How to: Build a Powerful Forum Community with Fluxbb Forum?

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Forum, forum, and forum… What the heck is forum? Someone submits threads regarding some issues and in the back the members of the forum community reply to his/her threads to resolve the problem if someone know about something. It’s what we called forum. Well, in this article I’ll show you how you can create a powerful forum community with Fluxbb forum software. Ahan, AHan… Wait wait, šŸ˜‰ don’t cry we’ll go through each and every step of installing the Fluxbb Forum Software. Previously, I’ve also written an article about how to install EsoTalk Forum Software.

FluxBB Forum Community

1. Who is Eligible to use?

FluxBB forum software is currently supports such databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Take into account if your database of choice would not available in the drop-down list, then you may take it as the PHP environment doesn’t have support for such particular database. See:

databases which php support

2. How to Install Fluxbb Forum Software?

So, we know that what would be the first step obviously downloading and uploading the forum script inside of root directory in our cPanel account from where we will access our online forum, Yep let’s follow the steps below:

Resources to Download Fluxbb Forum
Grab it from Github
Or from its official site

If you have just downloaded this forum script in your computer inĀ .zip file, try extracting it and upload it inside of your website root directory. Once uploaded navigate to the URL where you’ve uploaded the script via browser.

Note: Contact us if you didn’t find your website there inside of browser.

All we need to do is to insert some information for your database where the forum entries like threads, reply, comments, etc will be stored.

The Fluxbb forum is very easy to connect with the database provided in fields only if your database is exist. If you fill out the form without creating database, user and password for it you’ll get an error.Ā In order to resolve the error, which basically means the Fluxbb forum is not able to connect your Mysql database with forum script.

An error was encountered

Error:Ā Unable to connect to MySQL and select database. MySQL reported: Access denied for user 'example'@'localhost' (using password: YES). Fluxbb

3. Creating Database for Fluxbb Forum

See the following image to know what kind of data we need to connect the Fluxbb forum to the mysql database.

creating database for FluxBB Installation

In order to connect the database with the forum we need the database name, user and password of the database to which we are connect the forum.

Let’s do it, by following the steps below:

1. Login to your cPanel under Databases click on MySQLĀ Ā®

Mysql Databases2. On the top create a database
3. On the same page scroll down a little and create a user
4. Finally, you’ll be able to add the user into theĀ database at end of the page justĀ current users list.

Installations Guide

Enter your database server hostname

At first, you have to add the address of the database server e.g, localhost, or or contact your webhost provider to get one. Also if you are running this software via windows, linux, etc can add a custom port number only if your database doesn’t run on the default port e.g, localhost:8080.

Insert the Database hostname for example localhost

Enter the name of your database

Read the step 3 to add the database name.

Insert the name of the database for fluxbb

Enter your database username and password

Read the step 3 to add the username and password of database.

Enter the username and password of database for fluxbb forum

Enter database table prefix

Make sure your database table prefix should be unique.

Table prefix of FluxBB Installation

Administration Setup

To access the administrator dashboard of Fluxbb forum you have to fill out the administration setup.

Administration setup FluxBB Installation

Board Setup

Fill out the information about your forum title, description, language, theme color and finally click the button start install.

Board setup FluxBB Installation


Yep, Fluxbb has been installed.FluxBB has been Installed

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