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How to Make NANDROID ROM Backup and Restore in Android Manually

Before going to flash your Android device with any Custom ROMs people should take care of their Stock ROM and to do so they should make a stock ROM‘s backup of their Android device. Because, sometimes bad things happens while flashing the custom ROMs that’s why it is highly recommended/advised to get a proper backup of Stock ROM. It can easily get you out of dangerous problems with custom ROM by simply restoring the official stock ROM back in your Android device.

Let me tell you that what actually we call it NAndroid ROM Backup. Taking backup of Stock Android Operating System from the phone’s NAND memory and to save it into a storage known as NANDROID BACKUP.

NANDROID ROM Backup and Restore in Android
NANDROID ROM Backup and Restore in Android

How to Make NANDROID ROM Backup and Restore

By now, let me tell you about how we are going to make NANDROID ROM backup and restore. We an external SD card (as we know that all the data from the phone memory will be deleted when you install any custom ROM), we cannot make NANDroid Backup on internal memory of the Android device.

How to Make NANDROID Backup Manually

  1. Your Android device must be rooted in order to make nandroid backup manually (Comment below if you need a rooting Guide for your device)
  2. Install a Custom Recovery app (CWM Recovery/TWRP Recovery/4EXT Recovery), here we will use CWM and you can download it from here
  3. Switch off your phone
  4. Boot into recovery mode as per your device’s manufacturer instructions (It should be something like Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button / Volume Up + Power Button). Your phone will boot into ClockworkMod Recovery
  5. Select Backup and restore option → navigate to Backup → give Yes for confirmation
  6. Now, wait for a while until the data from your device will be saved into the external SD card
  7. Reboot your smartphone
  8. The CWM NANDROID backup will be saved at the folder ”/sdcard/clockworkmod/backup

How to Restore NANDROID Backup Manually

  1. Switch off the device and boot to Recovery mode
  2. Navigate to Backup & Restore optionrestore → and select the Backup file you saved while performing the backup
  3. Wait a while until the data will restore in your device, it will take some time as per your data size

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  1. Hi, there this is a poor huawei Ascend G700 user need your help.

    I have a Huawei G700-U10 in Karachi Pakistan i have tried my best to install CWM Recovery to my phone but i have never been successful, if you would help me i know i will be able to do that, please..


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