Factory Reset in Android

The Factory Reset will wipe all data from system partition, while leaving the internal storage files the same way these were before applying the data wipe.

Settings → Privacy OR Backup and reset Settings → Factory Data Reset → Reset device → Erase everything

Resetting a Non-Booting Device

  1. Power down your device. Before you begin the reset procedure, you will need to completely power your device off. If it is frozen, you can pull the battery out to turn it off.
  2. Press and hold the recovery buttons. The buttons vary from device to device, so you may need to look up the instructions for your particular phone. You will need to press and hold the buttons for a few seconds. Some of the more common button combinations include:
    • Volume Up + Home + Power
    • Volume Down + Power
    • Home + Power
    • If none of the above work, do a web search for your phone’s model plus “recovery mode”.
  3. Select Factory Reset. Once the recovery menu opens, you can navigate the menu with the volume buttons. You may need to open the Recovery menu to find the Factory Reset mode. Use the Power button to select your menu options.
    • You will be asked to confirm the factory reset.
  4. Wait for the restore process to compete. After your phone resets, it will be set back to factory defaults and will be like it just came out of the box.