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Last Updated: 02 Dec 2019

Looking for a way to Download Guns of Glory Supported for Windows 11/10/7 PC? You are in the correct place then. Keep reading this article to get to know how you can Download and Install Guns of Glory Supported for PC.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to install Guns of Glory in PC. These instructions applicable to both Windows 11/10 and Mac OS. Guns of Glory is developed by Young Enterprises Media Gmbh and listed under .

If you are looking to install Guns of Glory in PC, follow the instructions on this page. You can also see alternatives of BlueStacks.

About Guns of Glory

Explore the real-time strategy, Guns of Glory, which will provide hours of fun, building an empire from scratch. In this adventure, you will put yourself in command of an entire city, in which you will have to raise the necessary buildings to obtain constant resources to help you in the warlike conflict.

Thus, in Guns of Glory, you must ensure that you are always protected against the attack of your rivals, who surround you on a giant map and whose only ambition is to take over your territory and earn as many points and resources. 

To be able to advance at a fast pace, you will have to make sure that you correctly manage the resources for your city. Increase your process if you need extra help and train the best army for your area, not only to keep you safe but to finish off nearby enemies, whom you can loot if you have enough strength.

Strategy Powerful Gameplay

Guns of Glory is a real-time action strategy game in which you must form your army, become king, and get the Crown of Destiny.

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from with the Strategy games in real-time have been fighting for more than two decades thanks to the success. Guns of Glory have a good adaptation of the game style to touch screens, and they continue to have a large number of followers.

Guns of Glory is an RTS set in the World of the Musketeers, with anesthetic in the style of the 18th century and the Industrial Revolution, with a touch of fantasy and steampunk.

In Guns of Glory, you must become the supreme king of a war zone thanks to a large army of Musketeers and the construction of a vast city, well-defended, with all the necessary resources for both the population and the military, with enough money to keep growing.

Battlefield Winning Missions

And all this and much more in a game with high definition graphics with colorful and real landscapes capable of creating the perfect environment. Also, although the game includes certain in-game items, it can be played correctly without paying anything.

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from with an empire from scratch in the strategy game Guns of Glory. Control an entire city, build buildings for resources, and wage war against other players in this unique combination of MMO and RTS.

Guns of Glory has a huge map, which means there is enough room for enemies to surround you, so prepare to defend your city at any time. 

If you let your guard down for a minute, enemies will attack your city and capture as much gold and resources as you can. Manage these resources well to keep your city under construction, helping you get even more resources and build the most powerful army on the map. 

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from with an army strong enough not only to defend your territory but to conquer enemy territories and build a castle. Create your alliances with your friends or other online players to keep the peace, grow financially, build a prosperous city, and thus become the best strategist in Guns of Glory! 

Prepare for attacks, and counterattacks, anytime, day or night, and be famous among the thousands of Guns of Glory players.

Features of Guns of Glory App

  • Train and form an army of loyal Musketeers.
  • Defend your territory and protect the King's castle.
  • Manage the resources of the town and build the buildings necessary for the survival of the city.
  • Build indestructible weapons to secure battles.

Dominate War Field

Guns of Glory is an addictive strategy MMO Overall, and it's a great game. In Guns of Glory, you have to pump your army, manage resources, attack your enemies, and build bases to defeat them. 

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from, which allows you to customize everything you need, such as aircraft, castles, troops, equipment, etc. You can create your team with other players around the world to destroy powerful opponents.

The plot of the game is very simple. The cardinal has seized power and is blaming the Musketeers for the death of the king. You must fight to clear your name. But you will not be able to do it alone, and you will need to build your army and have a strategy to win. Prepare your weapons and succeed in this game.

To be successful in Guns of Glory, you're going to have to devise a systematic routine that allows you to advance your nation in a stable way, while also ensuring you have enough resources to maintain your army at all times. 

In this game, the main resource that you must take into account is Gold. This will allow you to get some resources that will give you advantages in the game and will help you win battles.

Raid Kingdom Enemies

The arcade genre of Guns of Glory has been on the rise bringing the best of real-time strategy games from a more passive point of view. Many players don't particularly like the passive side of the game and expect a little more action, a middle ground between conventional and tower-type tactical games. 

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from, which takes you to the medieval era mixed with a fantasy world, with a very peculiar group of protagonists. A knight, a dwarf, and elf characters will use all their skills, weapons, and powers to defend the castle from the different hordes of monsters that try to assault it. 

To do this, you will control these virtual heroes by ordering them to move around the map, hoping to meet one of the waves of enemies that will constantly appear. When an enemy enters its range, your hero will begin to use his basic abilities to face them, avoiding at all times, losing their entire lives.

Each hero will have a different fighting style and abilities. The skills to the archetype champion with attacks in the area and ability innate defense in your area. The dwarf responds to the barbarian archetype and will have different attack abilities with very explosive damage. 

Guns of Glory use the knowledge of the elements to conjure them and create different spells in the area and at a long distance, under the archetype of wizard or conjurer.

Beautiful Empire Castle

Guns of Glory shows the quality of strategy and arcade games, which were once of this genre and those of defense towers, especially if you are looking for a little more action and many role components.

Install Guns of Glory apk for pc from with multiplayer in which you can create alliances of all kinds with friends or strangers to maintain peace, grow economically and build a prosperous city that allows you to become the best strategist in Guns of Glory, were standing out among multiple players based on of attacks and revenge at any time of the day or night.

Guns of Glory in PC [Windows 11, 10, 7 and Mac]

1. How to install Guns of Glory in Windows PC & Mac

To install Guns of Glory in Windows or Mac OS, you have to download BlueStacks Android App Player. It will allow you to run Android apps on PC.

  1. First of all, you need to install BlueStacks in PC
  2. Once Bluestacks is installed, double-click its icon from desktop to launch it
  3. Now, you need to log in to Google account from within Bluestacks
  4. Click “My Apps” button in the emulator
  5. Search for: Guns of Glory
  6. You will see search result for Guns of Glory app just install it

Note: If you are Mac user, you need to download Bluestacks for Mac (a .dmg installation file).

2. Install Guns of Glory in PC with Noxplayer

Noxplayer is one such Android emulator of reputable stature. Below is a step by step tutorial on using Noxplayer for installing Guns of Glory in your PC. Follow the steps below:

  • See this tutorial to install Noxplayer in PC
  • It is Android emulator, after installing run Noxplayer in PC, and login to Google account
  • Tab searcher and search for: Guns of Glory
  • Install Guns of Glory on your Noxplayer
  • Once installation is completed, you will be able to run Guns of Glory on your PC

3. How to Install Guns of Glory in Windows 11

To install Guns of Glory in Windows 11, you will need to follow this tutorial, where you will learn to install Windows Subsystem for Android and how to install Google Play Store in Windows 11.

  • After installing Google play store in Windows 11
  • Run it, and login to your Google Account to connect it
  • Now, search for Guns of Glory the app you wish to install
  • Just install it like we usually do on Android devices
Google Play store in Windows 11
Google Play store in Windows 11

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You can download Guns of Glory APK file using our fast servers. Below is the download link:

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App Updated December 2, 2019
APK Version 4.6.0
Android Version Required
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