Quick Tip: Remove Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

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The default Android programs installed on Android smartphone by the manufacturer are known as Bloatware. In Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro there are some apps pre-installed by Samsung itself, some people want to remove those programs. Basically, if are also here to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J7 pro then this article is for you.

Why would people wanna remove default Android programs i.e., Bloatware from Android? The reason behind removing bloatware Android smartphones is because it takes precious storage space on your device. You won’t be able to do must with the internal storage on your Android smartphone if you have bloatware default apps installed.

So, on removing bloatware (pre-installed apps) from your Android can definitely give you plenty of storage that you can use to install the programs you really want to use.

Remove Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

In order to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro follow the guidelines below that will help you to remove Bloatware. There are 2 ways you can remove bloatware, either uninstall the app permanently or just disable it:

  • Go to Settings > Apps manager > All apps
  • Just find the default manufacturer Android apps, uninstall or remove
  • Find if the app in the folder, go to folder to find the app
  • Tap app icon
  • Popup will appear, where you have to tap Uninstall

This method will remove the bloatware on your Samsung Galaxy J7 pro. But take into your account that not all the programs will be uninstalled. Where you can’t find the uninstall option, tap Disable.

Disabling an app, cannot help you getting rid of app entirely but it won’t work in the background that will save your battery life (Doze Battery Saver) on your Galaxy J7 Pro. I hope you have successfully saved previous space on your Galaxy J7 pro which was not available because of bloatware.

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