5+ Best Call Recorder Android Apps

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Well, if you guys are trying to record your incoming phone calls that you receive on your Android smartphone/tablet on daily basis then you will probably need a call recorder Android app and in order install one here are the best call recorder Android apps below in this article that will help you to record phone calls right on your Android device. Each call recorder Android application has its own great features that you can choose from i.e, you can choose whether to record a call or not, integration with Google Drive and Dropbox to store recorded calls and more features are waiting for you.

Best Call Recorder Android Apps

Call Recorders for Android
Call Recorders for Android

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best call recorders out there for any Android device. It has all those amazing features that you need to manage recorded phone calls and more. With automatic call recorder you can record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. Easy way to choose between which calls to be recorded and which calls should be ignored. Automatic call recorder Android app also gives you the ability to Integrate with Google Drive and Dropbox that will further allow the calls to be stored and synchronized to the cloud as well. Google Drive integration works on Android versions 3.0 and above.

Call recorder (Free)

Call recorder (Free) Android app is automatic recording of telephone conversations and gives the recording file format amr, mp4, wav with a choice of recording quality. You can set the record/not record to specific users.

Automatic Call Recorder for Android

Automatic Call Recorder for Android offers unique set of features which will allow you to record any call automatically. In addition to that you can simply shake your device during the call to start recording instantly. You can listen to the recorded call at any time in MP3 High Audio Quality or sync it with linked Dropbox account automatically.

Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder Android app allows to record phone calls right on your Android smartphone/tablet. This app is designed to be a very simple in use. As this program is using Android Standard API the two-way recording will work only on some devices such as Samsung Note 3/2, Galaxy S4/3/2.

WARNING: The app does not work on S4 and Note 3 with KitKat 4.4.2 if records are being stored on a SD card. It is highly recommended for Note 3 users not to update to KitKat 4.4.2

Smart Auto Call Recorder

Smart Auto Call Recorder Android app help you to record any call with smart recording automatically. When I can not remember the calls it a try. When you want to hear again the voice of the lover. When you want to right and wrong. If you use this app, then your life will be smart.

Advance Call Recorder Pro

Advance Call Recorder Pro: One and only call recorder on android store which supports almost every device.


  1. Save the Recordings after the call is disconnected
  2. Specifically save Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  3. Save your important recordings separately
  4. Share your recordings on E-Mail, What’s app, Skype, Facebook, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and etc
  5. In Built file explorer
  6. Save or Discard recorded calls
  7. Record Incoming & Outgoing phone calls
  8. Save your recordings on your SD card
  9. Call Log Notification in the Notification Bar

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