8 Best Android Screen Locker Apps

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Having a screen lock on your Android device means that your Android smartphone/tablet is safe, secure from unauthorized users. In this way, those who are looking for best Android screen lockers for their Android device they can find the best Android locker apps below in this article. However, we have already published an article about Android pattern lock apps because pattern locks have been used in most new Android devices because of its lightweight-ness and flexibility.

Best Android Locker Apps

GO Locker for Android

Go Locker is one of the best Android screen lockers out there. Using this you can go to SMS messages, call logs and control the music player, all from the Lock Screen. With GO locker for Android, you can easily display current weather with live animation effects on the lock screen. Add widgets that you like to have on lock screen and quick launch apps directly from the lock (Compatible for all Android Versions). GO locker provides strict security protection with pin, pattern, and gesture.

Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13

Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13 app is the best Android app that replicates iOS style lock screen on Android OS. Just tap a single notification or a group of notifications to view all of them for that app. All you have to do is to just swipe left like iOS to manage notifications i.e., (view, or clear the notifications). You can manage alerts for specific apps in the settings just like the iPhone.

Download Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13 APK

Lock Screen & Notifications iOS 13

Fingerprint Screen Lock ICS

Fingerprint Screen Lock ICS is the best fingerprint lock for any Android device now made available on Google Play. All you need to do is to install the finger print lock application and you will get the screen locked mode and it looks very attractive and it shows you current time and date with the same look and feel of Ice cream sandwich OS.

Pattern Password Screen Locker

Set pattern password to lock the screen and unlock the screen. It can help to avoid accidental touches on your smartphones and secure your privacy in Android devices. Come to set your own pattern password for your Android. So to get Pattern Password Screen Locker Android app, click here.

Locker Master Screen Lock for Android

Locker Master is a good screen locking program/application for Android smartphones/tablets out there. With Locker Master you can lock your smartphone to your own style. Discover one of the world’s most amazing locker screen.


  • Various interesting, live and stylish themes
  • Various unique and creative unlocking methods
  • Amazing sidebar navigation
  • Change your general settings and customize your app quick launchers
  • Able to show unread SMS messages and missed calls on locker screen
  • Animated live weather and weather forecast on locker screen (Weather information provided by The Weather Channel)
  • iOS7 Pin/Pattern lock screen
  • Able to display third-party app notification on locker screen (include Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc.)
  • Built-in flashlight
Locker Master for Android
Locker Master for Android

Holo Locker for Android

Holo Locker is simple and fast lock screen replacement, based on stock JellyBean lock screen. Holo locker is not a theme for Go Locker, or any other locker but its a screen locker itself.


  • Enable/disable Holo Locker
  • Support system security lock
  • Customizable text color
  • Emergency unlock
  • Enable/disable vibrator
  • Change screen orientation
  • Hide status bar
  • Disable status bar

Galaxy Locker for Android

Galaxy Locker is a mirror of screen lock for Samsung Galaxy devices, which includes Galaxy devices i.e, Galaxy S5 Particle, Galaxy S4 Lens Flare, Galaxy Note 2 Ripple unlock, Galaxy Note 3 watercolor unlock, support for shortcuts, notifications, personalized signature, and built-in a wealth of customization options, such as custom fonts, custom alignment, custom operators and so on …

Fast Screen Locker

Fast Screen Locker is a screen locker for Android that gives your Android smartphone/tablet a smooth flat style locker. It is best if you are using X Launcher and iLauncher, it is the easiest way to lock the screen.

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