of course, do let us know which screen recording app is super-friendly or easy to use in the comments below.

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