2 Methods to Access Developer Options in Android

Android operating system has a good way to separate advanced options from regular Android smartphone user. At the very first place, if you are a regular Android user then you won’t be able to find developer options in Android. Developer options are hidden in every Android device unless you make some tweaks to get those options. This can be done by installing Android apps to enable developer options or by using this method:

  • Go to Settings → About Device menu
  • Look for Build Number
  • Just tap build number section seven times
  • On the seventh tap, device will tell you that you are now a developer
  • Simply, go back to Settings menu
  • Now you can see that you have developer options enabled.

However, not every smartphone gives this simple method to enable developer options. So, there are developers who develop special-purpose apps to help you enable developer options in Android. In this article, I’m going to list down 5 best apps to help you enable developer options in Android and I hope you gonna love these apps.

2 Methods to Access Developer Options in Android

Developer Options

If you are an Android developer then you must need this app which will help you to access developer options in Android faster. It creates shortcut and a widget of developer options settings which you can click to access developer options. No more need to go through the settings page to access dev options. If you feel frustrated to look through the whole settings menu for developer options (well hidden in Android 4.2), before and after each development session, this is the solution.

Download Developer options APK for Android

Developer Options

Android Developers, create a shortcut for developer options to make it simple, convenient and easy way to access developer options screen. Life is too short to scroll through the settings menu. It won’t fix your leaky faucet or make you rich in a day, but it’ll get you to the Developer Options screen quickly and efficiently.

Download Developer Options APK for Android

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