Is Liquid Web Really Dropping Support for CloudLinux?

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Renowned web host Liquid Web is well-known for having strong support for a number of Linux distributions, including CloudLinux. But there’s been some doubt recently about their current position on CloudLinux, especially with reference to the most recent releases, after talking with their technical support. This article discusses these issues, looks at possible justifications for these choices, and offers alternatives for users who significantly depend on CloudLinux’s special capabilities.

CloudLinux 8 Support: Questions and Answers

Unexpected information was discovered after a recent tech support query with Liquid Web: they advise switching to AlmaLinux 8 in place of CloudLinux 8 and do not support it. Many find this confusing because of the similarities between CloudLinux and AlmaLinux as well as the specific hosting tools that CloudLinux provides. Liquid Web does officially recommend CloudLinux 7, however it is said that support for CloudLinux 8 is “still in the works.” This position appears out of current considering that CloudLinux 8 is now widely accessible and essential for working with the most recent cPanel versions, which do not support CloudLinux 7.

Getting Around the Support Environment

Liquid Web might improve the transparency and detail of its official help sites and documentation for clients who require confirmation about which distributions are supported without requiring direct inquiry. Users are forced to extrapolate from talks with support workers in the lack of explicit web resources, which may result in misconceptions about what “support” actually means. Installing AlmaLinux 8 and subsequently converting it to CloudLinux 8 or using a CloudLinux 8 ISO image are two workarounds for Liquid Web that may be experiencing delays in adopting CloudLinux 8. With this strategy, you can take advantage of CloudLinux’s benefits without having to deal with some of its constraints.

Other Options for Fans of CloudLinux

If you are concerned about Liquid Web’s reluctance to fully embrace CloudLinux 8, you may want to look into alternative hosting companies that give strong CloudLinux support. Strong CloudLinux integration is a selling point of providers like A2 Hosting, KnownHost, and TMDHosting, who may also provide easier-to-use support for the most recent versions. You can also get helpful leads by contacting CloudLinux directly to get recommendations on hosting companies that offer smooth OS integration.

In conclusion, consumers that depend on CloudLinux’s specialised hosting tools have options and workable solutions even though Liquid Web may not be the first to provide official support for CloudLinux 8. Sustaining good server performance and compatibility can be facilitated by investigating other market possibilities and ensuring clear contact with hosting providers.

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