Download Android App “Call Logs Backup & Restore”

Call Logs Backup & Restore is a free Android application which allows Android OS mobile users to backup call logs directly into their MicroSD cards. You can make an especial folder that resembles call logs backup & restore folder name.


  1. Viewing Backups directly from the App Interface
  2. Automatic Backup Scheduling
  3. All backups will be saved in .xml file format
  4. Easy to use..

Viewing Backups directly from the App Interface

This application has a great support for viewing all the backups directly from its interfaces.

Automatic Backup Scheduling

This app comes with automatic backup scheduling feature. Using this application you can easily schedule your backups by time to time.

Backup file Format

All the backups that are made by this app will be saved as .xml file format on your SD card.

Download and Usage

It can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and you will be able to understand once you install this app. If you didn’t understand how to use it? Feel free to comment below for help.

Call Logs Backup & Restore has support for up to 500 calls and you can easily restore all of them to your smartphone just by backing them up. This app will help you backup and restore your call logs in your Android phone. I hope, this article will be helpful when you go into rooting/updating process.

Remember: The default location where a backup is saved is located at /sdcard/CallLogsBackupRestore directory. I have already told you, that you can specify the Backup folder wherever you want to store the call logs in your Android smartphone.

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