5 Best Android Apps to Remote Control Your PC

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Are you not willing to use any effort to do tasks this weekend? Then probably, you would be looking for an easy solution to get your things done, without you having to use your muscles. We have got you covered with the best android apps to remote control your PC. Isn’t it amazing? Accessing your desktop screen without having to leave your comfort zone on lazy weekends. Are you curious to know how exactly you can remote control your PC with the best Android apps? Let’s dig in.

Connect your PC to Android device, remote control your Mac from another device, or even access your PC remotely by downloading these amazing apps we have listed below.

Android Apps to Remote Control Your PC in 2024

What we all want is a magical app that can help us to do our tasks, without us having to exert any effort. Multifarious apps are available on the Google Play Store to ease every task for you.

Here’s the list of top 5 Android apps to remote control your PC that our Professional IT experts have curated for you.

We know exactly how these apps will help you remotely control and securely access your PC, mobile, or any server when you can’t access your system physically.

TeamViewer for Remote Desktop Control

Get remote access to your PC from your Android, using TeamViewer remote desktop control that comes handy with just an internet connection.

Connect to your computer from a distant place and also share files in both directions without using the same Wi-Fi-connection on both devices. Get real-time sound and HD video transmission, with support to multiple devices at a time.

Also, it features a screen sharing option and can access Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, ChromeOS, and other major platforms. It supports screen recording, copy pasting, and saving files you need.

Moreover, it allows you to make calls and messages while you have an important client waiting for you at a meeting. However, you have to avail a paid account to get access to this proprietary software.

Download TeamViewer | Teamviewer | Play store

Chrome Remote Desktop

Get access to Windows, Linux and macOS desktops with this Google Chrome extension that can be controlled via any Android device. With its clear and user-friendly interface, you can set up remote access on your system easily in the office, at home or any other workplace.

Easily install this amazing android app to remote control your PC , as well as, share screen, copy paste data and even save it for later use. Get a secure connection with one-time authentication code, encrypted sessions, and connection details right on your screen. However, due to limited access to different platforms, most people don’t install this extension.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop | Play store

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Do you want to control your windows system remotely? Then all you need to install is this remote desktop assistant to remote control your PC anywhere just with an internet connection. It is not multi-platform; however, it works efficiently on Windows OS.

With the use of RemoteFX, you can also access via touch response. No need to install any browser, use this first-party software with an easy setup process and user-friendly interface.

Microsoft remote desktop supports HD-quality video and audio streaming with screen sharing feature. It is free to install and is compatible with all versions of Windows like XP, 10, 7.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop | Play store

Splashtop Personal Remote PC

Splashtop personal is undoubtedly the best remote desktop that has a multi-platform access feature. It grants the best local connections you can use this software to remote control your PC with 7-days free trial.

Connect with a number of operating systems from anywhere i,e; Windows, Mac, iOS. You can set up a secure remote control connection with 2nd-level passwords, two-step verification, account log in, and audit trails. It supports a built-in chat module and screen sharing options as well.

It provides real-time audio and HD-quality video streaming and premium features like file transfering, copy pasting, remote chatting, and multi-user control.

Download Splashtop Personal Remote PC | Play store

VNC Viewer Remote Desktop Control

VNC viewer is no doubt the best screen mirroring app for Android, so you can access your system anywhere provided that you have a sound internet connection.

Developed from RealVNC innovators, this app allows you to remote control your PC flexibly without any complicated setup. With its multi-platform access you can easily connect to any Windows, Mac, Linux desktop.

It helps you maintain a secure cloud connection with authentication codes, encryption, and blacklisting spammers. It features a smooth Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse connection and HD-quality video display.

You will definitely love the online chat support and multi-user control. However, it doesn’t support Android devices and free file transfer option.

Download VNC Viewer Remote Desktop Control | Play store

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