10 Best English to Turkish Dictionaries for Android in 2021

Turkey is a developed country situated in the middle between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Turkey is an Islamic country and is also called the house of mosques with almost 82,632 mosques across the country, of which 3,145 mosques are located in Istanbul. Most tourists visit Turkey only for its beautiful collection of mosques. Also, the blue mosque has placed the invention of this country.

Their national and mother tongue is the Turkish language. There are around 14-15 million native Turkish speakers in south-eastern Europe and 60-65 million native speakers in western Asia. Turkish is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world used by the Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greek, Ancient Persians, and Greeks. No matter how good you are at English, if you want to visit Turkey, you should know about the Turkish language because Turkish is the national and official language of Turkey. They cannot speak or understand any other language. It is impossible to learn Turkish just for a 10-15 day tour. However, you can install digital dictionaries to help you translate Turkish words into your language or from your tongue to the Turkish language. Below, you will find some of the best 1 Turkish dictionaries to help you in this situation.

Best English to Turkish Dictionaries for Android

PONS Translate

PONS Translation is an elegant dictionary that offers many advanced functions, which can be translated from approximately 44 different languages around the world, and one of them is Turkish. You can also convert the entire sentence instead of word for word. Use AI to understand the structure of the sentence and to give the correct translation.

It provides an insightful search that will try to instantly recognize the word before you type it in, want to insert the letter of the corresponding name. The app will immediately give you a recommended word so you can save time and energy, and it is also useful if you don’t know the correct spelling sentence.

  • Auto Suggestions of words
  • Optimized for tablets
  • History option
  • Crashes in Slovenian language


U Dictionary

U Dictionary is the first both-in-one dictionary and converter and the strongest app in this section in the Play Store. U Dictionary provides the translation of more than 107 languages with outstanding accuracy. The app isn’t very popular for its translation; in fact, it is recognized for its additional powerful tools and functionality.

It offers a range of helpful tools such as magic text, picture translation, conversation interpretation, and more, however, the best and only function of this program is its magic text, which helps you to translate any phrase while remaining within the device. Once this feature is enabled, you can see a toggle window like Telegram. Then you’ll need to open some programs like Facebook and Twitter to open the chat that you want to convert, and this program will bring the chat. All in all, this is a wonderful program that will support you with any issue.

  • Translate from over 108 Languages
  • Offline access
  • Translate text from Pictures
  • Irrelevant and useless tools.


Google Translate

Google Translate is the perfect English to Turkish translator, and vice versa, as well as the dictionary. The software is supported by Google LLC, which indicates its quality and durability. It also offers you all the extra features of the paid free of charge. A few of them will provide you with the same facilities, albeit on a paying subscription basis.

This fantastic app uses ML (Machine learning) to boost its efficiency and continuously learns how to do it. You may use the word recognition system to get rid of the writing. Particularly in Turkish language conditions and also admit that speech recognition is much better than any other in this field. You can also take pictures of your document and translate it automatically into your preferred language using Image recognition. This feature works very well in Turkish or English. But all of the credits of its detection system go to its Machine Learning. You may also take photos of your file and convert it automatically to your primary language using OCR. Yet, this function performs quite well in Turkish or English.

  • Best for Translating the whole Phrase
  • OCR Recognition
  • Conversation Mode
  • A few bugs in the Turkish language


Turkish English Dictionary

Turkish English Dictionary is another Turkish dictionary that allows you to translate from Turkish to English or vice versa. The app also offers some additional features like Flash Card, Verb Conjugation, Phrase Translator and Audio Pronunciation. The app’s design and user interface are a little congested due to some other features.

The best thing about this application is its vast collection of 6,658 conjugated verbs so you can easily express your expressions. You can even choose from a large group of built-in commonly used phrases that help you learn quick answers from English to the Turkish language. If you want to learn Turkish words at random, you can explore your flash memory card option, which will show some commonly used Turkish words that help to learn new words.

  • Offline Access
  • Large Collection of Conjugate Verbs
  • Flash Card Menu to learn new words
  • Offline access has many limited words


Turkish Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a slightly above-average (and incorrectly called) diction app. It contains over 2 million words and a variety of unique and reasonable tools.
Rather than using the traditional dictionary model, the WordNet dictionary is structured in a creative and versatile way.

Verbs, phrases, nouns, and prepositions are organized through groups of verbal meanings, interrelated by theoretical-semantic. It contains many synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, and practically any other stuff you can think of. The software even has offline support and also a phrase definition tool when you import it from other software.

  • 62,000+ Turkish Definitions
  • More than 55,000 Offline Words
  • No need to download Language for offline
  • Pronunciation in Native voice
  • You can’t translate from English to Turkish. However, you can view Turkish word definitions in English.


Microsoft Translate

Microsoft Translate is another app that can work as a translator for the Turkish language as well as the dictionary also. As a name, the app was developed by Microsoft Inc. so that you can trust its reliability and privacy.

The app is much stable and comes with a minimum of bugs and errors because the developers send updates on a regular basis. It offers all the premium features that others don’t. For example, you can to Turkish from over 60+ popular languages, and just like Google translate you can extract your text from an image like jpg or png and translate then to the Turkish language. The app is better lite, stable, and a strong competitor of Google Translate.

  • Lite and Stable
  • Developers send updates on a regular basis
  • Offline Access
  • Small collections of Languages


Free Dict Turkish English

Free Dict Turkish English is a complete translator above the standard. The design is a little stiff and uncomfortable. However, this never affects performance. The software also provides offline connectivity, with over 610,000 meanings, few query support applications, and much more. There are two versions of the app one is the premium version and the second is the free version.

However, the free version of the app is not much use because it restricts most of the features even some basic options like audio pronunciation and OCR recognition which are completely free in Google Translate and in some others. But its premium is really amazing. It’s the best app if you have some money and can afford premium otherwise, it’s not much better.

  • Complete Offline Mode
  • Autosuggestion of apps before you type
  • Bookmarks and History option
  • Free version restricts most of the features, even some basic features


English Turkish Dictionary

English Turkish Dictionary is designed specifically to translate from English to Turkish or from Turkish to English. Which provides all the advanced features you need in an electronic dictionary. The UI and program layout are simple and easy to understand and can only be converted into these dual languages.

This offers with all the regular stuff so that you can interpret your English word or Turkish word from the web or from some other app, you only have to highlight your word and tap the send, pick the English Turkish language in the share window, and the word will appear in this app, so you won’t have to think about typing it anyway.

  • Offline Translation
  • Word Game
  • History Option
  • Old fashioned UI


Turkish Dictionary Offline

Turkish Dictionary offline does have the ability to search English to Turkish and vice versa. You may notice almost all of the English and Turkish words in this Turkish Dictionary and translate each sentence to the next.

The program deals with everything: definition of terminology and interpretation; also, the framework provides users with a more user-friendly interface. The app has more than 300,000 definitions, free vocabulary support, and enhanced features. The software also provides mini-games that encourage users to test their language ability.

  • Offline Mode
  • Decent app
  • Words Flap
  • Can’t use without Noun genders


Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Do you feel difficulty while searching the meaning of some difficult words from your local dictionary? If yes then you better use the Advanced English dictionary. It is a well-organized dictionary that helps it, user, to find the meanings in a better way. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are arranged in sets depending upon their individual semantics.

It allows the user to quickly memorize the meaning of difficult words. Its best part is that along with the synonyms of the particular word they also provide the antonym, Hypernyms, hyponyms, and meronyms of the word. it also has the ability to pronounce the word with exact pronunciation.

  • Has voice and camera search
  • share words definition via the installed app
  • It has a disadvantage that after using it for a certain period you have to buy it


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