Quick Tip: backup any Android device without rooting

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

We live in the age where everything is compromised. If you are using your Android device you can lose your data if you don’t have a backup for it. Because sometimes your device gets vulnerable with malicious Android apps. Due to bad Android apps, you must take your device backup once a week. Many Android devices also factory reset your device on entering wrong patterns.

This is not an article or tutorial guide, but it is quick tip that you can easily take backup of your Android device without having to run into long methods. For backup of your Android you don’t have to root (Android rooting) it either. You might wanna know the best backup Android apps or try this helium desktop installer.

After you follow the steps below, you will be able to backup any Android device without rooting.

Backup Any Android Device without rooting

However, just follow the steps below to easy backup your Android apps and data without having to root your device.

  • On your PC, start Helium Desktop but don’t connect your phone with PC now
  • You should enable USB debugging on your device (developer options)
  • Run Helium app on your smartphone then connect it with PC (Make sure your ADB drivers should be installed)
  • When your phone is recognized, unplug it from PC.
  • Go to app and choose which apps you would like to backup (Select all, if you want all of them)
  • Choose, where you want to save your backup to. In this step, please don’t choose folder inside of internal memory because on factory reset the backup will be wiped out too.
  • You should choose microSD or the cloud for backup storage
  • Wait a couple of minutes till the backup is completed
  • On completing backup, you will receive notification that the backup was successful

Restore app data, with or without root access

The restoration process is the same, with or without root access:

  • Go to Restore & Sync when you run Helium app
  • Specify where do you want to restore data from (If you have backup on your cloud, then it requires Premium version)
  • It will ask you to restore app data for specific apps or all (simply highlight the apps and tap Restore)
  • It will take some time to restore depending on your backup size.

So, it is much of a quick tip than a tutorial or whatever you call it. 🙂 That’s how we backup + restore without root access.

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