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Last Updated: October 13, 2020
Reviewed by Dilawar Pirzada

Bowmasters is a 2D action game through which you can participate in many types of exciting distance missions. First, you will attack and then your enemy. The task is to reduce the life bar of the opponent to zero will be the winner.

To shoot your weapon, be it a bow, a Molotov cocktail, a throwing ax, or whatever you have to press the screen and swipe back. You will see in detail the power and inclination with which you would launch the weapon. As soon as you release the finger, you will launch the weapon, and you will be able to see if you impact your enemy or not.

In Bowmaster, you will find more than thirty characters, each with its exclusive weapon. In the beginning, you will only have one of these characters unlocked, but as you go on playing and winning clashes, you can unlock the rest.

Multiple Dimension Characters

Bowmasters give a twist to that gameplay in which you must find the perfect satellite dish to fall on your enemy, but you do it from the position of fighters of all colors and styles so that the one in front is eliminated in a special, bloody and curious affront.

Install Bowmasters apk for pc from to explore the duels of shooters or those between knights hidden under their armor and mounted on their horses, Bowmasters invites you to bleed of successes and failures in which it will be known who has been the winner if your special protagonist or that of the player who it is located in another part of the planet.

Bowmasters also use this way of shooting from Worms or the headshots that you see in the most popular shooters so that you can eliminate the life that the opponent has in a faster way. And it is that you have a series of duels that will take you to the most divine of victories or the most suffered of defeats.

Initially, you will meet the enemy handled by the AI so that you have to take care of the shots with your weapons. The game contains an armed hero, and you have to move your finger so that you can direct the trajectory and power of the shot.

When you have the direction ready, you let go of the finger, and the spear or another type of weapon will be launched directly towards the enemy if you have been able to find the appropriate trajectory for it.

Shoot Store Aim

Bowmaster's levels will go by, and there will come a time when you can access the different game modes. You will have in your favor the option of unlocking 30 characters that are brilliantly designed and that are quite graceful, since both the throws and the blows received by the contrary, will be full of blood, fun animations and sound effects that will get you stung so that in Your next attempt, you succeed as an opponent has done.

Install Bowmasters apk for pc from with 30 different characters to unlock, and you can select your weapon among 31 different ones. You have a good variety of them to have even some explosives that you will have to press again on the screen to make them explode.

Although the best of this game are duels with friends and those multiplayer modes that put all the meat on the grill so that you want to continue playing it non-stop, in these multiplayer modes, you can shoot both birds and fruits, duel enemies and receive a lot of money in return. You can use this to improve your skills.

Features of Bowmasters App

  • 41 insane characters
  • Multiple game modes
  • 41 different weapons for different missions

Awesome Physic Fatalities

Bowmasters is a game based on parody and light-hearted character designs that give it a funny and quite theatrical tone. This is a great success with some environments rich in colors and animations. The sea of ??fun when your protagonist gets an arrow all over his head.

Install Bowmasters apk for pc from, which contains 41 different weapons for chaos, fatal deaths with ragdoll physics. EPIC duels with your friends. Take your classmates and show them what you deserve. Multiple game modes. Shoot down birds or fruit, defeat enemies in duels, and get money for it. Endless rewards for your skills.

In Bowmasters, you will face duels to the death of archers. Control orientation and firing power and kill your enemy before the opponent does

You are facing an entertaining skill game in which you will play the role of a rather peculiar archery duel; the objective is to sew your enemy with arrows before you do it. I am talking about Bowmasters, an entertaining game with multiple versions for your system that are quite addictive.

Game of duels of archers

In Bowmasters, you have to face your rival: both of you are separated by a distance, and you will have to regulate the angle of fire of your archer as well as the shooting power. To do this, you only need a finger, with which you will regulate the force and orientation by simply dragging it on the screen. To help you, you will have a guide that describes the presumably trajectory of the bolt and its angle of inclination.

Install Bowmasters apk for pc from with Destruction of static and dynamic targets, shooting on mannequins and competitions with real players from all over the world in empirical and calling addictive casual arcade resembles experimental fun, ranges in complexity, and arsenal selected mode use weapons.

In Bowmasters, you have to destroy your opponents. You can arrows with huge points, classic onion masterly bulge, demolish the normal headphones, fly under the force and direction of the wind change, or use axes, assuming that it immediately cuts any purpose.

In addition, the authors and the complexity of the hardkornuju include in its novelty not forgotten, as well as always each that propels the projectile characteristics and behavior during the flight at the destination.

Multiple Game Modes

Bowmasters explore constantly changing landscapes, speed, and wind direction records and resolution a key challenge, which is too rapid and spectacular destruction of the opponent. Unfortunately, on-the-go round change issued at the start of the weapon is not allowed, but it is not as critical, because each match continues in seconds or minutes, a new duel can start with the new ammunition.

Install Bowmasters apk for pc from to find the fine line between the efficiency and simplicity of team management. The style and atmosphere of the game world Bowmasters surprise detailed drawing and a wide variety of used parts extraordinary-looking protagonist colors, juicy decorations, bonus containers, scattered everywhere and friendly interface, get lost in the maelstrom of competing passions.

Equally interesting to see the fights in the first few minutes of the game, and after tens of hours of, took place in the game mode. No less flattering words deserve smooth animation opponents fervently somersault after exact blows, try to grasp limbs amputated helplessly, bleeding and overcoming hellish pain!

Bowmaster is a fun and crazy 2D action game, which offers a very funny graphic section and varied game modes. You can both play against artificial intelligence, as against your friends. And these clashes always end badly.

Bowmasters APK file details:

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Operating Systems Windows 7,8/10/11 or Mac
App Developer
App Updated October 13, 2020
APK Version 2.14.7
Category Action
Android Version Required for emulator Android 7.0 and up
APK File Size 0.00 MBs
File Name com-miniclip-bowmasters-2-14-7_SOFTSTRIBE.apk
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