Best Language Switchers Android Apps

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After rooting any Android device with its ROM, as we know that some ROM of Android have no full set of language support. Sometimes, it’s hard to set the language you want in your smartphone due to  the different language. Or if the custom locale function in menu don’t support your language, you can try the following best language switcher Android apps.

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Language Switchers Android Apps

Set Locale and Language

With set locale and language Android app you can easily switch to different languages that you want. As some ROM of Android have no full set of language, sometimes it is hard to set the language you want in your phone then you can try this app.

Get Set Locale and Language Android app

Language Enabler

Language Enabler Android app that especially built for Samsung devices who usually support most of the languages, but a lot of Telecoms careers hides many languages which are useless in their regions.

Get Language Enabler

Locale and Language Setting

If your device have been root then your Android device needs Locale and Language setting app to get the permissions for additional languages automatically.

Language Switcher

Put the Language Switcher widget on your home screen and just touch it to switch languages.

Get Language Switcher

Language Switcher Android
Language Switcher Android

Set Language

If your device doesn’t support the language (locale) that you want to use, you can set it with this application, and then other applications will work with the selected language (locale).

Get Set Language Android App

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