(Last Updated On: January 14, 2014)

Integrating the Question2Answer with WordPress made easy, we don’t need to add WordPress database information into Q2A script. However it can be done by installing the Question2Answer and WordPress first. If you have just installed both into your cPanel. Let’s START integrating Q2A script with WordPress.

Installing Question2Answer Part 3

This entry is part 3
It’s a part from the series about how to build a Questions and Answers Community using Question2Answer.
Part 1
Part 2

Integration of Question2Answer with WordPress

Follow the steps below to get started with Q2A in WordPress:

1. Edit up qa-config.php and insert the following line of code next to another define(…) in the file:


define('QA_MYSQL_HOSTNAME', 'localhost'); // try '' or 'localhost' if MySQL on same server
define('QA_MYSQL_USERNAME', 'username');
define('QA_MYSQL_PASSWORD', 'password');
define('QA_MYSQL_DATABASE', 'database name');


2. Replace the path /PATH/TO/WORDPRESS with the directory where your WordPress core installation. In short, the full path of your WordPress directory, for example we need the directory which contains wp-load.php file that’s it.

Note: We don’t need to set MySQL database details in qa-config.php for WordPress because these will be imported from WordPress automatically. Q2A and WordPress will use separate tables within the same MySQL database.

Once the path of your WordPress core installations set a welcome page will appear, where you have to click the button create Database:

welcome note question2answer

welcome note question2answer

After clicking the button you will see a congratulations message with a link to your administrator dashboard.

Your Question2Answer database has been created and integrated with your WordPress site.

question2answer qa installed in WordPress

question2answer qa installed in WordPress

Feel free to contact us, if you have any query regarding Question2Answer software.