How to Add Questions and Answers Section in WordPress

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We know that questions and answers community help users to ask questions from the community members and find the appropriate answers for their desired questions. In this way, I thought to write about a person can easily add questions and answers section in WordPress installation. So, if you really desire to add a new Q&As’ section in your WordPress blog read entire article.

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How to Add Questions and Answers Section in WordPress

AnsPress is a great WordPress plugin that allows WordPress admins to easily add question & answer system right in your WordPress blog. By the way, AnsPress is still under construction but it’s an advance community question and answer system for WordPress.

Here are some great features that AnsPress:

  • Theme system
  • Theme override
  • Voting questions/answers
  • Add question to favourite (User profile is still in development)
  • Flag question/answer (Auto queue for moderation is still in development)
  • Commenting on question and answer
  • Create custom notes for flagging question/answer

New features coming soon in v1.0

  • User point system
  • Better voting system
  • Better admin interface
  • User profile
  • Choose Best Answer for Question
  • Revision control
  • Multiple authors
  • Point based user access
  • Filter questions
  • Sort answers by votes and date
  • Quick ajax search system
  • Ajax based form submit

How to Use AnsPress?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Install and activate AnsPress in your blog
  2. On activating the plugin, the plugin will automatically create 3 pages i.e, AskPress, Ask and Edit page
  3. Navigate to Settings → AnsPress Options
  4. Simply, configure the settings where you want to display the questions and answers board like so…
AskPress Plugins Settings Page
AskPress Plugins Settings Page

To add new Questions and Answers inside board simply go to Questions → Add New

Add New Questions and Answers in WordPress
Add New Questions and Answers in WordPress

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