10 Best Qibla, Namaz Android Apps of 2021

As Muslims, we all know about the importance of prayer or Namaz. Prayer is the most important thing in the life of a Muslim. Prayer plays an essential role in the life of a Muslim. Prevent every Muslim from doing bad things like lying, Zana, cheating, and other kinds of wrong things. Furthermore, Namaz is a beautiful gift offered by Allah. Five prayers are mandatory for each Muslim.

But in today’s world, there is a lot of work pressure on a normal person, that’s why sometimes the user cannot hear the azan or if he listens, he forgets to offer prayer. Forgetting a prayer is a serious but normal problem for Muslims due to the heavy workload. Therefore, he demands an assistant to help us and remind us to offer Namaz or prayer. So here we come with some of the top 10 apps that will not only remind you of the prayer they will tell you the direction of Kiblah, the hadiths and all the basics of Islam.

Best Qibla, Namaz Android Apps of 2020

Islam 360

Islam 360 was made by Zahid Hussain Chihpa. It is a complete package of basic concepts of Islam. By installing this app, you don’t need to install another third-party app. It comes with a complete package that includes Kiblah direction, Namaz times, Hadiths, Quran, special verses, etc. Islam 360 is the most downloaded and best-rated application in this category with more than 7 million downloads. It comes with a full Quran and you can easily read or listen to the Quran with multi-language translations.

You also have the option to find the Qiblah direction so you can easily find the Qiblah direction no matter where you are. Also, you can manually or automatically configure Namaz timetables, and if you don’t know the timetables, you can configure them automatically and it find Namaz hours for your local area. With its 78,000 hadith collections, you can easily listen to your favorite one. Overall, it’s the best multipurpose Islamic app.

  • Multi-language translations
  • AI-Powered search engine
  • Multiple voices for listening of the Quran and hadiths
  • Some mistakes on zabr and zair



Qibla is the best app if you just need to find the direction of Qibla and Namaz times. It allows you to find the Qibla direction easily and accurately. If you are traveling or are in a place where you don’t know the Qibla direction, this application will help you in this case. It uses the compass sensor on your device to measure the Qibla direction.

If your device doesn’t support the compass sensor, you don’t have to worry about it, this app also has a solution. It will show you the image of the sun and the moon, by matching the image with the sun or the moon, you can easily find the direction of Qibla. It also offers Namaz schedules so you can easily know your Namaz schedules according to your local area.

  • Can find the direction of Qibla according to sun or moon
  • Hijri Calendar
  • Sunrise and sunset timings
  • The interface is a little bit difficult


Qibla Connect

Qibla connect is a precise Qibla direction finder that allows you to easily find the Qibla direction. You can find Qibla direction from anywhere and anytime. You can also set the reminder for prayers and the app will remind you of each sentence.

In addition to Qibla’s direction, it also shows the distance from your current location to Qibla. It comes with a full Quran so you can listen to or recite the Quran with just one touch. Use Google Maps to find the closest mosque near you so you can also find the closest mosque around you. Overall, it is the best app for Salah.

  • Salah Reminder
  • Listen to Quran in 18 different languages
  • Find the distance from your location to Qibla
  • Sometimes gives the wrong direction of Qibla


Ezan Vakti PRO

Ezan Vakti PRO is another popular Qibla address that allows you to find the Qibla address and pray your prayer on time. It allows you to set a reminder for all five prayers so that you never miss your Namaz and it will continuously send you Namaz notification until you hit ok. The application will give you all the information about Namaz. It comes with the Qibla compass, so if you don’t know the Qibla direction, it will help you in this way.

Its beautiful widgets will allow you to add a shortcut on your home screen that remembers your Namaz and Namaz schedules. You can manually add your Namaz schedules or set them by default. Ezan Vakti PRO comes with a built-in Islamic library that allows you to read almost any Islamic book with just a touch. It comes with the Khtam sharing feature to share your Khatm with the public and if you know a little bit about the graphic design you can use its Greeting Card menu to design amazing greeting cards.

  • Will show all upcoming Islamic Events
  • Hijri Calenders
  • Digital Tasbeeh
  • Greeting Cards Designer
  • Khatm Sharing
  • Annoying Ads.



Muslim PRO is the most popular Islamic related app in the world. The best thing about this application is that it was recognized by 80 million Muslims in the world and claims to be the most accurate application in this category. It comes with a Qibla finder, Namaz reminder, Hijri calendar, etc.

It will give you the most accurate Namaz times based on your location. With a built-in Quran, so you can recite the Quran easily and conveniently and can translate the Quran into over 40 languages, it supports over 5000 duas in the afternoon and over 2000 hadiths that make it productive.

It will show you the sunset and sunrise graphically for easy understanding. It comes with the Hijri calendar and allows you to remember all upcoming Islamic events. Like the Ezan Vakti, it also offers you to design a personalized greeting card and send it on social media to your loved ones.

  • Custom Design Greeting cards
  • Visually show the Sunrise and Sunset
  • Annoying Notifications



Athan is a complete lifestyle for Muslims. It covers prayer times, Islamic messages, duas, Islamic calendar, Quran, Qibla direction, and Islamic articles. Athan is the best guide to be a true Muslim due to its precision and reliability. This wonderful one was trusted and became the first choice of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Athan comes with the Holy Quran and you can translate it from over 45 languages. Includes features like Qibla finder to know the exact location of Qiblah and Masjid Finder to know your nearest Masjid. With just a tap away, you can easily listen to over 3,500+ afternoon duas. In general, this application will help you to be a true Muslim

  • Built-in Islamic Articles
  • Translate Quran from over 45 Languages
  • 3,500+ Masnoon duas
  • Ads. will pop-up even if you are reciting Quran



Sajda is another popular android app that helps you to organize your Islamic life. It was downloaded and used by around 2.6 Million Muslims around the world and their developers claim to be one of the most accurate apps to determine the namaz and azan timings.

Just like others it also comes with the Quran and you can read it or translate it over 30+ languages. By turning its setting on, it can automatically search for your new location and adjust your new namaz timings accordingly without knowing it to you. Sajda comes with dark mode so you can recite to the Quran without any type of eye strain. Besides, it’s one of the best Islamic apps!

  • Dark mode theme
  • Automatically changes namaz timings according to location
  • Qibla finder
  • You can’t change your location manually



If you are looking for an assistant to remind you of all Islamic duties, this application is the best choice for you. Muslim Assistant is an Islamic application designed for all Muslims around the world. Application tools including Muslim prayer times from anywhere, Qibla Finder, Quran, Dhikr Tracker, Dua, Azan Alarm, Jummah Messages (Friday), Message Editor, Mosque Finder, Religious Calendar, Ramadan Calendar, and Kaaba Live, You can see Kaaba for 24 hours without interruption.

Use this software to get optimal prayer times on your mobile device, it is fast and easy to use with more than 10 million users. By using this application helps people to get the exact time of prayer and banging at no cost. This software also provides a premium version through which users can get the full Quran with Arabic text and an audio clip file through this software, Qibla Finder and Hijri Islamic calendar is also provided.

  • Dhikr Counter
  • See Kabbah Live 24 Hours
  • Surat Yaseen
  • Runs background resources and keep draining battery


Muslim Mate

Muslim Mate is the newest and most popular Islamic app for Android and iOS users that allows users to access the exact namaz times on their phone. This app offers alarm, adhan, weather and zakat calculator with detailed prayer time. The Islamic calendar can be found easily using this software. This app also comes with a compass, in addition to prayer times, which helps users to find their way to the mosque.

  • Hijri Calendar
  • Weather Support
  • Qibla Finder
  • Islamic events reminder
  • Namaz timings are didn’t match with local timings


Muslim Pocket

Almost all aspects of Islam are covered in the Muslim Pocket. It is one of the most accurate and reliable Namaz and Qibla applications for finding directions. It comes with the Quran, Namaz timings, the names of Allah and Muhammad, the Zakat calculator, the Qibla direction, etc. You can listen to over 3,000 duas in the afternoon in one tap.

The app will allow you to easily configure Namaz schedules so you never forget to offer Namaz. If you are in a place where you do not know the location of Qibla, this application will help you in this case, it uses the compass sensor of your device and tells you the exact direction of Qibla. You can also calculate the exact amount of zakat with your zakat calculator. Muslim Pocket is a multipurpose application to help you in all aspects of Islam.

  • Multipurpose App to help you in every aspect
  • Masnoon duas
  • Tasbih, Quiz
  • Asks for unnecessary permissions


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