How to Unlock Facebook (if Locked) in Android

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Today, I’m going to show you how to unlock Facebook in Android if Facebook is locked at your country side. By the way, we know that using Facebook can advantage or disadvantage your life. But in many countries Facebook is locked by their Governments so that the country citizens will not be affected by any bad things and habits that come from Facebook. But still you can access your Facebook account via your Android smartphone.

Unlocking Facebook in Android

The old brand name of it was Unlocked Facebook without root. We’ve change to new brand name and new brand icon to distinct with Facebook apps. This is a proxy browser to Facebook wap. Unblock FaceBook without root your phone.

You will be able to unlock Facebook by using Proxy browser for Facebook wap Android application. Once you install this application in your Android smartphone you will be able to access Facebook right from your Internet browser.

Proxy browser for Facebook wap Android application
Download Proxy browser for Facebook wap

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